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NBA 2K13 E3 First Look Gameplay and Dunk Contest

by Chris Smoove • 2,286,628 views

This is my analysis of the first look gameplay from E3 that aired on Spike TV. It features the western conference matchup Spurs vs. Thunder. Quality isn't the greatest and this is a very early...

Liek if ur watching dis in 2015
Why am I watching this? Oh yea the servers for 2K14 are being retarded.
and it says temporary and they ve being like 4 months now
I can't wait until this comes out.
I really hope that ur trolling
why am i watching this lol
hi smoove do you now what to do on nba 2k13 serwer doesent work   
How u do a dunk contest
you need to buy the add on
is rashaad walker your brother
in 2k13 or 2k14 are any of your servers  down
I think they should do it the way they did it in 2k10
how do you make the ball roll on an inbounds pass so the shot clock won't start
Yo smoove whats up. I just got a xbox360 and I really want NBA. Should I just buy nba2k13? Or wait for nba2k14
Hey Chris. Huge fan, my friend and I always try to imitate the Auto-Tune "Splash" when we play. Just wondering when your next sub game is?
the allstar wknd mode was preorder only, but now its available as DLC for $5
First smoove video I ever watched
This game-mode is actually fun with friends.
Why is lebron James point guard When You Play with the heat?
how do you get so good in nba 2k12 send me a video to thankx
Hey, Smoove I was wondering if u can do association mode
hey, @ Officalmeezhelper, u have to pre order the game, then, on the other side of the disc theres a paper that says nba2k13 houston all star weekend. once u do that look at the back, and follow those directions. i know this because i had done that process
nba 2k13 is good game I win slam dunk contest with K.D game so much .
cmon chris you need to start doing COD BLACKOPS 2 videos, enough of that NBA !
how do you play the dunk contest on ps3
on xbox its Lt and a on ps3 i believe its L2 and x
yo Chris Smoove where is the video when u created your my career player
Ya I know right? That dude was prolly on his period or some shit.
260 people are mums who don't like their kids spending too much time on computer.
PS3 HIT ME UP AT mfg24 (like that)
there is such thing as a point forward dumbass,it is a playstyle not a listed position
there is nuthing to say.............yisagcyasbhiycgaydbcydgdqsbxdysagdyibsyiuyshdaygfhasbghqgshdagshdgbashubqbuyeqgye2qgbybcuydbcycgbysbcyaghadsbcyahqwbyhdsgqdhbwqdyqdqdqg..........shock clock cheese nigga
You Have To Post Your Beats Man!
players are considered point forwards when they have the height and playstyles of a small forward but also have point guard abilities
Chris, if you had a choice between 2K12 and 2K13 which would you choose? (based on gameplay,graphics etc..)
point foward is when you're a small forward/power foward and you run the floor like a point guard, that's what lebron is - a point forward. Maybe try and searching it up might help
STFU, black ops 2 is so gay, all you do is shot people damn....
Supitsify you r a dill pickle
i'm from europe and this game isn't that popular over here...
"people who call other people faggots.. are faggots themselves" TA firestorm
yeah nab 2k13 is the best basketball game ever but after one game i get so bored this game it so fucking boring bring back nba jam or nba street when basketball was fun
I think it's an okay dunk contest
please watch this it´s a new channel of me and more videos and longer will come !
This is first vid I've seen of this game. Never seen such a life-like videogame before.
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