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Hardly Working: Divorced Dad (All-Nighter 2012)

by CollegeHumor • 309,817 views

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this is hardly funny tough, feels so real
josh makes it funny. guys a comedy acting LEGEND.
i feel like this video should be called "Adam Sandler"
to everyone complaining for the kids who's parents separated but there parents themselves never did, re-fucking-lax when your parents separate in the long run it's more than usually better, it means your parents aren't always arguing and upset and crying and angry and can pay more attention to you, it also makes you a stronger person, many bad things happen in life to everybody, people get hurt, people hurt other people, something like this prepares you for future obstacles, and your parents aren't gonna love you any less, plus double christmas and birthday presents so relax everyone goes through hardships i'm sure many people at CH have gone through parent separation and had no problem with the sketch.
Every time i heard josh yell "That's my son!...That's my boy!" I immediately thought of the ending of harrypotter 4, when cedric diggory gets killed and his dad runs out. I kek every time. 
It's even worse because Josh is such a great actor that it feels a little too real and it just reminded me too much of my childhood... Fuck I'm gonna go nap I'm so sad.
I think this could have only been better if Gurewitch did it. Still love Josh!!!!
Josh is a fantastic actor, he should be a professional
He was in a recent episode of  House Of Cards.
Laughing then crying because this was my childhood...
My father used to say things like that too, then he shot himself.
He sounds like Adam Sandler
this is not funny, it happens to people and it actually makes the kid sad, reminds me on my childhood :( 
Scary how accurate this is for me
Woah, this is too real to be funny.
Pretty sure this is the best reenactment I have ever seen.
+DeepBrown44 Acting different characters 
+AwesomeSoldier44  that's generally what acting is buddy
2:11 Jason Voorhees? lol
Don't know if I should laugh or cry
Dude, that was kind of depressing
I've noticed that this video made a lot of us pretty depressed, including me lol. Fml
And those repressed childhood memories just come rushing back!
Cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry yrc cry
this is the scene from the movie "The Fan" lol
Josh's tone of voice was absolutely perfect. Definitely an extremely talented actor.
lol anyone else hear Micheal Penis?
Calm down, I watch CH when im bored, I don't sit there all day trying to figure out who's whom. Stop being a fucking asshole.
Grammar nazi or actually answer a normal question, happy with your decision?
Josh is Robert DeNiro and Tom Hanks' child.
Why does the son look older than his father?
Josh is Collegehumor's best actor along with Murph and Amir.
Is this meant to be funny or sad?
This is actually really depressing
He sounds like an italian gangstr from the movies
you are the fucking most stupid person ever. learn how to spell you dumb shit
He's just the best. He could also go on tour as a stand-up Michael Winslow tribute act.
Man, Josh is a really incredible actor
Man i really wanted this to be funny, but my parents are divorced and act just like this. This was way to close to home for me.
did anyone else's pause at 0:45 ?
He sounds more lik De Niro to me
yeah it was lol, i googled a few of the names before that one too and came up with weird results
Watch his hello my name is stuff. It's incredible.
I love josh to the moon and back
I love how none of the people he names are actual baseball players.
Tina Tina is seriously the greatest baseball player of all time.
Actually he sounds JUST LIKE asam sandler while screaming.
It feels fucked up to laugh.
I was so sad then realIzed that I shart so it's ok now.
Josh is such a good actor. His timing is perfect and the little touches he adds are just awesome. Collegehumor are lucky to have him!
This was... really tragic... and well acted!
This is soooo 'The Fan' with Robert DeNiro. LOL
You guy are great actors! What's your acting background? I want to be come an actor also.
Haha, what the fuck did I just watch??
he forgot the best baseball player of all; charles xavier
Am I the only one who thinks he sounds like Adam Sandler?
That's okay, That's okay, I don't want to press charges....
This is so fucking funny. It is also so fucking sad.
Jason vorhees is definitely a baseball player
what happened to the 7 different drunk personalities?
What movie is this supposed to be again?
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