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Top Gear: Stunt School Revolution trailer

by Top Gear • 273,940 views

Download it now for your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Coming soon to Android. Millions downloaded Top Gear: Stunt...

Top Gear: Stunt School Revolution! Should be available tomorrow and get this - it will get improved controls and a refined HUD just for #GameStick! Who's interested? #GameStick   #TopGear   #StuntSchool  
Ok, this one may get me to dust off the old GS!
holy god im buffering like a bitch
This one is ok, i thought the original was better.
Make it for x-box360 ,ill buy that+)
This is so realistic omg, these physics surpass Forza so haters take that This looks to be uber ricey btw lol
Stiamo scherzando? ahahaha ma andate a cagare! ora vado a giocare un pò a gran turismo 5 che è meglio
lol I think they purposely made it like this
its out now. i prefer the menu of the original. should be on android
yes you freaking idiot! Look at the damn description! It IS MADE FOR IPODS! Sorry... But you're being so ignorant.
Thumbs up if you think they should add geoff in to the game!
have a good game developer make it, make it awesome, then we'll all pay .99 and you'll make bank. k? dont make crappy free games
people hating without actually playing wooww
Better yet, why so many likes? Oh right, cuz people like you are fucked in the head.
This is terrible! Not worthy of the name Top Gear
Lol someone just said a massive tv show with huge funding is selling out just because they released a free app LOL
oh, I skipped the end, tbh my N73 got better graphics than this.
all the music is pre made tracks from garage band ahahahah
‎"You reckon Top Gear is a very good show, with incredible videos and terrific cars. So you're probably thinking this is game with very good graphics (shot of Jezza walking on the grass and then looking at the camera) But it isn't."
If you want HD graphics, look at a HD wallpaper
i think pepole expect graphics of a PS3 on a small game which is only for iShit (no offense) products.
if people in the comments swear more - the better game itself is!
I don't get it, why are people disliking this video?
Why the hell is this called top gear?
Well, it could be worse. They could have the America Top Gear guys comment over it.
Yeh, how could I forget! "OOOLLLIIIVVVEEERRR!" LOL
Graphics didn't look great, then I saw it is for iStuff, so that's pretty damn amazing :O Kinda laggy camera (0:25 and other flying), but maybe it's just replay thing :/ Anyway, this looks like must have :D
What is comming soon for you? 6 months ? Please i am waiting for it.....
The dreamcast called, it said it didn't like being insulted!
Ohh, well this is what you call awesome game? for me, it's crap. The graphics sucks man, I bet this is for PS1....
it is for your phone you idiot, read the description.
so i guess you ARE a troll, i don't find the point of arguing with you anymore kiddo
diddnt sound like a joke to me me . it just sounded retarded lol
@snowinowen4 Even on iphone its terrible, and its no fun, even if the graphics would be good
LOL! To all of you Americans, British spell customization like customisation. British English was the original English. American English came from British English. European Amercans came from the British.
y is he its true it is for phones you fuck nut i have it on mi iphone duh
I have that Guitar hero McDonald toy that plays the exact same guitar ...
where's the Android version???
I am pretty sure this game was done by Nigel the mechanic on his spare time whilst not fixing the reasonably priced car. All things considered I think Nigel did a pretty good job.
seriously no free ride ?!?!?!?!?!
The world most difficult to play game... unless you buy upgrades..!
Top Gear goes on Forza 4... To this...
And i bet 80% of the dislikes are from retards thinking its a console game and not a phone game...
reminds me of twisted metal!
if only there was free play mode
For 2012 these graphics are dreadful.
Please make this for consoles or PC
Download it now for your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Coming soon to Android. -_- So he is not a idiot You're an idiot
the first topgear stuntschool was 100x as much fun. these graphics sucks and theres no fun in playing the challenges
Only two ways to Top Gear: watch the UK version on TV, or doing it yourself in a (rented) carpark. Video games are for children not yet tall enough to reach the pedals & steering wheel simultaneously.
thumbs up if they should make the upgrades a little cheaper
Yes, I'm fucking aware you twat. Still could be better graphics for a phone!
Oh right morons like you exist the can't even spell savour
The game is actually pretty shitty and IGN rated it -6.9/10. So I don't get what all the counter-bitching like yourself is all about.
I don't get why pieces of shit like you even exist. Respect my right to dislike Top Gear since they are cruel to the environment.
This game is actually good, shame on you haters!
I guess you guys are too stupid to realize, this is for a Phone. -_-
I tell you what ! That WOULD make funny Let's Plays.
No offense but this looks like Jeremy's favorite word on describing things. Rubbish.
This game is great, I love the graphics,the gameplay. I got used to it and it's really cool. The only disadvantage of this game is that you have to wait for permits
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