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Zone of the Enders HD Collection E3 2012 Opening Intro [HD]

by Machinima • 111,395 views

Zone of the Enders HD Collection E3 2012 Opening Intro [HD] Developer: Kojima Productions Release: 2012 Genre: Action Platform: PS3/X360 Publisher: Konami The Zone of the Enders HD Collection...

This game was so freaking far ahead of its time.
ZOE 3 in FOX ENGINE by Platinum Games, directed by Hideo Kojima & Hideki Kamiya, double HK for the superb victory!
Hd is nice but if I could trade, I'd take a third game.
Best fucking trailer ever.
I just beat ZOE the 2nd runner a couple minutes ago.  This game is amazing.
breathes heavily Ken.....
Name of the song anyone?
maki kimura - beyond the bounds
Rodrigo Marti Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
En estos días estuve mirando este juego en Amazon porque lo vi a buen precio, los videos me encantaron, se ven espectaculares de verdad, pero entonces leí los comentarios y son muy muy malos :( ¿Ustedes qué creen? ¿Alguien tiene experiencia con este juego?
es de playstation no? yo me acuerdo haberlo jugado hace años y con años me refiero minimo diez años, estaba chido 
i love these game's and in HD they will look so jizzgasmic
hey, did you hear? 'gardless' has just been 're'mixed. You should check it out
uhhh.. obviously you never played the original first two games, and don't realised that this music was a hit in japan when the second Z.O.E. came out and that is why they are using it again.
I bought both on ps3 playstation network and they look/run perfect.
opening without seiyuu voices feel very empty
You this is a great way to introduce youngsters who never played good PS2 game such as myself to classics.
to be honest with you dude it looks exactly like gundam wing i only came on here because i seen it on gamestop to see what this was. just a chinese or some shit like it version. just replace the audio with foreign language and here you got this game hahaaha
I once played this game with friend, and it looked realy cool back then. This I must get!
This game was one of the best games on the ps2 ever
IDK to be honest but if there is Ill find it on wiki now :D
he said white ellow and green mech near the end. i can only assume he means ardjet and i can't think of a single eva that looks anything like her, color pattern and all. I'm pretty sure this guy is just a 'clever' troll who likes to imagine he was making me rage with his nonsensical statements, which is why i simply ended the conversation with him.
Hey guys anyone know what this about. I'm new to this series but i heard it was good
Oh look, it's that Konami/KojiPro series that hasn't been utterly ruined by asshole fans and their manly tears faggotry and craving for badass characters and nonsensical stories... yet.
if it's made by Hideo Kojima it's going to be AWESOME. P.S.: i've never play this game before!.
Sir, you must certainly have some kind of proof to back up such preposterous statement U_U
idk if its only for the HD collection, cause i dont own it. but if i remember, the original intro isnt this in the 2 original game, but the song is in it ;)
Anyone else notice that the cockpit looks like a giant dong? Just me?
At 2:47 Jehuty grabs and throws one of the enemy drones. If I recall correctly, that ability wasn't available in ZOE1. Is Hideo hinting at retroactively modifying some gameplay or is my memory rusty? Keep in mind, its been 11 years since I played ZOE 1 =p
You can go back and listen to you "Baby, baby, baby ooooooooh" Now.
lol, dude, be serious. you honestly think that gundam is the first and the only series to use that trope? it's pretty much expected at this point that if you're in an anime with mecha in it and you have to chose between a trained 30 y.o veteran with the highest kill count in history, and some confused, unassuming 12 y.o to pilot your giant mecha, you ALWAYS pick the 12 y.o. hell, gendo ikari actively sought out 14 y.o.s for HIS mechas, and that worked out fine... ish...
i think he means the colour patterns are similar, not the body
Alright!!! Make the other epic PS2 games to HD!!! And Please Remaster other PS1 games!!!
i do. it's called the internet. search engines also help.
If you Pre-order this,you get a demo of MGS: Revengeance at Gamestop.
It's Japanese music. Deal with it, because it's F*cking Awesome. Go back to listening to Poker Face.
hm I might actually get this. it was fun on the PS2. Hm...I should also get the MGS HD collection
October 30th couldnt get here sooner
Why does your profile picture not include eggman?
It was great back in the day, combat flowed well. This HD remake slowed it down a fuck ton to the point of where you have to dash every second to even hit an opponent.
PS3 had framerate issues with the HD collection. A Patch fixed that :) Now you are informed!
wasn't therealso an anime about anubis or called anubis? or was that the movie?
you are silly, why are you there if you dont like japanese game ?
Sorry if this is spam, typo. I was saying, My gosh. This game is amazing. Do they use something like Funnels?
i ordered this games since last year and haven't played it in about 8 or 7 years it is goin to be fucking amazing
Those blue energy lines on jehuty are sexy as fuck!
this game looks fun im going to buy it!
only the ps3 version F'd up, i have it on 360, its perfect lol its said that the ps3 version's doesnt follow the framerate properly or something, so if you wnana get the HD version, get the xbox 360 version
your an idiot and have no taste in games go back to playing COD and listening to justin timberlake bitch
Another classic example of a Jap game that looks amazing, draws you in, then FUCKS you over. i wish games were as good as the trailers. Ahh well.
Went to buy this game... None in stock, all had been preordered... Damn..
i am going to be getting this !!!! i had both games for ps2 and i loved em SOOO SOO SOO much !!!
its simply the best mecha game ever made (especially the combat). It was wildly popular back on the PS and PS2 and people have been clamoring for a sequel or remake and now we finally got it. As for the storyline, it's very UC Gundam like where a subjugated people in Mars fight for independence from the more powerful and oppressive Earth government.
seriously, what's with the random naked Ken? there really was no need for that scene.
You are not even worth an asnwer about how wrong you are.
i am gonna buuy it this game is amazing
man i just soiled my pants wish a 3 would come out but this is good and with anime scenes :o
I understand that, but that's not what i'm talking about either. The envangelions were designed to look very organic as far as mechs go. more curves and rounded edges, and the horns to make them seem more beastly. compare and evangelion to, say, a gundam, and you'll see what i mean. Granted OFs are a lot more streamlined and less bulky than the typical gundam, but they still share they very robotic, artificial 'sharp' style.
firstly, shitty is subjective. Plenty of people adore this music secondly, this is being made mostly for the fans who are already aware of the series. it is THEM who will spread the word about this game and grab the attention of the masses. word of mouth through the internet is the best publicity you can get. and this music has been a huge hit with the fans of the series ever since it was first used and has basically become its unofficial theme would have been retarded to exclude ithere
Ugh, if you don't like it , why not go back to playing the 97% of games that are almost completely uncreative...
Psh! I thought you meat something specific, like e-hentai or something, I am disappoint u_U
Holy shit Jehuty is such a motherfucking badass.
it was eggman when i made my profile lol, but i get tired so i simply change it :)
that it was. However, that is limited only to gameplay and somewhat to the story. the dubbing in both the games was notoriously attrocious (which took away from the great story) and both games were ridiculously short. i beat the first one in 6 hours my first time playing it. while this series is undoubtedly an under appreciated gem of teh ps2 era, it was not without its major flaws and its poor reviews (which prevented more people from giving it a chance and trying it out) were not undeserved.
that moment when you don't know how to write Gundam Wing
if thats the case i'll fucking buy every copy in the store and move on to the next place
That's the point, In gundam you can hardly escape once your mobile suits reaches critical point, In zoids the cockpits are usually located in the head but only the old models had ejectable heads and since all zoids are based on animals the head is always forward and ahead of the body, only the old dinosaur types such as the gojulas who walked upright had the head slightly more secure due to how the Zoid stands upright. (cont)
argagagrgarrgagaga i neeed.... itttt nowwww i need mooonneeyy arg
1:26 to 1:32 prepare your anus
Sunrise was busy making GundamAGE a mediocre pile of crap.
That is a weird place for the cockpit, it must be hard to see where your arms going.
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