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MW3 TDM SPECIALIST by Whiteboy7thst

by whiteboy7thst • 191,625 views

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man ur not putting out as many vids
Lack of maturity really? Yeh boy, Im just saying the truth, he's bad, only playing vs noobs, or not? Look at his lobbies, lvl 1-30 no prestige, 1 or 2 with some bad prestige. He doesnt show any skill at all, and his commentaries are boring, talking shyt everyday
Hey Hawk,Princess I'm gonna let you on a little secret here...NOBODY LIKES A SUCK-UP!
you are just the best gamer on youtube history wow the mw2 95-2 kills + deaths what a kd add me on ps3 Louis7531 im hoping to play some cod with you make some more amazing videos.
Ummmm... Dora's Island Adventure! You have that right.
can you please add ippyg12 i always watch your vids and i am a subscriber. plz!
mostly ppl who play on tactical amd drop shot complain about knifing
no im not u dick ur the dumbass black ops 2 is gnna have a perk like that u dumb prick
whiteboyyyyyyyyyyyyyy whats up bro
are u hating because he is better and much bigger than you ?
they are switching up the knife system =D theyre gonna make it 2 knife kill with one knife and a knife that takes longer to knife thats a one knife kill n stuff like that
I would rather meet Whiteboy than Obama ...
Visit my channel if you want not begging for you to. But feel free and come and check my channel...
how do i add you on ps3 coz it says you've changed your privacy settings??
dead i fucked your dog? forgot that one :S
Haha idk where that guy came from. fuck that guy. Made my day
Why dont you play on the Xbox anymore
stop crying? ik its hard buh u seem pathetic crying when nobody cares
Cus he was PS3 from the start and PS3 until he dies!
hey guys if u would plkease go to my channel and watch my videos that would be great thankyou
u are the best do u have xbox360
Hey could you tell me what capture card you use?
thats my favorite weapon 2 .. ump 45 .. silencer .. extended mags .. blind eye .. assasin pro .. and stalker pro ... watch my video tokeadutch .. infected 1-17
Hey you guys please check out my channel 40-5 Team death math on fallen I just started on YouTube, please :D
1:42 gunna be a massive commando
plz can u give utube tips how u got big im trying
U talk about hating the knife yet u use it all the time Don't be a hypocrite
Yeah what sensitivity do u play on
Didn't even watch this whole video because I would be looking at your face for 20 minutes but your hilarious dude keep up the good work I'm a big fan!
why do you upload specialist gameplay if you dont get a moab? not fun to watch, pointless kinda
thumbs up if you're a thumbs up whore like me!
its been a long time since a great simple gameplay commentated from whiteboy!!!
Hello people :) recently started up a youtube account would be lovely if you could take a looksie :) only 30 second clips from theater but hey , gotta start somewhere right Also i am part of Revolution Gaming which is a gaming community, we hold our own competetions where yesterday someone won Elite premium, we also enter other competitions against other communities. Anyone can join, If you fancy joining, or want more info my gamertag is xI Brown E xI ,or our founder kitten8899 cheers guys <3
Dead or alive: extreme beach volleyball :)
no i was joking but he is a fag who never lays with his subs im only subbed to pretty big channels that play with us we are the reason he is up there you know white boy takes advantage of you
if you love whiteboy , give me a like
um hat sentence made no sence and i have no idea what your talking about or what 'it' is he plays ps3 and left 4 dead is on xbox so he cant play it unless he has an xbox?
ya i guess your right. But the story mode was great
You should play The Walking Dead on the xbox. I want to see him react to clementine
the dis like bar is as small as justin biebers wiener
i guess i don't play mw3 enough to not know that there is a TDM game type where the score limit is 100, so, what game type is that?
oh one more thing..... are you a metal gear guy?
whiteboy, no offence but i think tmart is the number one tip guy and woody is the number one info guy, your just the overall best guy :)
revenge of the GOATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
knife should take away 75% health!
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