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Kanye West - POWER

by KanyeWestVEVO • 53,814,165 views

Music video by Kanye West performing POWER. (C) 2010 Roc-A-Fella Records, LLC

Why is that guy even famous?
faggot does anyone know ur name , guess not fuck not . u anit nobody so until u become someone stfu 
Is it bad to worship The Devil? Lucifer became the way he is because God showed favoritism towards Jesus. You can't favor one child, it's wrong. If God is real he sure is a piece of shit absentee father. You say that our misfortune is him testing our faith? So basically he created us to comfort his insecurities?  We live to make god feel secure about himself. We live to make him feel superior and he tests us to see how much we love him. He's very pathetic(that's if he even exists). Let's face it neither of them are real, anyways.  
Just when I thought I won't read an utterly dumb comment for at least one day, I see this. I need some time-out from the internet, comments like that kills my brain cells, fuck all of you.
Power has 5 letters Kanye also has 5 letters Ebola has five letters Ebola started in Uganda Kone is from Uganda Where is Kone? Utah Utah has 4 letters A square has four sides A square is a shape A triangle is a shape Illuminati confirmed
"Nigga" has 5 letters too
A triangle has 3 points. 3+2=5. ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED.
I love this song from Saint's Row The Third... Man, I still play that awesome game, my favorite part, spoilers, was when you jumped from the helicopter to crash the Penthouse Party. This song + That Mission = Complete Fucking Epicness.
For me , it's the most epic part of that game
More garbage music for the brain-dead listeners.
The only reason I listen to this song is because it was involved in a game I played. Other then that, I realize that in this song he contradicts himself, he's talking about how "no one man should have all that power." I'm guessing he's referring to White people having all the power in america but lately, he's talking about how he's the greatest, the best etc. so now it more or less reflects on him. But later on in the song, he summarizes that "are you willing to let power go?" with the phrase "jumping out the window, letting everything go." in short, ending your reign of power by forfeiting it.  I like the song in general, it has a good beat, the message behind it (minus the anti white, black power tendencies.) is solid. This is probably the only Kanye west song I actually enjoy listening to. or maybe i'm just thinking to much on this matter.
The only reason I enjoy this song was because it was playing when I skydived into a penthouse filled with strippers and murdered some fools
1:15 HAIL SATAN backwards :) 
it says "we don't sleep" at least that's what i thought
Satan dosen't give a fuck if you worsip him or not all what he wants is getting all you bitch ass humans with him to hell  what he really wants is that human don't worship the one and only god 
For one, God breathed His life into us that's why you will forever live in either Hell or Heaven. To erase you would be like to erase a part of Himself. That is why He doesn't just erase your existence and is it really tyranny? Then we've all been under tyranny as children. When all you wanted to do was stay up and watch TV your parents said to go to sleep, do as your told or you can't live under this house and they would kick you out. Parents also throw their children in a bad habitat If Theg Don't Obey Their Commands, why should God be any different? If your parents kicked you out you could be kidnapped, killed, some sadistic fuck could come and pick you right up and do some evil things to you. That's how the kingdom of Heaven is. And for all these other things, I can't tell you, I'm still learning myself but I don't blame you, I had your mentality once too but I wasn't as ridiculing. And I have my own reasons for believing, even when I was an atheist I called on whoever was out there hoping I would get an answer and one day I woke up hearing a voice, some may say I was crazy or delusional but it doesn't phase me. I have my reasons and you have yours, "A day will come to pass when all your grief will be laid out in front of you" at first I heard and assumed it was nothing just me being sleepy since I just woke up. Then my friend told me how his dad was talking about the Biblee and I quote his dad said "when we die God is going to hold a trial for us and he's going lay all the things we did out in front us" as soon as he said that I was no longer an atheist because I knew the voice I heard was either God, Jesus or an angel, either way it changed my whole perspective and now I'm trying to figure out this whole thing.. I don't expect you to believe me or to even think I'm sane but I only say this out of a wanting to help, while you and most other atheists just want to ridicule that's why I'll never take your words of advice. They're not helping words therefore they won't help me. God bless you all, even when you don't believe
One of the best missions in video game history
i hate everyone in the comment section lol
You shouldn't be aloud to sample king crimson you pleb.
+TheTruthHurts Actually Robert Fripp is tangled on a legal fight with Universal Music for the unauthorized usage of some of his work. I don't know if this guy's one of the reason's but he stated that he wasn't consulted for this either. 
And again...... PURE SHIT
+Fabryka Andrzejuf I'm guessing kanye gave you're fuck to Beyonce.
Would you like to use english?
in sr3 i would just sit minutes after minutes in the helicopter just to listen to this song XD
All I did was add the song to my mixtape in SR3.
If I am white can I watch this
+Jon F This comment is like Einstein compared to rest of the comments here.
this song is so catchy. its stuck in my head. the video is so dope in the beginning in slow motion. I'm getting popular fast because i rap about real life with meaning.. thumbs up if you love weed
u comment on every fucking thing i watch
some assholes are in my pool
I don't see how illuminati can be illuminati just becuase of triangles and pyramids because that originally came from the (Kemetians) Egyptians and they were gods
CALM THE FUCK DOWN... its a fucking triangle! how bout you do something productive like calculating the sides and angles of it through trigonometry you fuckers
you sound so stupid. google illuminati and learn more about it rather than asking on fucking youtube
So obvious the new generation in the comment section, Those that are filty enough to disagree with their ancestral movements '' rebellion'' against their own blood only live for joy and pleasure are asking if it's right to ''join'' the devil Listen retards, The Creator created good and evil aswell, the Creator is the truth you can't pick sides, Yet if you wanna live in flames because you think red is cool then go ahead, he'll suck you in till you forget who to ask for help when you're near him
Do you like fish sticks?
What are you a gay fish?
+Ian Mcmillan im confused man can u help me?
liked purely for reminding me of saints row 3 that game was GOOD saints row 4 was bad mkay
+Jetzido Those super powers dont suit a gang style SR.They made a bad move i think.
Saints row 3 party time theme. Not a big fan of rap ( but rock ) but I love this song and it's by my fav rapper and in one of my fav games
+Bob Johnston See, that's what I hate. "Nigga" this "Nigga" that. And silly sexualized stuff. I can understand your defense for rap now that you say it like that. Still not my cup of tea. I prefer progressive rock.
You know there is different type of "rap" right? You have the trap-rap like chie keef, and you have the type where it talks about the world, them speaking out or their view on the world/things. You can choose who you listen to, but dont talk about every single rapper as one... Cause again you choose who YOU listen to
Kanye west has to be the most narcissistic rapper of all time
Back When I Liked Him.
+driftinblackman That was my opinion. Move along.
What a stupid fucking song. It's just some nigger whining about "hurr the white man holding us down" and then pretending like he has some kind of power (completely contradicting himself?) he's so full of himself it's disgusting
+yonathan daniel I am not a racist boyo.Actually maybe coz i am more white but i still got blackness.I am brown....kinda..
+Sir Bellic yeah cause so far so many black people have been hung in the world in modern times! good luck with that one dipshit
+ssklak sf Wow, I was talking about the 1800 and he was too.... dumb fuck.
Stop making stupid people famous please. 
Kanye West is Illuminati - Kanye West - 9 letters. The square root of 9 is 3. ILLUMINATI HAS THREE SIDES, HE'S ILLUMINATI. And what's up with Kanye WEST? West, what's west? That's right, AMERICA. So, Illuminati members are mostly in America. 
+pyroblast3000 Yeah, you're really fucking dumb if you don't get this is a joke. Seriously, you autistic or something? Fix it, faggot.
Yeah, the Illuminati joke did get fucking old but seriously at least fucking think to yourself 'hey, this is more of a joke'
King crimson in a Kanye west song. Can the world get any worse?
This guy knows what white teenagers like.  Very small amount of talent, but Devil worship theme he pulls the right strings...He most likely has some type of attention deficit disorder for continuing to upstage award winning artists with way more talent.  Where is Smokey Robinson, Marvin Gaye, Al Green, Stevie Wonder.  Bruno Mars is the only artist doing justice to R&B.
It is bad to worship the devil you idiot and that was one of the stupidest comments ever Lucifer didn't became the way he is because of Jesus you fool Jesus didn't even exist when Lucifer was made he was the first angel to ever be created he was the best looking too of course because it was only him then but he let the power go to his head he started trying to overthrown God because he wanted to be the best and yes God is real for all the dumb people who don't believe in him but anyways The Earth is messed up now because of the devil when Adam and Eve were created God gave one command do not eat off of the tree of life back then clothes didn't exist so everyone was nude bad words didn't exist either and all animals were tamed and it would've all stayed that way if Lucifer didn't temp them to eat off of the tree of life it was the devil who tempted them to betray God and they did and after they ate off the tree of life they knew they were naked and they knew about sinning and everything they knew about murder and all the bad things and thus sins were made so they both got kicked out of the garden of eden a beautiful place if it weren't for the devil we would all be living in peace and harmony we wouldn't all be dying and the end wouldn't be near so for all the people who want to serve the devil and betray God Almighty I hope you all burn in hell when the world ends and I can't believe you all need a 12 year old to tell you all that how stupid can you people get
s/o to all my niggas who turn up when this plays on Saints Row The Third
Illumanti all over it lol in the beginning and end clear triangles with a clear point of a eye in the middle lol musics so bad these days. I must have been born in the wrong Gen.
Allusions to Greek and Roman mythology doesn't equal Illuminati. Also, do some research about who the Illuminati really were.
Saints Row brought me here
At 1:27 pause at that still frame the Freemasons symbol of the swordsmen and also above Kanye you can see the illuminati eye proving Kanye West is A illuminati star.
+Babchak Yeah the illuminati is everywhere 
Kanye represent personal empowerment making his music about one categories clouds the vision only locking your own cage
+Liban Hassan don't worry, the sentence doesn't make sense there are a lot of grammatical errors, he's just trying to act smart rofl. 
I think he wants to say Kanye West represents personal empowerment and haters or people that doesn't understand that are ignorant, and close minded.
Goosebumps, errytim
Mr West has all the Riches now. When the day of Judgement comes every single idiot that decided to mock God or be blasphemous in any way will crumble when God is present. You will all eat your words. Mr west here is a man with a lot of Money, Cars, every single materialistic item you could have, but he doesn't have what is the most important. God himself.
I knew this song before Saints Row 3 soooo...does that make me not truely black?
To Allie :) and others like her, you have proven to be the most intelligent people in this comment section, also very good try to end that argument below. I agree with you guys 100% but as you can see it didn't go very well. These types of people have built themselves on their own beliefs but you guys believe in one thing humans need most "To live". I wish their were more people like you guys in this world. We could use people like you.
la tecnica del video è pazzesca
Hey Kanye! Stop kissing Beyonce's ass so much, if you love her so much fucking marry her, you stupid d-bag. 
This is the only Kanye west song I like
Sean Gonzalez that is your own stuff to keep to yourself they are both real and in the bible it doesn't say the devil is God's son the devil was a angel that wanted to be in the place or above god
ALLAH AKBAR Im only 11 yrs old and this generation sucks ILLUMINATI worship satan - evidence is weak af This generation sucks Why are stupid people famous Music videos comments summed up in one comment
To call a song "song" there should be singing, I wonder how he calls himself a singer he has no talent there! Great music and video graphics.
So, I take it you're not a fan of spoken word jazz?
Andrzej Kowalski Shared on Google+ · 2 days ago
  <<<<  POVER  G + >>>>
Yeah King crimson - 21st century schizoid man rip off? Just wtf.
Sampling =/= ripping off.  It's taking a sound that you like and applying it to your own work, and it's literally everywhere in music.
just came here to hear this so called Kanye
WTF 0:34, another reason to hate Kanye West.
what the hell, why is that so important, what
twenny first century schizoid maaaaan
Good song but Kanye is stupid....
i hate kanye but i love the music he makes and his style and p much everything about him i just think hes a douchebagtalentlessnozzle
Did you guys know that Beck wrote this?
they are pretty close friends so if he assisted in the writing it wouldn't surprise me too much.
Why is this song so fucking short
The worst illuminati with Jay z fuck why are they even doing that. Is it just about money? Or what!
Ok but it doesn't worth it.
+Orlane Andang ... I think you either meant to say, "it doesn't work," or "it's not worth it," both of which are incorrect. If people actually believe that this person or that person is a member of some super-duper scary peeps that did all the bad, all because of some faux symbolism and obscure hand gestures, then it's working. If people believe it, then they're going to tell everyone that it's bad, m'kay?  People become curious, which leads them to watching the video or buying their albums and singles out of curiosity.  It's basically secondhand click-bait.
Is the song really this short?
*buys all of his albums and merchandise *somehow cheats the record company so it all goes to mr. west
Kanye is black Ebola is black
+w3irdo13 anthrax is an amazing band, Ebola isn't
+Mario Sanchez he wasn't talking about bands, he was comparing a rapper to a deadly virus.
HE staring in to my soul HELp
Что он курил ? 
не чё сука заткнись
Kayne is  sick. he thinks he is god, but he is just another black mother fucker
because god isnt real dumbass
Kanye is a black mother fucking god.
saints row the third's best mission plays this song, fucking awesome track
Yes that's a awesome song!!!
Such a dope song for saints row
Horrible way to sample the amazing song that "Schizoid Man" is. Fuck off modern "artists" can't wait till we get the good music era again.    Edit: King Crimson is fu*king GREAT!
+gerizzyYMcrew Yeah i guess, i'm more of a Jazz, Blues, Rock n' Roll, Metal, Progressive Metal and Rock kind if guy, and i absolutely hate when they copy other bands stuff in this genres, even if it's the bass line, i'ts the sort of stuff you would notice even when you don't like the song, i'v never listened to a single Hip-Hop song in my life, but if they think it's ok, i'll leave them be. Edit: Oh wait a second is Gorillaz considered Hip-Hop? If so then i have listened to most of their songs and i actually like them.
+TheAndyPV all like what you like...I hate copying too... but sampling is different from copying...I think you would like kid cudi...check out his song "mr rager" its kind of rap/rock...kanye west does a lot of sampling so BY YOUR LOGIC you could never get into him...its whatever
Kanye West is gay.
And this is why the end of our time is near ! :)
Right or wrong, it doesn`t mean anything. You can be Constructive or Destructive, but guess what, no body but people care,If you picture it right, you can`t recognize good with out bad, it`s the duality the equillibrium of how we are. Saint,Anarchist or Prophet. God is not a judge, he is what you are, you are god, we are god, everything you see is god, So just do what your feel is alright. Power to the free minded people.
I wonder why his music isn't banned for racism? It seems that in his opinion only black people have the power to attack whites and feel like a victim at the same time. Enough people!
racism to blacks: being arrested for shit that whites get away with all the time (see: marijuana charges), get blamed for crime and violence despite the fact the people shooting up schools and movie theaters are all white men, are the prime victims of police brutality, have few strong and well thought out characters in media, misrepresentation in media, constantly made fun of by people ignorant of black and african culture, taboo in white society. racism to whites: kanye west said something i didn't like :(((( may i also add, why are you more determined to have kanye in jail for speaking his mind than you are to have the hundreds of cops shooting black kids? - from a white, male musician.
This is why racism is still a problem! No one said anything about getting any one arrested for their racist music. It would be nice that for once people can focus on a conversation instead of bringing up tge whole black-african american culture. Wake up it is 2015, the most powerful man in the world is a Black Man Obama; The richest woman in the U.S. Oprah is black. It is not about white people trying to shoot black kids, the fact is many of this kids love to pretend to be bad and it is really very difficult for white or black cops to know if they really are, or they're pretending to be. I'm not white or black but the further I am, the better view I get!
joseph Laran Shared on Google+ · 4 days ago
Symbolisms ang Swag? By Kanye West - POWER:
This father, son, holy shoul thing totally wrong ( im pretty sure pure christian religion didnt have this before it changed ) this makes everything wrong and make you christians doubt about god, god is one and only no father nothing he is beyond our logic jesus was a simple guy but a mesiah i accept that he just showed you christianity with some miracles by gods permission ( sorry for bad english, also i am a muslim :D )
and beside that world cant be this simple, there are so many reasons to believe that god exist, my strongest believe is justice, you cant expect everybody is going to be dirt without any conclusion, i mean there are some ppl who rape children and other ppl trying to do everything right, i dont know this doesnt feel right.
"In a white mans world" not hating i love this song a lot but this makes me feel bad for being white even though I'm not racist.
Ashamed to say I recognized your username.
Genius- 1. exceptional intellectual or creative power or other natural ability.    "she was a teacher of genius" 2. a person who is exceptionally intelligent or creative, either generally or in some particular respect.    "one of the great musical geniuses of the 20th century" Anyone that disagrees Kanye is a musical genius is illiterate as fuck. Even if you don't like his music, he's still enough of a genius to accumulate a huge-ass fan base that will disagree with you, whether they're fanboys or not. The more people hate him, the more famous he becomes. That bigger his ego, the more people hate him. Trust me, this guy isn't just a natural asshole, and his music isn't just typical popular hip hop for a reason.
And whats on my channel now doesn't MATCH stuff I've been working on recently , and will be dropping asap. including my freestyle to this beat. 
why did kanye unplug your phone at 99%? because no man should have all that power!!!
Lmao give this guy a like
I don't believe in the conspiracy theory's but dafaq is wrong with this video. Out of all the things he could of done.
This music video is actually one of the best one he's done.....
If anyone actually studied Egyptian history Heru was the original son of god. Jesus story is a Rip off. Notice the ancient god medallion he is wearing around his neck? That is the messenger Heru the original superhero
Go I'm started to look into ancient Eygpts real history. Mind blowing civilization.
Bitch please. You don't have power. You are allowed to play your little games here on this planet because someone is being very patient with you. I wouldn't listne to Kanye if someone payed me. You make shit music.
oh dude you better  watch the fuck out or else i will destroy  kebab
This guy thinking he god or somthing
he doesn't think he is, he knows he is; and we know it too.
Bitch ass nigga think he's God?
He isn't got bad at least he ain't racist like your sorry ass
Anybody here is Illuminati confirmed?
Yup always in my mixtape same with bonnie tyler
what is this song about? :s
Just a bunch of gibberish that rhymes because he's a hack.
Saints row is the first thing that comes into my head when I watch this
Like it's kinda really annoying cause you wish that saints row had just came out now cause it was so good when it came out like✋
this song is awesome
SR3 :D Dat mission xD
Nono Le rapeur Shared on Google+ · 10 hours ago
Regardez cette vidéo sur YouTube :
If God really loves us he would realize that people's experiences lead them to a certain way of thinking. If God really loved us he would understand that we all belong in heaven. If God really loved us he would have given us proof that he exists, not some book that people preach to persuade others that they think they know the truth about why humans are here.
The proof is all around you. Observe life.
God is everything. Just not a Man in the sky looking over us.
Diego Alves Shared on Google+ · 1 day ago
+David Here veja é muito bom,pra mim essa mulher aí é o diabo kkk
+Rafa Matos esse clipe e antigo,mas muito show
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