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King Harkinian Insults Most of the Internet

by DinnerWarrior • 50,946 views

I had a lot of fun making this quick video. Also, not necessarily my opinions. In case you can't understand here's the script. Harkinian: I'm going on the internet. Oah! Haoh! Anime is shit. One...

It was hard to understand what he was saying, and I love anime, but this video is funny and love how he insulted  Call of Duty.
Ha, I am Ukrainian, but I understand what he is saying!
I'm goin on thu inturNit. Oah... Hao!!! Anumey is shiT. One Piss kn GOW to hell! Cole of dootee fanbooois kn suhck my dick, and SOW kn Cole of dootee eatself! It is OWverratehd ahnd ey Piss of shiT ! (Black Ops is fantastic!) Fwok you, Jack Black, yurr not fonny! (Oh man!) "My little POWny:FriendshiP is mahjik" is evil. OAH! Broahnees are monthsturrrs! The gand gallopin gala is GEY! Teem fourtriss to kn suck my BOLE sack! I meen nut sack ! I meen peenus! Vaxunadurr, CS Woneighty-eight and DinnerWarrior are dipshiTs! Sentens mixn is fwon!
my jimmies aren't rustled, try harder
Feelings: [ ] - Unhurt [ ] - Hurt [ ] - Severely Hurt [x] - Rekt
I agree: all bronies ARE monsters.
well good news is that half life2 and half life are the best
40 people don't have a sense of humor.
Assuming Waxonator stopped making YTP videos quite a long time ago
Should've been called, "The King partakes in YouTube commenting."
Is that a new way to sentence-mix? You created new ways to make the King say: The (Th-a), go (gAO), to (tou), a (ei), you're (you er), funny (f-a-n-ee, don't you know that funny's enough in reverse). That poop's the 2nd weirdest sentence-mixing poop.
All this time, King Harky is a big ol' troll.
I am amazed that One Piece is a show thats apart from Anime itself.
i hate one piece too. they ripped of zorro and called him zoro. one piece is the devils feces.
Are you actually retarded
I like both King Harkinian and One Piece.
One Piece can GAO tou hell!
"The grand galloping gala is gay!" I couldn't help chuckling a bit. And the sad thing is, I'm a brony.
Take it easy, your Majesty. Anime isn't my thing either, but it isn't shit.
I like his accent, it's very amusing. "Tee Fourres 2 can suuck my bal sachk I mean nut sahck I mean penis."
i dont understand a word
Most of these he insulted either truly suck or are maybe good... But I don't care about them
I only agree with the call of duty one And maybe jack black
+HPlookalike94 That's something a furry extremist would say.
Last sentence is right.
i actually agree with 0:11
50 000th viewer... so proud
where did you learn to count. XD
The king is is old and has a small penis. No big surprise.
waxination, cs188 and DinnerWarrior are dipshits.
Good old King Harkinian audio-splicing
OMG Everything he says is so true :P Besides from when he pointed out that DinnerWarrior can suck his ****, cause DinnerWarrior is Legend :3
@LogosForTheWin Yes. You should probably see a doctor.
@DalekHunter1994 the king only said team foar tress not team foartress 2
We need more of the King insulting the internet. It's long overdue.
Thank you King:) I HAAAAAAAAATTTTEEE!!!!!!! CoD and MLP FiM
title should be changed to. "King Harkinian acts like a common youtube commenter"
I don't even play "Call of Duty". But I do love One Piece. So to each his own tastes, King Harkinian.
Im suprised the King never said anything about furries,not that we dont get enough shit from morons on here anyways
@hickerap (sigh) If watching the show makes you a Brony, then I guess I'm a Brony, and even then I'm sad to admit that yes, there are some loons among Bronies. Be glad said loons are the minority.
I am not offended at all. I want to hear The King insult more things!
Actually, the majority of people on the internet thinks Call of Duty is shit. This video is inaccurate.
I agree with all opinions voiced by this man.
I hope the first(anime) and the last two sentences(tf2 and YTPers) are not true.
/watch?v=zNryNfvcQlY You're saying that this guy is not a man?
It's actually quite hilarious becouse I agree with 99% of what the king says. The part I don't agree on is Jack Black and Youtube Poopers sucking
i started laughing after i read you comment, then i saw the comments below... O_O crap, youtube is full of retarded users
Yeah, but it's better than most Animes... Meh, your opinion, no criticism :p
99% of YouTube comments are left by the King.
i agree. Call of Diarrhea sucks your balls off and spits 'em up your ass.
-Black Ops is fantastic! :D -Fuck you Jack Black, you're not funny! -Oh man! :( I like JB,but that's hilarious!
insulting CoD insults nobody these days. try harder.
-waxination made 29 accounts. -mlp is a good show. But however the grand gallopping gala is gay though. -
insults about ponys makes a pony ytp
i always loved the way he says "BaaaawlSACK"
Honestly, I agree with most of the King's opinions. I'm not sure if that's good or bad. :v
I agree exept with MLP and Jack Black and Youtube Poops
Why COD4? I agree MW2 and MW3 are shit, but COD4 was actually good.
I only disagree with TF2 and MLP FIM
So what, you think having different likes is some sort of mental disorder? See, this is the problem with YouTube.
@Hidole555 The King is clearly playing a better game with the word Sky in the title
Fuk u Jack Black, ur not funny. Oh man! I lol'd.
@WhnNinjasAttack he used to be funny, but thenthe shit hit the fan.
These days defending CoD generates far more butthurt than attacking it.
0:03 Dat bitch just insult Inuyasha? 0:21 *Twitch* 0:26 That fucker better not! 0:34 It's on Dickweed! *Gets chainsaw* *Censored...*
Lol at retards who actually agree with any of this shit. XD
Never mind. If you were a hipster, you'd judge us based off of, say, G1 MLP or something like that.
I lost it at "Fuck you, Jack Black. You are not funny."
One Piece can go to hell? Suck my dick.
Where is Arrow in the knee/ Skyrim ?
I agree with what he said even though I have no idea what he said.
"Sentence mixing is fun." And if you believe the King, apparently it's the only thing that's fun.
chrisODST99@ no wonder your a little halo fag LOL!
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