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High Speed Video of Pistols Underwater - Smarter Every Day 19

by SmarterEveryDay • 3,869,342 views

Post to FB: Come on, we've all wondered this. There's been dozens of videos and discussions on the internet about it, but what actually happens? I'm shooting with a high...

iv gotten smarter in 6 hours of watching your vids
Aside from the flatulent political trolls, did anyone else notice the utter lack of gas exiting through the compensator cuts on the Ruger frame?  Interesting, though.  I was told, as a kid, that the bullet would be slowed by the water and the gas overpressure would rupture the barrel. I learned something.
That can happen if air is in the barrel 
Im Surprised that there arnt any liberals on this video bashing him with insults saying hes a criminal and threat to society just because he has Guns. The Liberal Blood Boils With Fury When they see Guns lol. 
dumbocrats have brought us nothing but disaster.
a two party system has brought us nothing but disaster, creating lines of thought concerning us and them. it's all fucked 
im a bagel and i find this offensive
That was by far my favorite video of this series!!! guns underwater, I've always been curious how that works but now thanks for explaining it ^^
Super interesting stuff. Thanks for the effort and upload
Iv got to say Dustin you have gone beyong earning my subscription! I hounestly feel like you are making people, or at least me smarter every day. Number 1 science educational channel on youtube! Will continue watching and it would be fantastic to see you create an experiment with Derek from Vertassium! Keep up the awesome work dude. Oh and have a good one
Could not the assumption that a semi-automatic pistol places more pressure on the bullet be incorrect? Wouldn't it also allow some pressure to escape via the gas port instead of the cylinder gap on a revolver? Or maybe the loss isn't significant?
???Did you see the shards of glass shooting into the tank diagonally very fast (lots of energy) I would have suspected they would go out. 
The music sounds like a Ratatat remix of the Rugrats theme song
A toroidal vortex seems to be very apparent when cannons are fired, and the "smoke ring" expands as it moves away from the muzzle. That would be cool to get on one of the high speed cameras. As always, thanks! 
What would happen if you fired a gun in space?
Just the normal. Gunpowder would ignite just normal and the bullet will travel. (It'll travel a bit faster since there's no air resistance.)
nothing would change, the bullet would just go on almost indefinably 
Awesome!!..I thought only glocks could be shot under water and not come apart!
Nightrider 77 Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
that one looks like the 9mm I have
so I've seen this video idk how many times and its still cool but! I just realized something, I'm a pipe smoker and collector and I like to blow smoke right all the time and a smoke ring works the same way as the toroidal vortices or at lest I think I'm right
You should try this test with a gun made to fire underwater, like an M6 PSD for instance. Also I would love to see the slow-mo underwater travel of a cartridge such as an R.I.P. round compared to these standards, seeing the R.I.P.'s devastating effects on flesh.
That Really show's how much energy is Wasted with using the revolver But still not nuff to slow the bullet down
4:54 That donut looks so yummy :O
what did you study and where?? UNIVERSITY that is
in your country you can have a gun?how, it is possible?
Simple set of licensing and a bunch of money. Not hard in the us
Kind of like those Vortex guns where they use air pressure to knock down brick walls,pretty cool. I would love to do stuff like this and learn why things behave the way they do. Go Physics :) My wife hates when I experiment and break stuff lol. Where are you guys located? I would love to hang out and learn cool stuff.
Smarter Every Day: the only the channel on the internet that will sacrifice a bagel in the name of science XD
use a bigger Plexiglas pool, because there is another interesting thing, the collapsing bubble :)
Cant afford new pistol, has a phantom v10.
...I am truly grateful of this "LoL" you have giveth me, thank you for commenting.
Rugrats remix? Nice
I love all your videos! Have you thought about starting a PATREON account? I know you have your sponsors, but that is a great way to raise capital and get closer with your fan base. Chris Pirillo @lockergnome has one and he raves about it. Just a thought...
Interesting. Thanks
wasted a perfectly good bagel.....
You have a wonderful family. To watch all of you laughing and learning is great!
You have alot of guns
2 isn't really a lot...
Visit Texas.  You don't have a lot of guns until you have AT LEAST one gun safe packed full of them.  Preferably more than one safe though.
the music reminds me of the rugrats, i know i cant be the only one who notices
This guy is hilarious!!! sending back the vid to the 80s! haha he's opened a door in my head to new stuff to research! Awesome Channel, Im subscribing! Thanks  
Just a thought. If we made vests using a water type solution would we be able to lighten the vest? For instance, oxygen/or other gas like nitrogen, etc infused into a "hydrogel?" I maybe way off base in weight etc, and I'd love to do it myself but as you know? Resources are tough....... You said H2O was great at stopping rounds, perhaps this is a possible answer...
"Yay Ruger!" my life in a nutshell XD
The Ruger is a tank, no need to worry about blowing those up.
Amusing but you knew that a shotgun shell will explode underwater on those shark guns.
You are one smart, intelligent, well spoken motherfucker! I like it! Keep up the good work bro!
A surprising amount of gas leaks from between the cylinder and the barrel on the revolver.
Can i have that bagel?  
you can write on a bagel??!
Thanks....please be careful....k? thanks again for you had work.
I truly love your Profile Picture. :D ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ earned my subscription as well. :-)
But can you fire it multiple times? 
there are bubbles in the toroidal vortex formed by the shot - are they boiling water ? 
Late reply, but no. It's the gases from the combustion being expelled out the barrel and forming pockets in the water. Also, the velocity of the bullet can exceed that of the water reforming itself, so the bullet essentially carved it's way through the water very briefly. Really interesting stuff.
HOW COULD YOU WASTE SUCH A BAGEL! I suppose it was for science, but still! As a side note I feel it made an excellent 3D diagram.
yea pal but its a 9mm aginst some kind of revolver
The semi auto pistol is a fireball bullet
where did you bought it?
the pistol is more efficient .... doh! Why do you think are not so many silencers made for revolvers? Because not too many revolvers have a seal between the cylinder and the barrel and are loosing a lot of gas there..
Yes, you earned my subscription.
Gotta love the degree of liberty the Americans enjoy. Did anyone else think its unbelievable that you can fire a firearm in the States without needing a barrier to absorb the bullet, never mind outdoors! I would not want to be strolling in the woods and then hit by a bullet : /
+Leo Frantz I appreciate your opinion Leo. I wasnt necessarily refering to people being shot, but wildlife. And here is a point to consider - Even if it is private property and he checked that no one was in the area, that still does not make it safe to fire a firearm into territory that you cannot see (the woods). If he happened to kill a person that was trespassing intentionally or not, would that make it any less tragic? To anyone outside the U.S it would seem strange if the law let him off the hook because he killed someone who was trespassing on private property. At the end of the day, its just plain and simple dangerous to fire into an area you cannot see into. 
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Holy Shit!... Thats a Richland High Bombers t-Shirt... not only do I have that exact same shirt but i went to that High School!
The semi auto uses the the recoil caused by the gases to cycle another round.. I wouldn't say it's more efficient
Good point but it looked to me like the revolver was losing enough energy to reload 10 rounds. I suppose it would require some kind of impact test on the bullet to find out which gun had the most bang.  Maybe you could use a book and count how many pages deep the bullets penetrated from each gun.
U ruined a perfectly good bagel xD
How did you shoot these guns underwater? Doesn't combustion (ignition of the gunpowder) need oxygen to work? 
as long as the hammer strikes the primer of the casing. it'll go off. I shoot guns all the time. Bullets contain oxidizer with the gunpowder so you could shoot guns underwater or even cooler. SPACE!
I found a picture that shows how a bullet works. pictures make things easier to understand
very cool and informative.Interesting how little distance the bullet travels. In the movies you bullets keep going under water.
How do you know how far the round went?
You can see the bullet slow stop and fall to bottom of pool. They mentioned it quickly during the video.
I would have loved for this to have been done in a pool to see the distance that the bullet travels and what the bubble does, and how that energy dissipates
I have never seen someone draw on a bagel before.
YEAHH Bill the science guy YEEEAHH #subscribed  
T.M. L Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
BECAUSE SCIENCE!!!!!!! Nerd's fucking win. Hands down.
The music is very interesting -x-celent guitar work-who is it?
Once the powder ignites, it is self oxidizing. Theoretically, since gunpowder contains an oxidizing agent, you could shoot a gun in space.
P95-DC.. Oh man, iv have one since 2000 and i loved it. You dont see them around too often anymore. Nice guns :)
The tauroidal vortex looked like it propagated outward until it became a spherical bubble. At least in the slow motion footage, it seemed that way.
Not being a dick or anything, but just saying revolvers are not pistols. Pistols are semi-auto, and are fed by a magazine.
I think that is a p89 or close to it. Not the SR series.
I have two questions: 1. why CAN you fire underwater anyway? Don't you need some oxygen to burn the powder? 2. Why don't you accept bitcoin payments for your kids College Fund? It is way easier AND you will keep every cent of my donation!
Myth busters tested it using a high speed camera, swimming pool and a set up. i belive they got a similar result on certain bullets.
This is cool. Ps evand, im pretty sure he knows what a pistol is. And neither is single-shot, because one holds a clip full of rounds, the other a cylinder, and no reloading is required between shots for either gun. So....
GREAT response! Love your videos! Probably one of the coolest channels on YouTube! Keep up the great work. Ike
It's nice for a change. Too many griefers, shills, and trolls anymore.
This shit is not like if your in a pool or so.. Like this there's no enough pressure that's why the bullet kept going!
that was not out gas from the primer it was air exiting from the firing pin slide.
Now imagine firefighters trying to get into your burning apartment...
Surely someone has asked this ... or maybe you said it and I missed it but couldn't find the answer in this or the slow mo guys vid so I'm wondering ... calibers? I believe its a ruger 9mm and the revolver looked like a .357. If so, I'd expect that to play into the differences between the two as well!?
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