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"Get Your Freak On" 15 Weird Facts TAG!

by Nicole Guerriero • 204,947 views

OPEN ME!!!! Questions! #1. What's a nickname only your family calls you? #2. What's a weird habit of yours? #3. Do you have any weird phobias? #4. What's a song you secretly love to blast and belt...

I love watching your old videos bcz it shows that ur personality has stayed the same and u haven't changed!!! Thanx for the great content!!! Keep it up!! :)
Knee high socks huh? I used to wear platform sneakers because I loved the Spice Girls. Lol Not a good look for me.
Lmao!! They just nvr get old :))
My thumbs do the same thing!! Everyone gets freaked out whe they see them
ha-ha I had to turn away and did you ever break your thumb, not getting why they go back so far...sorry
"my whole life is a weird habit"... LMAO !! your videos are the most entertaining !!
Omg.. I did the stockings too! With shorts... So hideous! Lol
ahhh my names nicole and i hate when people call me nikki too lol anddd i don't even know why.
LOVE that you don't go to friggin' starbucks, yeah!
I get called niki to and I hate it!
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You look like Khloé Kardashian ! ;)
Love that song too!! haha :) Wow those ear rings are crazy. Kinda cool :) AWw thats saweet that you listen to Whit when cleaning! I love her <3 :/ Hey what do you use to edit your vids? Really cute editing! You gotz tha skillz lol
I can totally relate to you. I like that. Thanks for your videos, they help people like me who are clueless with makeup & hair.
what do you use to edit your videos?
No kidding Nicolle.,, but we are the same i love and hate everything you do,, and the way you act, is me.. And im part Itaian to. trust me. Not only because of what u mentioned here, but other things u say or do on other videos.. like when- Just imagine yourself, with a diffrent face and age, and thats me :) Thats y i luv u so much
finally, someone who isn't obsessed with Starbucks! lol.
@tel456789101112 Yeah. And Michael Jackson never really was missing his nose. It was a bullshit rumor that the media made up. What's so fucking funny about it? You have no idea what he went through and how much the media bullied him. Nobody deserves that. He was a human being with feelings just like everyone else.
LOL when I walk past people, and them seem like real creepers, like they'd jump me, I'll pretend I'm talking on the phone, and be all "Yeah, I'm walking by *the place I'm at* right now" hahah.
@MsGnette Hahaha I figured but that's why, the webcam flips it! :)
LMAO I alwaays pretend to be on my phone to also AVOID people I see walking past me in mallss I See them and I automatically look down and "text" LOL
Glad that someone else sounds like a dubstep song too...haha.
where did you get your earrings!?
"I know it's really cheesy but I say it" LOL I laughed so hard
In the background, I have one I'd those nail polishes racks! :) ^.^
lol i pretend to be on my phone too when im around a bunch of people i dont know and im shy:)
I do the same thing. I pretend to be on my phone on akward situations. lol
eres super autentica!!!!!! and funny :)
Lol .... Lol u make crack up hahaha u are funny love ur videos :)
Omg I'm the same w/ making noises!! Even like 10 years ago my friends wud tease me bout it! Also I hav the same weird thumbs! It grosses my sister out but I dnt care lol
hahaha i totes do the nervous phone habit too, im like youo super outgoing when u know me but so shy at first! hahaha twinsies
Where did you get your big hoops from?
Can u please tell me where u buy your earrings!!!!!! Love them!!!!!!!!!!!
ahhhh loved this! Im so going to do it :)))
finally i found someone who doesnt drink coffee and other such types of drinks like me. i dislike starbucks too! lol!!
<3 it...i do the same phone very shy
@nguerriero19 cool i'm sicilian & mexican!! dont see alot those hispanic&italian mixes =)
my thumbs curve back like that too! haha
lmao @ clueless i loved that movie!!!! that was when contempo was around in the malls <3 they had all the clueless inspired outfits!!!! i miss those days!
SO that must be where I picked up, from your videos.
LOL. Funny. Because of you I often catch myself saying "".. [:
I know right what's the big deal with Starbucks?! Too over rated.
you better not make fun of my fav singer michael jackson..he does have nose
i find the weird noises funny..:)
OMG I pretend to be on my phone tooo when im nervous around random ppl hahah :D
I make weird noises too. People just look like wtf.... I dont even notice I make them lol
honestly get excited when i see you have uploaded a video! your too funny & love your personality. i do the making noises habit all the time lol
When she bent her finger back you all know you tried it after x)
I like your weird noises! Its kinda what made me subscribe to you... I love your over all personality!!!
I totally do the "pretending to text" thing too! Life saver! <3
Hey anyone looking to get earrings like nicoles check out my channel and go to my blog :)
Ugh Can't Find that sweater on the Website :( -____- haha
y0u shouldd do a make up tutorial on thiss loOk,,!
my fav yet your amazing haha and funny just love you videos
lmao at question number twooo!! I lovvee all the weird noises! :D p.s. youre reallly perttyy :D
i love your earrings they look so good on you!! :)
I get so happy when i see you have a new video :)
Your videos are the BOMB.COM !!!!!!!
I love you and you videos never stop making time
i can do that with my fingers too ,, lol
nicole, i really can't stress this enough, i freaking love you and your videos!!!
did i hear that right?? my name is giselle lol :)
You crack me up with how you do those special effects on your videos to emphasize a point. Hilarious!!
I have those thumbs tooo ahahahha
lmaooooooooooo ily! hahaha u r def the BOMB.COM lol
good editing hun, made me laugh...
i was watching this video & my sister walked in my room and was like "is that the girl"? haha
LMFAO at the wierd noises Nicole i love you!
I'm Super Shy Too And When I'm with ppl that know me i'm superr CRAZY and hyper lol
Oh, they're called Hitch-hiker Thumbs! lol
I could probably name every single video you shown making weird sounds :')
Lol I do the same thing with my thumb haha everyone thinks its weired haha thats AWSOME
omg im also an awkward texter !!!!
I want to do a video reply but there's no way I can be as comical as you. You crack me up big time! *high five*
Did you get angry at a stamp? Lol jk funny chick u r
OMG! I make weird noises too! lmao everyone, even my boyfriend says I make stupid noises randomly!! :) Like your exact sounds....!!!
idk why but i fawkin LOVEEEE ur earrings!
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