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Wide Awake Katy Perry COVER @chloeandhalle

by Chloe and Halle • 639,455 views

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This version of this song OMG i fell in love! This was amazing you guys are just ment to do this!!!!!! I love your voices and you guys sing with so much passion!
I've watched a few of the girls videos and reading the comments are sad. Why would anyone go out of their way to have so much hatred toward people you don't even know? Whoever has that much hatred toward others just isn't happy with themselves. It's ridiculous. I never write comments but it pisses me off no need to even comment and bring others down. Does it really make you feel that much better about yourself?! These girls are very beautiful and talented! And for those saying that the younger girl can't sing or she has an accent are assholes! Please whoever says that make a video of you singing and let's see how that sounds. She can sing very good and she doesn't have an accent she just has a different style than her sister. She has a more soulful sound like India arie. You girls are great keep up the good work and ignore all the hatred !
Muito bom,perfeito elas são maravilhosas já sou fã..
I wished the younger girl still used this voice its like she changed her voice and it's so ugly
How can you say this?! She is so young..... Her voice is still developing. You should really think before you post things. :-/
Nobody who knows enough about music to critique it would criticize this cover. First off they are both young and their voices are developing (quite beautifully might I add.) and they have amazing control over their vibrato. Of course it's not perfect, but to me it's pretty close!
U sing very good l watched all of your videos and u r my idol forealzies
U guys r awesome!!!!
left one strong voice ı mean really girl
I thought this was the best cover the made......and diamonds by Rihanna
You girls are great! Keep it up and stay Blessed.
Talking to the Moon- by Bruno Mars PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love the way you guys changed the song
hagan temas propioss.. son estrellas..!"!"
u guys are great wish i could be like you put more videos lol
I personally think they both have smooth and beautiful voices.
they sound sarcastic xD (as in a parody
I love u girls keep doing you and follow god.
i love how you both seem to be so overtaken by the music that it's almost intense to watch... LOVE your voices and videos! I can see improvements and i'm a singer as well
There not even good........... There AMAZING!!!!!
you can hear they listen to allot of beyonce lol love it yall please do get sign for such young talents.. just always stay yourself xx
These girls give me Chills..Absolutely Amazing.Too bad the 370 people that Disliked this video Are ethier Blind Deaf or Dumb...Great Job Ladies
Yess! I agree, their is so much hatred for no reason. These girls have amazing voices.
lol my name is Chloe too you guys did so amazing
You guys should do. All the way home by Tamar Braxton that would be awesome !
how are they over doing it ... when you sing its called stage presence and you do what you have to do to get the key/note out ... just hush 
Singling them out they both has talent
can yall sing whos loving you by jackson 5 or want you back by jackson 5
I didn't know someone could make this song better, and sound better. But you girls have fulfilled that! Wow
I love how even though yall mixed up the lyrics in the end, yall fed off each other and it looked completely right. Tru profession move!
wow !!did that !!1 yall are amazing
Y'all b killing!!!these songs!!love it
This is my favorite cover...
You girls are so amazing!!!!!
There 14 and 12 in this vid
they have amazing voices
This is my fave cover of u two!! Amaziiiing!!!!
Is It Me Or Does Halle ( girl w/ guitar ) Looks Like One Of Those People On The Movie Avatar ?
Brilliant love your voices!
i just saw ur elen show video and i also libe in Atl. i would love to hear u sing more and hopefully, if we can communicate i will be able to get you to to the top. lol, my instagram name is nerdyswag_23
chloe sings better than halle and chloe has the better name
Yes beyonce I care && miss you
this is really easy on the ears but still striking 
bria maddox Shared on Google+ · 2 years ago
young unsung artist
Sorry you guys that was my little sister veronica i forgot to sign out and left to my dad's house and left my computer in the kitchen Anyway you guys r great <3
Ur not good ur AWESOME!!!!!!!!
Their voices remind me of Beyonce. (:
Chloe and halle keep up the good work
I like this version better than the original one, you guys are guys will be famous one day i just know it!!
you guys are so amazing i wish i could sing like that
You guys make me wanna follow my dreams. This is perf <3
They are so beautiful G real shit sexy shit baby and a beautiful song you guys are singing
oh my gosh u 2 r so gud iloveyous wish i culd sing as gud :) hehe
I love this cover ya'll put soul in it
the one on keyboard sounds like Beyonce sort of lol! I love this!
Love you guys I don't know about know one else but im #TeamChloeandHalle
That's the little girl from meet the browns movie she was one of the little sisters
you should really be on america's got talent or american idol
No they don't. They're amazing
hey i their voices like this comment if you noticed them in the movie LET IT SHINE singing that song:)
wow u guys ave an amazing voice
Beautiful! U girls are gonna go far, great voices!!
All yaw haters on here being rude if yaw saying all this stuff y yaw watch it they qon radio disney nd got a record deal where is yaws thats what I thought so leave them alone they successful unlike yaw yaw sittin in the house on yaw asses while they makin some bread
Awesome guys, just Awe inspiring!
Great.....I wanna make a song with yhu too....I can sing very good
You two are so good I wish I could meat you two
Haters! I bet y'all can't sing like that.. get your lives
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