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the video that got me sponsored by element

by megaawesomeskate • 119,803 views

kye langori-sponsor video,this is the video that got me sponsored by element i got sposnored by element (flow) check this out: FUNNY VIDEOS-...

you suck you stack about 20 times at the start and your filming thw tv you ass
c u cant just change ur stance and ur skin color
plagiarism is wrong, little buddy. nobody likes a liar.
obviously that isnt him through out the whole vid cause his style cant just noticably change ?... so calll me a hater hahah
@Rideaway1 flow he is on flow not the team he only gets stuff and advertises on the street for then element has hundreds of kids of flow
the title says ^the video that got me sponsored by element^ but it´s not you, what are you swiching bodies???????? FAG
i swear the first fifteen are the same exact thing
I think most sponsors these days are looking for people of have extreme skill, and the balls to execute said skill.
how is someone this insecure about their life
so he is sheckler, geoff rowley and others..........SURE
WOW. It was fuzzy when it uploaded? Lies! You just filmed your computer screen. Dumb Fuck.
You cant be afraid of the board bro...LAND THE DAMN KICKFLIP!
megaawesomeskater?? nice name POSER! fucking make me, your mama, your dada your cousin,(you know the one your fucking), every friend and family member that you come in contact with and all of your youtube viewers that has to watch this fucking bullshit. i hope your dick falls off
why is there so many dislike, thats good enough to get on flow for element ..................
faker ass bitch you fagget gio out and actually skate
2 Biggest reasons this is fake, 1, You started out white, then later on you were black? Are you a race shape shifter? 2, You can absolutely tell this was filmed in front of a t.v . Using youtube editor to put music doesn't cover it up one bit, buddy.
he looks faker than my bus drivers titties!!
thats nick dompierre, who got sponsored by real you fucking faggot
can u play the beginning again. i missed it.
no ones gonna wanna sponsor someone who can't fucking land a jump
damn you must be pretty fuckin good to be both ryan sheckler and geoff rowley
dont know why thers so much hate on this guy, the tricks hes trying are fairly diffuclt and he lands them all clean, the only downside i see is the shity filming, but besides that i could see him at flow level
you are the biggest fucking liar holy shit poser stop trying to be cool in reality
I've clearly seen some of these clips get a life
juss made yourself look like a poser hahaha!!!! i feel embarresed for you,,
hey guys check out youtube user - daewonskate he uploads skate videos every 2 days! check it out and subscribe! thumbs up so everyone can see!
ha this is off the roll forever video you idiot!!!
i work for element and your not on our team jokester!
am i the only one who thinks this guy looks like that guy that does a gap with -i think- a 180 then snaps his deck throws it ont the ground and than gets it in his face?
come on guys, can't you all change races 3 times ?
1. how do you get sponsored 2. nice zoo york 3.that kick flip was nice at 30 secs in 4. hi
1. you have no dick 2. kony has been dead for a decade
i like how he turns black then white right afterwards and he also changes stances alot
just belive in yourself and anything is possiblei skate for element and i was good when i was 8 and got spoonsord when i 13
in one clip hes goofy and in the next hes regular doing a back 3 over stairs
what potato did you film this with???
is that just me or im high i seen jesus filming at 1:51 lol
Miss May I swing is better then this song
it came out fuzzy because you recorded it off a tv dumbass
pretty bad quality for filming a tv
changed races? or more like changed stances
If this really was you I'm sure who filmed it would be more than happy to send you a video file so you didn't have to record it with a camera.
so does he ever fucking stay on the board?
You just watched roll forever and thought it was you. Faggot
Any haters of this can try 2:00 to to 2:07. Show me the results.
I don't understand how you spell "over" wrong once but spell it right the second time.
you obvously filmed that while watching it on a computer, get a life dude
your gay that was ernie torres at the end you fag also he's rugular and the first dude was goofy you fail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! life.
you guys are just jelous that he can change races aver and over again
I can't dis this vid because you're 100x better then me :P
just give this shit up this isnt you
No its cuz it was a tape video so he recorded with a usb camera
deff nick dompierre was there for a couple of those man....
okay if anyone hasn't noticed there is a fuck ugly girl first of all then he/she/ whatever it is changes sex and changes colour, wtf are you, except a poser
Stupid video, why would you put in all these failed attempts on a sponsor me one wants to see that. You can't see the skaters face for most of the video too so it could be anyone...
This is nick dompierre from the real video Roll Forever everyone..
@PerfektSKATEBOARDING Why Would You Count Them?
i wonder how pathetic your life must be to pretend the skater on that vid is actually you ...
nice footage of established PROS....even if it was you, Element still sucks. Fucking hippocrits.
good tricks but that is some terrible filming
no homo what state and city do you live in
lol liar u did the same fallll 300 timmes get outaaa here
noones hating on the skating, everyones hating on the fact that he said it was something but it was completely different...
if u cant notice hes also filming the tv.
switch flip fackie manual nollie flip out? Damn Get Big.
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