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Batman Arkham Asylum W/ Commentary P.21

by vash12349 • 58,462 views

Part.21 Normal Difficulty Ps3

2:15 those vents aren't safe no more
LMAO in jail for being a ho
To everyone who says she could fit no she couldnt her big ol tits r in the way
You'd think Harley would be able to fit between the bars in that cell.
@foxuzamaki lol ok good point lets just hope there a real battle with her in batman AA2
@matthewtheking411 Windows movie maker is your friend bro. Not sure if that what he uses but my point is he edits the videos after they're made.
i kinda feel sorry for harely quinn but she deserved it
She can fit through those bars she is a skinny bitch
2:11 Now who didn't see that coming?
golly gee I wonder who's waiting at the Botanical GARDEN...
I've noticed about 3/4 of the time Batman "breaks" someones limbs, he's actually bending them the way they are naturally supposed to bend. They just add a , "CRACK!" and then they pass out for some weird reason.
When you put Harley in the jail cage its kind of deja vu but vise versa.. Because joker was in jail and Harley got him out.. I don't know if joker will get her out.. I saw the ending of the game and i didn't see Harley so I'm guessing not..
2:11 that was some dead space shit right there
damn Jerkman went Solid Snake on Quinn
i meant closed my fingers did something dum
gee we got alot a youtube commenters who wanna rape harley quinn in that cell...... weirdos ....... me to
@diehard243 Men's oldest weakness if you ask me.
cant she just slip through the poles with her flexibality
is it me or are those prison bars REALLY far so far apart that harley could squeeze thorugh?
If you think she dresses like a slut now, go look up what she looks like in the sequel. HAWT DAMN
you asdfgfmasd ye... look at my ass
How'd he get Harley's full print when she has gloves on?
5:55 - Something tells me she could just squeeze right trough those bars... being ninja and all.
dude even i being slightly.....fat could fit through those bars.....HOW THE HECK DIDNT HARLEY FIT?!
assassins creed 2 walkthrough would be pimp as hell dog
shoulda threw a batterang right inside the cell that harley was in!
@chicagobears541 Ohhh its not rape if she enjoys it
1:30 to the left is the answer to the riddle, calender man
@cjpatz Agree, although Quinn would be vastly preferable.
batman may not have superpowers but he can still take on around 20 guys at a time..... I guess rich people are better
Wow, batman's cqc is almost as bomb as Snake's! =o
@terrancemichael I know, even though she is an evil bitch part of me still wants to let her out to run amok in the city. The combination of hotness and fake innocence is rather persuasive.
i really don't understand how she is fricking crazy with hopping around everywhere and she's felixable but she didn't think to slip through the bars. . .like there so bigg batman could kinda fit through dem spaces dere!
Ahh man what happened to the sounds when you knock out the thugs...the sounds were funny
what is the signifgance of the chattering teeth
U figure she cud just squeeze thru those bars, there so much dawm space between them
"ur ass is in jail for bein a hoe"
wut happen to the squeak noises??
"Anyone up for fried batwings?" Could Harley's jokes be any cheesier? That one barely made sense.
Poor Harley, I'd treat you right :D
6:25 you should of made a joke about her being everywhere
I just noticed the voice sync isnt good on this game,anyways nice vid vash =D
the hangovers i get is watching to many vash vids
im guessing no one realized batmans cape is ripped...
@chicagobears541 try the closest thing, its called lady gaga
@kratosbelmont lol maybe the developers couldnt think of making a boss fight out of her not so many moves
that gaurd in the beggining reminded me of a ghostbuster
Lol. If you look at what it says about Harley when she's crying in the cell it says condition: Calm...:P
@ahmadWR200M You're right, but if the hot girl in the room with nice tits tells a joke, all the guys laugh regardless.
@gamingurl10 You'd have to be fucking retarded to trust a man who dresses like a clown and murders people
@MattitudeEra ...the grapevine, i heard it through the grapevine.
your ass is in jail for being a hoe. now you need to learn how too keep your legs closed, and stop dressing like slut. and maybe i think about leting you out. bitch. lol
You sounded like Bill Cosby when the nutjob fell from the ceiling XD
@imafatkid1 There's no point to an AC walkthrough. AC1 is only fun the first time anyways.
looked like there was a lot of space between those bars, enough for her to just crawl out?
@jelanib911 that's his main comedy source so why don't you SHUT THE FUCK UP!
@ foxuzamaki 1 you foght every body els in the game as a boss that i know of 2 why leave harly out she is a super villon anyways she sould get the same treatment :p
thanks for this video vash it is very entertainig because of your comments im glad that ive subscribed to to youre channel, care to make a demon's soul video after some time? ^^
Watching this is so much funnier when ur drunk..and i am!
Zsasz wow that's one fucked up name
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