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My Mom Plays Techno Kitten Adventure

by UberHaxorNova • 745,900 views

Remember to like the video! I had my mom step up and take on the task of playing Techno Kitten Adventure. She doesnt do too well...

Hard to believe i was watching this 3 years ago.... James sounds so different FEELS LIKE I ONLY SEEN THIS LAST YEAR!
This is the original flappy bird
I didnt have an account when I first watched this. But now I do so I like
i want to see James mom's face. I NEED TO SEE HER.
James and his mother are really similar. 
Its weird james sounds significantly younger
6:52 - 7:00 lmao funniest thing I've seen all day! James just like his mother it's epic :D
Mom logic on a game called Techno Kitten Adventure: "Can you change it to a dog?"
like mother like son xD
Nova and his mom are the same
Nova I'm gonna steal your mom.
Like if you think they should add Nyan Cat to this game.
Oh! That's so cute and funny!!!! She's like a female Nova....or Nova's like a male her....?????......Hilarious!!!!!
+superwowman100  he got it from his mamma :D
In which his mom is exactly like him ... XD 
Bring this to 2014!
I thought she was, sorry
Sea of Love (Hixxy Remix) by Frisco 
it seems like she loves killing her kitteh >:( but she sucks at the game so XD
She having fun with the game that fuck with yr soul
#MEOW WTH this is so fucking funny
thats the exact reaction i wouldve expeted
Omg nova I luhv ya mom she is so funny nd cool she has me cracking up everytime she plays a game you should have her play draw my thing
Dream Kitten = Nyan Cat in training
Ayyyyyyyyy I get it
She talks just like him XD
I swear she never makes it past 5 lol
I am enjoying your mom failing James, but I like the music more
i couldnt stop laughing x3
Do a my mom plays minecraft or TTT
nova and his mom laugh are so similar
I want to see her do meatpack when it makes the screen go backwards lol
i wish my mom was like yours nova :(
trolololololoolloloollool loloolololololololololololololololololololololloolol
03:01 "everythings is right in the middle and i cant see it cummin"
Holy crap, so this is where Nova gets some of his habits...wonder what happens when dad comes along...
Wait till she plays the meat pack
His mom sounds so young. I wish we could have gotten to see her.
Omg... This is where you got your 'Why!' it's from your mom.
I just realised nova's voice here sounds different from now...could be due to the recording equipment used.
and another thing, turbo mode is another name for drunk poeple saying like 'whoa,dude' u know?
I see where you get your language.
LOL Reminds me when My Sons got me to try playing COD let's just say I failed, but laughed a lot!
Nova's mom would swear the first 2 minutes
This is probably the only episode with soo much MEOWING in it
She reminds me alot of Nova when she plays games lol
He even gets the fuckin aye from her. lol
My son had me play this and I played just like your mom. I think your mom and I would get along swell. She is funny n crazy like me. Keep the post coming. I'll have to post me playing on my youtube page.. :-)
It's not like nova is that old anyway now, guys.
oh my god i never knew i wanted this until now. his mom is perfect, hahaha. also she sounds really young?
Lol I couldent stop laughing when I heard turbo.
nova: terrible nova's mom:what? nova:your terrible LOL
I remember the first time I heard about this game. I was playing GTA 4 with friends role playing. When we got bored my furry friend (he is a furry) told me about it. I was skeptical considering the fact but I played it. I think I got high off this game.
I has found another one of them Ocelot meows. Or teh Ocelots found these kittehs. Why am I even typing like this...
ohhhhh oooohhhhhh ohhhhh oohhhh AHHHHHHHHHHH!
this game is an example if u take 20 tabbacos and 300 ounces wine all at the same time.just saying.
Even my little sis can do better lol
nova had such a different voice back then
in my head, Nova sits behind his mum in a giant swivel chair dressed like a super-villain with a white fluffy kitty in his lap, and as his mother plays these games, he just pets the cat all Sinister-like.
Oh my god they have the same laugh
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