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Wedding Dance First As A Couple FUNNY Baby Got Back

by kevfla • 17,409,572 views EVIE BRIDAL: Scotland's favorite wedding dress supplier. Wedding dresses made to order in just 4 weeks. Worldwide delivery. Quote 'KEVLA' to receive a 20%...

+triston8080  dis happened in 1 of mah weird dreamzzzz
what is this bullshit? this is not even the original video!
Fake background song
The music seems to have been  removed due to copyright claim
i viewed the original video...its not with a piano playing background..
Of course using Baby Got Back in a video online breaks copyright. Are you claiming it doesn't? So does the new one as well by the way. I'm just saying...I know what piece of music that is.
LOL! You guys made my day, may you have an eternity of these moments! hugs & congrats
883 people are self confessed jealous haters with no sense of humour and have very sad lives
I know how my wedding dance will be.
when i get married i wanna do something to remember like this
the piano song is - Carly Comando - Everyday
For me this is the original. Fantastic once and viewed this many times. But everyone else doing the dancing now is just awkward and tongue biting.
if my wedding ever ended on youtube....that would be the ultimate disgrace! hahah
man i will so fucking do this on my wedding
I thought white people didn't know how to party but this is a good wedding right here
hahahah Gosh they are amazing. This is very original :}
hey if i get 1,000 subs ill eat my own poop!!
i just choked on my coffee. thats fuckin hilarious... LOVE IT!!!!
...Are you serious? I can't tell if you're trolling.
Am I the only one who thinks she looks like Jessica Simpson?
najlepszy taniec jakikolwiek widzialam.. :) szacuneczek
@Ashley Roses Yeah could you tell me?
this is absolute amazing guys well done :)!!
This was ruined by whoever took the dance music off. Shame on them
the video in the link doesn't work anymore, but i've already seen it...
amazing!! i want my wedding dance to be like that :D
in gonna do this if i get married
their so awesome to do this on their wedding day .so cutie
This is the best DUO dance, but I hate to say it, but I'm hooked on 'JK'S wedding entrance!' That has to be THE best FUN wedding entrance of ALL TIME? Check it out and see for yourself... makes me smile everytime I see it.... xXx
Funny dance however crsppy music
LMFAO! that was so cute! awesome couple!
i think this would have to be the best one i've seen yet
sounds like one of the simpsons episodes
White lady was dancing like some black ones I knew
Yea she deff was on girls gone wild at some point in her life
this is the best thing ever
cud anyone tell me the song on which the couple is dancing??? thanks in advance :)
I want my first dance like that!!!!!!
I wonder how this couple's children will react if they ever see this xD
It was funny and I hope there children are not scared by there parents!!!!! LOL
I did, and was able to see the original version thanks. My point was, that it is frusterating as to how we have so little freedom to have fun what with the copyright laws. Thanks for posting.
My friend is doing this for her quince..
the best wedding dance on the world with about 16 millions people looking...
I just watched you guys at StarBucks on my laptop my wife choked on her White Mocha Frapp&well we enjoyed the video so we sent it to our friends who themselves are getting married in 2weeks! We got a reply back and they both said not sure if they can top the first dance lol me and my wife be celebrating our 10th anniversary soon I am taking her to Italy her parents are from Palermo were going there to visit her family then to Tuscany and stay a week there then top it off will fly to Scotland!
Hey check out my videos , very funny
Luved it so going to do that at my wedding ps nice moves!!!!!!!
The fuck happened to the song???
Why the marriages that im invited for doesn't have that kind of things? XD
Well it dose liven up the wedding. I bet know one but couple knew.
Thank YouTube...Follow the link in the description and see if the video will play there.
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