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Minecraft Tutorials - 08 - How to Survive & Thrive (Farming)

by paulsoaresjr • 837,245 views

Tutorial for Minecraft about farming. I show how to till the land, harvest and plant seeds, and grow wheat. Plus a little bonus feature at the end: Piggy in the Crossfire Subscribe for more:...

thanks so much i just got minecraft and had no idea how to use it or do anything with it now i do! thx
Thank you for teach me how to craft hoe, how to use hoe, and how to farming. I found a lake, and I make a path with water.
5 hoes a day !! i need more seeds bring me the biggest carrot !!! white seeds pls XD
i miss the old days of minecraft and youtube......
"We're gonna need a few hoes." XD
we need white seeds !!! carrot get over here !!!! XD
In 1.4,You can grow Watermelons,Pumpkins,Potatoes,and Carrots. :)
*talks about hoes.* *He starts laughing about it* *I Laugh harder*
could someone comennt on my videos please
I'm only watching for the nostalgia. Paul's videos were the first tutorials I watched for minecraft and watching them again makes me remember how good minecraft alpha felt, when I was still discovering things. I miss my old "Super World" so I'v made "Super World Returns" and I'm re-watching all of the origional tutorials. :T
thats not to say it didnt teach me how to survive when i didnt know how. THese are great tutorials. they are just kind of overly explained
5 HOES A DAY. god dam you dirty man
I have minecraft for the Xbox 360 and I cant get chickens to follow me when i have wheat in my hand, is this feature not in the Xbox version yet? I know its behind the PC version but i was just wondering because i want to have a livestock farm someone please reply thanks
no ,just no,yeah notch is the founder and the most respected and known but no,minecraft is better now
Ummm....use bucket to move the water....duh
I have a question when i till the grass seeds dont come up have any suggestions???
>Me:"So then, I use my hoe to plant my seed and it gets wet!" >My Friend:"You watch too much porn." >Me:"Ew! I was playing minecraft." >Friend: O.o
from my point of view jeb wants to make minecraft more like an rpg i mean he added orbs for enchanting, villages, bosses, realistic textures, structures like temples, pyramids and mineshafts etc. while notch wanted to make minecraft have a more survivalist feel just survive night through night collecting wood building shelters for protection, A simple gameplay yet a fun one.
"this sucks, minecraft sucks" said nobody ever
Make a bed do u don't have to wait the night
he is right. back then wheat was the only thing you could farm but now there is sugar cane mushrooms and ect.
Can you grow with torches underground
you dont have a mouse pointer in minecraft. you have crosshairs.
Am I the only one who noticed he doesn't have a mouse pointer?
yeah jeb made it feel modded no offense to him though
I wish the old mountain biomes where still in the regular minecraft...there where the best places to build
No i'm watching this on my computer oh wait a minute I have no computer oh wait a minute how can I write this comment then? oh wait a minute! I posting this on my apple Iphone. oh wait a minute! I don't got a phone. oh wait a minute! Mom; SHUT UP Me; I should stop doing this.
We go through Hoes Pretty quickly.... Well spoken.
he sead ho a lot how much did thoes hoes caust
you should check out my channel not very good quality on my vidoes but if i get enough comments likes or subcribers ill make minecraft lets plays
They aren't turning what paul said into a sexual joke. Paul MADE a sexual joke.
haha, dont make a hoe, buy one of the streets. I got plenty of bitches n hoes that way.
theese are old tutorials watch Paul's newer Survive & Thrive 2
Wheat and Mushrooms! I saw some in episode 1.
at the beginning, I tought you were saying "now we're gonna grow some weed" and I was like "wut?"
these tutorials are excessively explained
Why do these kinds of comments get so many thumbs up?
How can you eat something on the ipad
Skip to 5:31...... You're halfway through the video EXACTLY
this is random,but can monsters get through doors?
You should show your own world that you made in creative mode
btw you can put torches on the fences
One question- Why do they sometimes pop of even though the dirt is tilled and its hydrated
when my 1st or 2nd day i got seeds without a hoe!
i wonder how santa feels now! XD
I know right? I don't know this guy but even thou I am so proud of him.
I turned 12 about a month before this video was posted
he goes through hoes really quickly
HD!!!!!! sweet baby! and Paul your awesome.
This episode was so wrong!! XD The Composer-
hoes hoes you really need them XD lmfao
yes they can now. zombies can brake down wooden doors but not iron doors. in the older minecraft they coud not
wtf. they have farmville in minecraft
Just so you know, underground farms need torches to grow...
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