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Collective Haul: Brandy Melville & Beauty

by akaydoll • 25,703 views

Enter the code 'VIDEO' to save on your next purchase! For pictures and a list of what I got: Check out my beauty &...

does the china glaze topcoat prevent chipping at all?
as soon as I saw thumbs up for Target lovers I couldn't resist.. lmao :p
AHH. Target is lifee <3 hahaha All my friends think I'm crazy.. ah well. Glad to see other Target lovers are out there :)
loved the video but it was not long LOL
your 300th video, yeeey congrats <3
Loved the nail polish! I'm a target addict too!
banana boat tanning oil is amazing!
Right?I am having the same problem while I am typing this!Did you find out how?:)
does anyone else notice that beauty gurus all post a haul video around the same time??
the sandals are from target, right?
I have CG Rose Among Thorns and I love it! I really want Secret Periwinkle. GREAT HAUL! ;-)
I love those sandals. I have to get them! x
i got those sandals from target too in white!!! ive been wearing them everyday they are amaizng(:
I could make those Bracelets lol....I'd never pay $30 for that
who thought that ring was for your septum?
Love your videos ! How can I get a beauty discount card?
love the haul! totally makes me want to sign up for jewelmint!!!
Yay first to comment!! I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS KAYLA AHHHH
Do more outfit of the week !! <3 :)) love your style !
the jewelmint code doesn't work :/
If you saw my collection of t-shirts with the American flag... hahah
i legit screamed when I saw this come up!
I am so jealous of you Americans, hahaha. Here in Canada, we're not getting our first Target until later this year!
lol after your nyc haul, i wasnt expecting hauls for another few months! but yayyy i love your hauls! :)
So glad to see this video, you have no idea how much this made my day. I'm super sick and this made me feel better for a bit. <3
That was my first China Glaze polish Rose among the thorns :) I didn't see it as neon though :-/ secret periwinkle :) too
Girl, didn't you JUST spend a ton of money in NYC? Why another haul? I'm not hatin, I just want to know why the need for all this stuff when you just got a ton.
Happy 300th videoooooo. wow makes me wanna start a YouTube :3
i got the same recommendations as the one you got for jewel mint.
haha everytime i pass by Target i think "Theres Kayla's Store" lol
Happy 300th video Kayla! Love ya girl!
those banana boat aerosols leak!! watch putting them in your purse. mine exploded last summer - no fun lol
i'm obsessed with china glaze nail polish! i went to sally's recently too and bought 6 china glaze colors... (mostly neon) :))
do you know where you can buy brandy melville online and have it shipped to the uk? i love the stuff that they have but i can't find it anywhere!!!
You are by far my favorite guru! Love you!!!!!
no shame girl I go target just as much as you do I am addicted to that store <3
makeuo collection, closet tour<3 love youu xoxoxo
wow jewelmint is so expensive
The reason you're buying patriotic things is because its a popular trend now!
I have the friendship bracelets from Jewel Mint :) In red, blue, and a dark yellow, they're supa cute.
they sell those skull bracelets at earthbound for like $2...
brandy melville online shop doesn't work, did you order online or go to one of their shops? xxx
I think Ingrid ( missglamorazzi ) has a that sameeeeee scarf!
Haha i do say that a lot i notice when i edit my videos LOL glad its catching on!
Love Ur hauls ! I was wondering who won the BH cosmetics palette?
Will you please do more makeup tutorials? Thanks :)
whats on ur lips! PLEASE REPLY!!! and i love u and ur videos!!!
why does it even matter? Is it your money? No she can do whatever she wants with it.
lol. i swear forever21 has sandals tht look exactly like those on the website for $7.50. i literally JUST bought them b4 i saw this video.
Hi kayla , I am like your biggest fan and i loved your videos since the beginning . Your a really great person even if I don't know you on a personal level, but I was wondering could you do more videos on beauty and fashion tips and lifestyle, how to save money, health, workout tips, how to stay organized, etc. I know it may seem like a lot to ask for but I doesn't really hurt to ask. Sincerely Your fan Millie
i LOVE the top coat but cant stand the smell!
I have Secret Periwinkle! It's gorgeous
i JUST got 4 leaf clover and secret periwinkle justttttt 2 days ago!
Love that yellow polish! Gotta go get it! Was watching Lindsey's haul the other day and I think u guys got the same white sandals from Target. Great minds think alike! :-)
I love you Kayla! You are my favorite guru , so serious! ♥♥♥
I remember alittle while ago you mentioned that you were going to get a tattoo, did you ever end up getting it? It sounded like a very unique and pretty design! Also, I love your videos so much<33
You should make bracelets I would def buy from you if you did.Or show us how to do one
I'd LOVE to see how you style that grey skull top with the big arm cutouts! You should do an OOTD with it or something! (:
ahhh i want that american flag scarf SO CUTE
Kayla that's amazing deal you got on the nail polishes!:)
i love your videos kayla! i just started making videos and it wold be awesome if you or anyone reading this would come check them out and give me some feedback:)
rose among thorns is pretty! love the leopard backdrop! Is it weird that I really like the skull jewelry?! lol
your so beautiful so don't listen to all those haters just be your self there's no one better :)
I like your long videos. You are not just talkin about nothing.... You are educating us....
What's the website for merville? Pls let me know I'm in love with the skull ring
kayla do you think the china glaze top coat is better than seche vite ?
Love your hauls =) You always give me inspiration!!!! Please Support my Beauty Channel! I just uploaded a Spring Makeup Tutorial =) XO-Angelika
how do you choose your size on the brandy melville website ? when i add stuff to my bag, i dont have an option of choosing my size :/
For neon nailolishes try using white as a base then 2 coats of the neon polish, it really helps :)
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