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by Nick Laurant • 37,117 views

A group of mercenaries are hired to hunt down a ruthless dictator. Conrad, the newest member of the team not only discovers the true motivations of those around him, but also the darkness that is...

Great film. I think the soldiers that the mercs were fighting were using WWII era gear because their country is probably too poor to purchase standard combat gear. They had no body armor, and and Browning Automatic Rifles (BARs) and there was a Browning M1919 (I think it was the 1919) and many other WWII era guns. There were a few AK47s, but in reality, the AK47 only lasted in standing armys up to the Cold War. New versions such as the AK74U, AK74, and AK101 rose afterwards. For you COD players, the only actual AK47 is in MW1. The rest in MW2/3 seem like 101s. There is a difference between them, mainly between build and ammunition.
I think the story was about a man who's job was merc work to get paid, and it was probably the only method to get money and he just started thinking he can't kill anymore.....correct me if i'm wrong i'm sorry if I am
Disturbingly good. The pain that the man fights against is familiar. Great insight. The character should have been more shut down but over all well done. The dreams should have been centered around his past kills and not being able to rest during the night or day to help bring him to that braking point. No rest always in battle.     
Holy crap. That was seriously one of the best films I've ever seen on youtube!
Would you guys by chance like a screenwriter? I'm pretty damn good at it.
Anyone know the what the name of the chest rig tactical gear that the mercenaries are wearing.
that was some WW2 shit haha
Idk exactly, I think swedish post WWII gear. Bought it in bulk from ebay haha.
Excellent film. I post this on our movie blog. Great film. Loved it.
@SuperStaticTV Kristopher Fisher. He from the UK and has youtube channel
acting is a little weak but pretty gud overall
I don't speak english very very well, therefore I don't understand many things... But I love it =D Great Job !! ;P
@SheedsEnterprises Actually there is an advertisement suck it boiiiiiiiii
If i'm honest, it was a good film, but i feel that the ending is lacking a bit. but this is nothing but my opinion. I will say you guys did a good job even though i feel the ending kinda lacked an element.
1:38 while this film is great, you should really use rear sights on your guns. the story is good, the filming is amazing, and it's pretty great overall, but little details like that just take out out of it.
Where some of these guys in card board wardare
so glad i waited. this kicked ass
Clinton is a friend of all of us. If you check out Brett Driver's page (brettsk8) you will see most of us have collaborated with him. Great guy!
Well made but I don't really understand what the story is supposed to mean.....
This is best indie film I have seen on youtube, better than other big bughet movies, great story, colors and point of view are tell story good too. I shared your film onto votemov : also added to votemov channel. :)
I had seen this a while ago and it is actually better the i remember. you should do a collaboration with corridor digital and freddiew.
Great work Nick! I think the rewrite paid off. I can see there were difficulties with re-editing the clips to convey the new ending, but it works. Also, I really like the updated beginning monologue! Good luck in film festivals!
This video was very intensive, and emotional ! I love it ;)
@CunCun900 You can't criticise colour correction. It is not your film to colour correct. He chose those colours because they enhanced the story line, and made it look the way HE wanted. Colour correction is not yours to decide on.
youtube can be unfair sometimes, you have only 10,xxx views when other shitty videos get millions of views !
i think the guy that got shot in the shoulder was in cardboard warfare 2
I signed in just to leave a comment to tell you how incredible this film was. Great job on the recent win. Such a powerful film, I aspire to make something even close to this someday.
@Pics6677 Are you joking? The acting is definately not weak and I found nothing wrong with the cam work.
0:57 You can't aim without a sight, right? :) Anyways, I enjoyed the movie.
Didn't get it first time, watched it again n thought it's incredible
Not bad, all around I'd say this went fairly well
I admire you rosen chuck ( nick ) best short film until today on youtube keep doing these.
that was not requires no for the soldiers PTSD if you can't understand that you should really look up what this movie talks will fuck your day up, but you'll be a better human for it.
who are they fighting and another thing it didn't make sense to me i could use a explaination for why he is so crazy
That was... amazing. An awesome story, really deep, it really like... drilled right into my heart, right into my feelings... I'm still a bit shocked. Really emotional, stunning film. Also, this movie definately has the best acting I've ever seen on YouTube. The effects were great, the athmosphere, the sounds and stuff... made it feel real, made it really get the viewer right into the middle of the whole scene. You guys really deserve a medal, much better than most of the Hollywood bullcrap. (Y)
@CunCun900 Couldn't disagree with you more...but everyone is entitled to their opinions
i like the whey he swift the the mic over too the other ear
great costuming, very good cinematography, interesting story, great writing. the only thing I can really critique, and its constructive, is it looks like you went a little easy on the FX. I woulda done alot more with that but hey just trying to be helpful. this was still really good man.
10 seconds through the video and you already earned a sub :) I have a question as well, how do you convince your friends to do this? Are they into this kind of stuff? Thanks!
You three should collaborate once again and present another brilliant masterpiece :)
Is this movie a commentary on mercenaries or military soldiers? If it's about mercenaries who only fight for money and kill out of sport, then I like the message. If it's about military soldiers, then it's full of it. The part that makes me think it's not about soldiers but mercenaries is when the main character points out that he never killed an unarmed man. The cinematography is great. Very professionally done. But, the story is much too depressing. Suicide isn't the only solution.
@TheJeandreGerberTrip Thx, im saying this because they could learn more. It is a good story and all keep on going!! But these is some flaws
This movie brings tears to my eyes everytime i watch it. This is a beautiful film guys i love it.
Best 17 mins. and 35 sec. of my life. Great job guys!
You guys deserve so much more credit! I'm passionate for making movies as well and I've been making a few with my friends lately and hope to someday make some as great as the ones you guys have made. Keep up the good work and I would appreciate it a lot if you visit my channel too!
Zach Sale is a well playing actor. Like the rest of you guys. I like your films, like your staff and the style of your director. Go ahead. -Greetings from Germany
WOW!! This was amazing. Acting was amazing overall it was amazing. lol Really enjoyed it. :)
not bad! Decent storyline. Though maybe a bit "heavy" for Youtube? Do you guys have this on Vimeo? I bet it would be well received.
this is probably my favorite youtube short film. the acting is a little overdone at times, but thats common in low budget shorts since you cant afford pro actors. that being said they really did have good performances at times and the writing/story was very good. the only thing i can say that should have been better was the effects, but it isnt a huge deal since the story is way more important then the effects.
@ZombieNinja98 An army has more than one soldier, you're just their sheep.
Sorry to say this but it was really hard to watch the short, one again like i always say to you, make sure that the actors dont OVER ACT, it just looks like fake and not real, you cant get in touch with the characters because they are just ACTING, you should study some actors and look how they act etc. And the color correction is wrong u have this really weird human skin color and the rest of the picture is like greenish/grey, it doesnt look good. And last dont do this kind of indie war movie.
We were mercs hired to kill so your first inclination is correct. The suicide element, IMO, might be misleading b/c a certain element of the film was removed. The original script had the newest merc, Conrad, hooked on a drug we gave him called Tumsa that was issued by the gov't and was suppose to make him more like the rest of us who were relentless in our killing. It was deep so Keith could explain it better than I and why it was removed from the original. It still turned out gr8 though.
fuck me thats deep, and thats a fucking good story!
Conrad also says "When I was discharged, working as a merc seemed logical" That also gives it away. =)
Every time I watch this, I just appreciate it more and more! Thank you Keith, Nick, Brett, Zach, James, Jim, Stephen, Kristopher, and all others for making such a great film and giving us other filmmakers more drive and excitement!
the acting was well above the hollywood norm and the story is great. one can only understand it if they have been consumed by violence or know one who has. i think this is a tribute to our veterans and the minds they have after being involved in such situations. one love
You should enter this in Your Film Festival, you would easily win
I don't like how you have to answer a question about healthcare to watch the video. Not one bit
fucking amazing most amazing thing iv seen in so fucking love keep on keppin on bro
I watched the first 5 minutes, and I'll wait till it's day light, it's scary :( I know, I'm a puss.
You guys seem to be confident in your work, but a few of you seem to take strong offense to criticism. No matter what you do, not everyone is going to have a favorable response towards your work.
The acting was kind of bad. On the other hand, really good video, i liked the ending :)
ahhhhhhh my mind was just blown..... totally worth the wait! anyone else agree?
@GoLongboardingMASS Thanks man! we're glad it was worth the wait :)
this gave me wood. haha well done to all those involved!
I must say, this is a truly amazing film. Excellent job!
to all people commenting negative vibes, friggin chill out. do you spend your hard earned money on what you love to do? do you take out loans to get equipment? do you actually do what you love to do? and most of all, are you perfect? really perfect? i can answer all of these questions for you negative fuks with a simple NO. i have never seen or heard of a perfect movie or song. Tenacious D did just this, but they had to sing about it, & no one has ever heard the track...
@ReichEnemy Wait for it....a big Zombie project is in the making...
Some of these guys were in Cardboard Warfare 2
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