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Jonny Craig - Children of Divorce (Official Music Video)

by riserecords • 1,988,601 views

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People say this dude is better than Tyler Carter, I am not impressed tbh.
+Ian Aberbach yep, it's all about vocal register
But like seriously how does Jonny sing that high with edge someone teach me the ways
He wasn't even singing in the beggining of the video. LoL
it's a music video...  no one actually sings in them.
I see more people bitching about people talking about Tony than I see people talking about Tony.
Looked way better without all his tats. Tattoos are out of style.
+trecko galico hahahahahahahahaha good joke
Out of style? lol. Body modification is thousands of years old. Still going strong
I love Tony so much, but this is Jonnys video Tony had great licks and riffs, but it's Jonnys voice and harmony with such great melody that gives off such great emotion and is such great importance...this song means so much to me because this song was the first song I listened to when I cut and I was going through such a rough time and I can relate to this so much...and god bless Jonny for having so much soul in this song and this will forever be apart of my heart and so will Jonny
I was about to make another sarcastic comment but then remembered that you wouldn't understand it.
+Levi Jaymes LOL that joke was reaaaalllllyyyy fuuuunnnyyyyyyy
I'm kind of late but I just looked into the whole MacBook scam. I found it hilarious tbh.
i'm dead honest when i say this. i'm fucking crying!
Loving how butt hurt so many people are about Tony getting attention in the comments. It wasn't expected for him to be in the video with Jonny Craig, that's why PTV fans are surprised. You'd have to be retarded to be surprised that Jonny is in the video, its in the title. If it said "ft. Tony Perry", then all those comments would be kinda weird. But its not. Get it?
Can we point out the fact that Jonny has a mullet like hair style in this
Lmao, I thought the same thing.
Jonny's gorgeous.Tony's gorgeous. This song is gorgeous ❤
Imagine if his daughter were to hear this someday. i mean its an amazing song and voice but he basically flat out calls her a mistake, and calls her mother a whore and yeah ;.; just kinda sad to me 
Jonny Craig song, 99% of the comments are about the little scene kid from ptv
Children of a MacBook scam.
Drug addiction will do that to you
Bitch you have dubstep in your name, youre not relevant.
Shut the fuck up about "tony" you filthy wombats
Really wombats? Why?
Damn Seth Rogen can really sing
I was reading the comments and saw none actually by PTV fans all by people telling people to shut up about Tony.
99% of the people who attack jonny do it because of his past... you people dont even realize its not your job to judge a musician off his past and what hes fucked up on especially if hes fixed it more or less for his musical talent and if you say this mans voice isnt the equivalent to gold you're deaf
I don't know who the fuck Tony is but he looks so hot, BUT Jonny Craig is hotter. 
Fuck tony seriously who gives a fuck about the guy who only pops up once in this video it's about Jonny where's the Jonny omg it's Jonny fucking idiots
Because Tony is the man. A lot of people know Craig cause of PTV, some because Craig. They are real good friends Shrugs
it is he has a way better voice but they have different styles of singing
I wish he still had the mullet :(
His voice.....i can't....even......just.......goosebumps
Awww fetus Tony Turtle.
I'm so used to his man bun, that i forgot what he looked like before it lol.
he has one of those faces i wanna beat up
i love this way to much 
This is such a good son j.c and i agreee with some comments below u shuldnt judge him on his past wat so ever i can relate to his past so it makes me lik him even more he is very talented and goes through the same things we do everyday dnt forget that people <3
him and his voice are both perfection 
So in love with this song <3
Ptv fucking blows, who cares about Tony, this is Johnny's song
Obviously a lot of people care haha
I can tell, they really shouldn't though
Abandoned Creature Shared on Google+ · 3 weeks ago
 i am  in love with this song
All I can think of is DGD while this is playing 
who the fuck is tony
He plays guitar for this band called pierce the butthole
I remember when this first came out, nobody actually gave a shit about Tony. They came here to listen to Jonny. So sad to see people only coming here just for Tony.
<3 love this - love him.
Whether you like Jonny as a person or not, there's no denying his voice is beyond the point of godly, don't disregard him because of his past, his voice is amazing.
I'm replying a year later, but yes I agree. I only recently discovered Jonny and I'm quite impressed by his voice. 
This is a sad song, wtf, Johnny Craig.
+embie what's wrong with guitarist
This song makes me want to kill myself
How have I not ever come across you I really like you And I see your close with pierce the veil
Have you ever seen the show Welcome To The NHK? It's an anime. In the 2nd to last episode (and maybe more?) there's a background song that nearly matches this. Kinda strange
Worthless video... Might as well be a slideshow
he looks like seth rogen.
he looks like a thinner ginger seth rogen
jonny craig is fucking amazing. i love how people bring up his mistakes he made. fuck off and get over it pussies dont watch him then dumbshits
I honestly don't know but people keep talking about some mistake he's made, what even happened?
TONY FROM PTV .....excuse me while I release hormones from my year ducts
What the fuck is a "year duct"...?
You obviously can't count cos he pops up more then once you delinquent fucktard. Plus alot of people care about tony perry thankyou... Just cos you don't appreciate Pierce The Veil's music, doesn't mean others don't... Ciao motherfuckerrrrs! :D
Seriously forget Tony and listen to this amazing song with this amazing singer and his amazing voice.
What is this song exactly about? It sounds like it's about a girl miscarrying or a relationship not working out both maybe....somebody help me out here.
o OMG is Tonny Perry and Jonny :3 The Best!!!!
legitimately don't know who the fuck Tony is
guitarist in pierce the veil
Ever heard of Isles and Glaciers? It was a collab between Chiodos and PTV members and JC, along with a few others. Vic Fuentes and Tony Perez (pictured) were the two who appeared on the only EP.
Fuck you and fuck your face. This is brutal death metal.
Fucking Tony, hell yes
+Joe Alfonsi I guess that was his work... looking stupid and bringing more fangirls to Jonny. 
+embie While you complain and have no fangirls.
I live in Portland, It's pretty shitty
I recommend a great children's book to help young children cope with divorce 'Nina Has Two Houses' (available on It also includes tips for parents to minimize the negative effects on children
Omg tony perry! That guy didn't even make the fuckin song.
Jonny has so much soul and adds so much depth and meaning to his songs if he isn't part of the Illuminati than I have lost all hope.
illuminati. wat.
This song gives me immense feels :'(  Jonny is a good guy c:
sees Tony heavy breathing
TONY PERRY!!! But still a great song none the less
I don't know why but I started crying as soon as I saw Tony.
Who did he write this song about?
Jonny craig recently announced he made this song for a girl who was pregnant with him child. He told her that he couldn't be with her but he was willing to take the child. Then one day she just up and left.
1st I'll always be before you I'm the number 1 Jonny craig fan.
This song means so much and i love tony and jonny <3
Dam Tony Perry is so hot
my love. always. 
cataplase Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
dude.......your like tyler carter meets the guy from crown the empire    this is amazing and im glad i found you
this song gives me chills, i love it so much words just can't describe how much it means to me.
This song means so much and i love tony and jonny <3
Such an amazing song <3
I bet he high again in this video
You're a fucking douchebag. How about you choose from either one of three things...1 - listen to the song and stfu 2 - go slit your wrists, and remember it's vertically not horizontally and 3 - (this one you just add to one or two) don't worry about anyone else's past/present/future because we have all been thru or are going thru or will go thru some shit that maybe we won't like. So next time you try and judge someone else's life, take a good hard look at your own and then try walking a mile in their shoes. #EndRant
Toy Perry = DAS BAE <3
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