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KevJumba Takes on Pole Dancing w/ Harry Shum Jr.

by The YOMYOMF Network • 513,773 views


I friggin' love KevJumba so much!!
Oh my friggin ... I'm so surprised that I can't even finish that sentence ... That is mike from glee not kev but the other guy I love that show and it's made me into the person I am today it told me no matter how much of a geek or loser you are just don't give up and stand up for what you belive in
Harry Shum of Glee and he's a main role of Revenge Of The Green Dragons trying to do a pole dancing. What if he'll try to do this during a daring hot scenes together with any leading ladies in town?
Im surprise harry only weighs 165. He looks so much bigger. But it would explain the muscle definition....
kev only 5'8? looks like he's 5'10
3:20-3:55 I die, his facial expressions the song everything CLASSIC Hahahahahahah!!!
jay park then harry shum jr.... FEELSSS
All of the people r staring during the challenge😂
I would have been making it rain ALL DAY!!!!!
lol at all the people watching from outside.
5'11, 165, No wonder he has great looking abs. But he does look heavier than that based on his arms. 
I honestly never find pole dancing hot or attractive. It's realistically hot because of the girl and what she's wearing and her body figure, the pole is just there. It could easily be a beam, wall, or swing and it wouldn't make a difference.
But you can't do those sexy moves and sick tricks they do in mid-air without a pole.
when i saw loser will dance on public street corner u just know kevin lost
dont want to offened you or anything but are you gay?
Oh my god Kevin you crack me up! That was amazing XD
Kevin you dirty boy grinding in little old Asian women's faces... ;S
I can't right now this is making my life. Kev give me a show for my birthday please
4:52 kungfu panda passes by omfg
LOL! These people passing by must like what the fuuuuccckkk?
thumbs up if you only saw the 'Harry S...' part and thought it was harry styles
Please follow :) GF! @JDCrescendolls
Dunno about everyone else, but the two "narrators" during the competition were really... annoying. I'd rather mute them. :( But I still gave the video a "Like", because it's KevJumba, and because Harry's skills were amazing. :)
Was that a guy in a kung fu panda costume outside at 4:50 LOL
lol people watching at window
noticed a dude in the window... hahah
I want Ryan Higa to take on pole dancing!
wtf? Harry should have won! those girls are crazy.
lmfao!!!! ik thats right!!!! i love me some harry!!
Is it just me or does Kevin have a fine ass?
I see what you did there Harry 3:09 ! GANGNAM STYLE ! HAHAHA
which songs. There are songs by Pluto the 9th. They have a youtube channel. The rest of the music are written by their house composer. Lemme know if you want links to his soundcloud.
There a guy just watching Kevin from outside at 4:37
Sorry but all my bills would have went to Harry Shum Jr. LOL
I thought there was no way to make Harry Shum Jr. look awkward. I was WRONG. This is awesomely awkward...
Its so funny how theres an old lady watching on the side!
This is soo weird but I love Harry
oh my...oh Mike Chang...thanks for giving me a hard-on I can't even deal with right now. Harry Shum Jr. you sexy FUCK!!
Kev are awesome striper challeng ryan
Aww i wish harry would pole dance right infront of me
Kevin actually has a cute little booty lol
'Is he trying to copy Harry's move?' 'EWW!'
Oh my---kevjumba... is a slut.XD Please strip for me too.XD *Runs away.*
Harry is good at this for some reason
actually technically wise, Harry should have won but for entertainment wise, you and i would rather see him pole dance at a street corner that kevin.
if only harry took his shirt off......
love harry shum jr. he is the best!
"It's the asian peter pan! Cover your eyes kids.." OMFG. XD
They should get chestersee in there somewhere
1:05-1:14 I think Kevin split his junk in half. Which is why for the rest of the video he was trying to show the ladies that it was fine. Thumbs up if you agree! <3 Q<_Q
I think most of the time they give Kev money is to make him stop grinding in their face hahahaha
The people that are just staring outside crack me up
kevin....pole dancing......dead....
how can anyone not be embarrassed doing this? -__-
omg Kevin is like doing legit dirty dancing here :O my mouth was dropped the whole time!
i hope you got dirdy birdy's permission to use her pole dancing footage.
my mom walked in on my watching this i had some explaning to do FML
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