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Hot Sauce Review : Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce "Cock Sauce"

by cutlerylover • 35,748 views This one is straight garlic and chili flavored, a good rich garlic, no bitterness, and good medium heat chilis! Cutlerylover Heat Rating = 4

Personally I think it should be a 5 instead of a 4.
Love this stuff, I put it on literally almost anything, good flavor and heat level isn't hot at all if your used to eating spicy food but it gives everything a nice little kick with incredible flavor.
Is that comparable to tabasco east asian (sweet and spicy)?
Sriracha and ramen is so good.
Go to an asian store there one with a red cap that's 5x hotter
I say it the same way
I love sriracha, but, it wasnt hot enough for me. Ive taken to buying a bottle of it, and a 8oz bottle of Daves Gourmet insanity sauce and adding about a cap full or two. Really boosts the heat without having that extract flavor that daves has on its own.
It's hot chili sauce you fat prick why would you be pretending to chew.
Calm down. If you saw any of his other videos you know he's lost plenty of weight. Thanks for a worthless stupid comment.
He wasn't chewing it dumbass, he was spreading it on his tongue so he could taste all of it. You faggot.
First of all I love siracha, second screw that first r
you're pronouncing it correctly. The first "R" is silent.
thai ketchup is the name in Norway 
LOL..1.1 pounds..volume, not weight :)
I don't mind saying that it's the only Cock Sauce I will eat.
Where do i get sriracha
I got mine from walmart it everywhere some gas stations might Evan have it
Been using this sauce my whole life. It's my favorite!!!
love it, put it on absolutely everything in huge amounts, eating it right now on pan fried noodles
I requested that this be put on my sushi and it made the roll that much better. I must say damn good stuff sir.
If you live in Texas, HEB carries this sauce. When adding heat to my food, this is my preferred hot sauce for its rich flavor and distinct lack of a vinegary taste.
I like it because it's thicker than most hot sauce and not too vinegary like tabasco or too salty like frank's.
Mmmmmmm that delicious cock sauce
note to self: don't eat to much or you'r ass will burn
Yes, it's great on Pizza, but 3 or 4 on the heat scale? It deserves at least a 5 or 6, sorry if I don't believe your review. You look like you're dying not to call this hot, and to call it too garlicky to avoid the heat from the peppers themselves. I know you like you it, but your review of it is pretty lame condisering the other reviews this sauce has gotten.
i remember this from lunchtime with smosh!
Super flavorful. And no people, it is not hot.
i bet he has to keep an ice pack and mini freezer by his shitter
wow, bought it yesterday and its pretty good. Strong flavor but quite good
A SPOONFUL, suicidal man hahaha, i feel that the burn is fairly weak, like a 3.5 on a scale of 10. But it lasts a while.
yeah.. lol try a spoonful of daves insane sauce
this is the best on pizza and hamburgers
this is the best on pizza and hamburgers
Have you tried cholula hot sause or Valentina those are really good
sriracha is the best and most versatile hot sauce IMHO..tabasco is crap!
thank you for not slopping your lips on it like some others ,,,,, we where not grossed out by this review ,,,,well ,maybe a little
There's a version that comes in a red cap. and that's a lot spicier.
best of all its originally a thai condiment :D:D:D love this shit, i have it on my cereal, in my coffee, in the bath, use it in my bong instead of water, wash my hair with it, use it as lube.... just the best
Just in case you wanna know, Sriracha is a city name in Thailand, Chonburi province, closed to Pattaya. Sriracha is also the name of the thai hot source. totally different taste. i actually like this source but just the name bugging me. i believe you can find the original sriracha source in any thai store near you.
It's Fake Sriracha Sauce from Vietnam. Real Sriracha Sauce must from Thailand!! Ps.Sriracha is district of Chonburee Province.
Wow i never noticed how much weight you lost over the years...
Goes great with chicken, hot dogs and rice. :D
thanks for making the review!!! :) <3
this stuff is crack, i love it
Looking at my own (now empty) bottle as I watch this. I was just eating this stuff by the spoonful before I pulled up your video. This is my favorite hot sauce, not too hot, garlicky, and tastes good in just about everything!!!
"its made by *major emphasis + accnet* HUY FONG foods lol i died from that good stuff jeff
Today, I had some on eggs over easy for breakfast and some in beef vegetable soup for supper today. I like it.
Im actually eating it right now. Take some bread, and just put it all over the bread. I'ts fucking hot and my mouth is burning, BUT THE TASTE IS JUST YUMMY! <3
This stuff is really good. I've just started using it recently and I use it all the time. I use like a bottle and a half every week. Tapatio was my regular sauce but this is way better. I've never been a huge fan of ramen noodle but I eat it a lot now that I've found this sauce. It makes everything very good.
I love this sauce,i can't stop eating it.i mean straight out the new favorate
I use it on about everything i eat! XD
Put that shit on eggs it rocks ass!!!!
one of the best goto all around sauces. Got my dad into the sauce. He did tours and nam and has been all over the east. He didn't think he would like it. Next thing a know the bottle was 3/4s gone lol
put it on your fried fish,grilled sausage & meat,just delicious
Does anyone else think it's just WAY too garlicy?
that shit is the shit!! check out the sriracha chug on my page!!!
Lay's made a chip flavored with Sriracha. They taste pretty good.
My absolute favorite, its simple and balanced and goes on just about anything. None of the vinegar bitterness of Tobasco
@ghostie234 you can often find this at grocery stores and wal-mart or target.
i would give this at least a 6 on hotness, it burns ya but not bad. Love it the best on pizza and hamburgers
cheese and asparagus pizZa with this sauce is AWESOME!!
i love that shit i have like three bottles in my fridge use it for everything...
It's awesome on pizza! I put this on everything. I like the union version a bit more than the garlic.
@chalee3564 yes really, some Chinese company is making this in Cali and passing it off as Sriracha that all the gringos but, NO, get the authentic Thailand brand bottles, seek them out, much better
Lol. I thought I was the only one who calls it "Cock Sauce". It's good with shrimp. Butter, cock sauce, and a bit of lime juice. Heated up a bit so the butter melts, and blammo, shrimp dip.
I tried a drop of this at my friend's house the other day. I thought it tasted really vegetable-y. Almost like it had a sort of celery-like aftertaste. Very good burn though, and I usually don't like spicy things. hahahah
try the Louisiana Hot Sauce Habanero omg it set ya mouth on fire and more affordable then the tobasco version
HUY FONG SRIRACHA from rosemead, california lol
@Maddawwg45 Lol no, I grew up with parents that constantly used a lot of chilies and eventually my tolerance for heat grew too. Also a high pain tolerance helps.
i dont know where u got urs but mine has a lil kick to it..not exactly mild but it will kick ur ass if u dont be careful
@MrDistancenow wow man u eat fire for a living ? lol the habenero is about as hot as i can take my hot souce guess im a hotsauce whimp !!
that stuff is awesome on chicken man, I buy it at wal-mart, its awesome, I love it if you want a hot sauce a little hotter then that and hotter then the super version of it, it call Lee-Kum-Kee sauce thats how its spelled that stuff taste like the cock sauce but to me better and hotter then both versions of the cock sauce.
you can tell hes not from los angeles just by the way he pronounced rosemead
Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce (Rooster Sauce what I call it) Is my favorite right next to Dave's Insanity Sauce. How ever unlike Dave's Sauce, I run out of rooster sauce fast. I put it on everything and I put well over a tablespoon on each dish/plate of things I eat. I just love it.
This is good on a sandwich instead of mayo or mustard.
u r deff going to be shitting fire after tht spoon full.. i put tht stuff all over my ny (53rd and 6th) halal food yesterday. paying the price as we speak. pewwwppppp
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