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P!nk - Stupid Girls

by PinkVEVO • 59,453,047 views

Music video by P!nk performing Stupid Girls. (C) 2006 Zomba Recording, LLC

9 years and nothing's changed.
it's actually a naive, foolish assumption on pinks behalf... connotations. 
I love this video and song but I hate what is being conveyed with girls who have big boobs. I understand the cosmetic breast augmentation. But I hate my boobs and they're too big for my body. I hate how people think that big boobs= dumb or slut.
what? did we watch the same video? there are only 3 women large breasted women in this video and only one of them seems to be an idiot and that's the girl in blue. and her seeming stupid has nothing to do with the fact that she has big boobs and everything to do with the fact that she's prancing around a bowling ally like a freaking ballerina. I mean, come on, she doesn't even have on bowling shoe's.  and the women with the biggest boobs: the women that works at the tanning salon seems to be the only woman in the entire video to be portrayed as intelligent. and the third women is just working out. is there something stupid about working out that I'm not aware of?
I like the song and I get what she's trying to say and all, but the video's kind of off-putting. Just because you look pretty and have big boobs DOES NOT mean you're dumb or a stereotypical bimbo. There's nothing "wrong" with playing with dolls or going to tanning salons, and there's nothing "wrong" with buying expensive cars or getting designer label clothing. As long as none of those things actively DEFINE who you are, as a person, and as long as you consider moderation, then I don't think it's entirely fair to judge someone for being born rich or being born pretty.  Otherwise, it's a good song, and I'm pretty sure she meant the video to be taken tongue-in-cheek, but still. It kind of nags me a bit. 
She didn't mean to say that pretty and big-boobed girls are stupid, who she think stupid are the girls who tried to be something they aren't only to get guys or people attention, for example when she act as the girl who pump her boobs so the guy beside her can attract attention to her.
I don't wear makeup because I'm afraid of it and I hate it...I know it's not good for your skin either, it destroys your skin. I wanna stay healthy, being tooo skinny is not even good for your body either. I rarely eat junk food or candies. Having sex at a young age will kill you, trying to get attention from others with your stupid big boobs and butt is just STUPID. What happen to the womens from the god damn past who was way more mature than this? Anyways, I love the song and the video is so GOD DAMN TRUE!
+BlazeCon97 no I didn't get "rekt"  
+Michaela B I did not ignore you. I ignore others who insults me by saying that "I'm a stupid girl" just because sex is dangerous in a few causes. I'm not saying that it's completely 100% dangerous. I don't need luck because all I've been living in my life is Pain&Suffering, nobody gives a shit about me anyways. Yes I know that the world isn't perfect. For me the world is ruined! What happen to those good old times where everyone was happy and respectful to one another? It's gone and I'm a shame that it is. And I'm not a god damn troll. Life is crap and a miserable place. And no I'm not "ignorant".  
She pretty much summed up every single teenage girl across world... Sad
Not true. I hate all this stereotyping. "Oh, she's a skinny teenager. She's stupid and anorexic!" or "She has blonde hair- she's a dumb*ss.".  Well guess what? I love this video but comments about stereotyping EVERY  girl annoys me. I hate that, alright?  I work hard on my assessments and school. I don't care about what people think I should look like. I play soccer and I have a goal to get up on a higher ranking national team.  I'm not the only one who thinks like this. There's plenty of girls out there who still have goals and don't care about their hair, make-up, or whatever. Society skims over us and instead just assumes every girl thinks about how sexy they look. Sorry for the round up, but this is my opinion, and I just wanted to voice my side of the debate.  Great song by P!nk, though. 
"If you don't love ya self, how the HELL you gon' love somebody else? Can I get an Amen up in here??" Don't change yourself to get a boyfriend/girlfriend, because chances are, if they really love you; it won't matter what you look like :3
I'm glad someone agrees with me for once!
This ones for the girls: Do not change yourself. You are perfect. We are girls. We scream, we faint, we cry. And that's what make us beautiful. We must not try to act like men in order to be considered 'strong'. Why should we try to be physically stronger than men? We are beautiful creatures. So what if we're weak? So what if we cry? God put something beautiful on this earth. And its us girls. We should embrace our femininity, and not try to act like men in order to gain respect. You just be you. We should love ourselves because we aren't men. We should love ourselves because we are different than them. So strut your stuff, who cares if your arms are skinny. Who cares if you can't lift 50 pounds? You just be you, act like a girl. Cry, be afraid of spiders, scream. Because your femininity is what makes you beautiful and strong. Men can be men. They can fear nothing, lift anything. But us girls, we're not afraid to be different than them. We're not afraid to express and be proud of who we are.
+Super Sarah Course you can do that hun, but I know a few girls who are scared of spiders and hate sports, but they are called weak for thinking and doing that. They think they HAVE to like throwing footballs or squishing bugs because they want to be respected. My point is, girls will be girls, and they should not be considered weak if they don't do what guys do.  AND If a girl loves football and other 'manly' things, then by all means she could go ahead and do that. No one should stop her.
If a guy sang this song in the original it would be sexist. :P
Probably. Society is just unexplainable. Besides the transparent border of rules. sigh
Ya, on that I agree very much... Sadly. :/
this is a good (bad) example of internalised misogyny; the debasement of femininity to appeal to men and patriarchy in a backward attempt at "empowering women". lmao.  she even fucking makes fun of bulimia; a serious mental illness. i know this is old and yeah i have nothing against pink but this is awffffuullll
Look, I'm a feminist too, calm down. Misogyny, really? I rather say no. I would say last part of the video where the girl choses the boys toys instead of the girly ones is debatible but yet it makes a clear point on the argument of the video.  The whole video speaks about the role model of woman magazines and media promotes to us: woman without ambition, self-absorbed persons who only think about how they look instead of who the actually are. She is not making fun of bullimia, she is pointing out to society the role models are wrong and girls believe losing weight (Any way possible) is okay, the goal is to be Skinny,  she even shout it while she vomit. She is not making fun of person with a disorder but rather making an explicit picture of what it actually happens to thousands of teenagers due to media idiosincracy. She is not trying to empowering anyone, all the way around, the message it's to the media, read the first paragraphs of the song and later read "Don't let me get me" lyrics too. 
I love Pink and her songs, but I think the eating disorder thing was a bit unnecessary. I get what it's trying to say, and I agree with most of the other things, but I just find it a slightly offensive stereotype. Although it's not portrayed in the media this way, the majority of bulimic and anorexic girls have these illnesses due to being bullied or abused, not because they took the 5:2 diet too far. Not because they are vain and narcissistic; because they have next-to-no self esteem. Aside from that scene, I think it was a very good video.
Pink was criticising and making fun of the awful role models we had back then, like Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson and Lindsay Lohan. In that specific scene with the puking she was spoofing Nicole Riche, who clearly battled some kind of eating disorder and even worse, made it glamorous. She even dragged Lindsay Lohan into the extreme skinny fad... look it up... there's a pic of them both looking extremly sick!
Not necessarily true, when I was 12 I used bulimia as an excuse to have another slice of cake, there was nothing wrong with me, it just seemed like an easy fix
Okay, this song used to be my anthem before I knew what feminism actually was. This is basically "she's not like other girls" in a song. Being "girly" isn't stupid and degrading. What is stupid and degrading is believing that you have to behave and think like a guy in order to be considered smart. I know people have said she isn't bashing all girls who like make up and girly things just the ones who put their looks and such as a priority, but how is that any of her damn business what they enjoy doing and think is important? Also, what makes her think that she's better than those said girls? She made it obvious she thinks so with this song.  Because she's more manly? Plus, making fun of eating disorders is heinous. People have really struggled with that, it's taken lives. Guys can get it and have gotten it so don't make it a "girly" thing. Slut shaming is also a big factor in this. Again, none of her damn business if two consenting adults create a sex tape. As well as if someone gets cosmetic surgery/spray tan. Who cares? She's really displaying her insecurities or maybe even the director of this video's of big boobs. I think the most pathetic of this all is mocking girls for adopting dogs. Girls need to stick together, not bring each other down. Fight the patriarchy, not each other. 
Okay, I didn't even mention anything about the woman president. Why would I care to watch the behind the scenes footage if I didn't like the video? Again, none of her damn business what other people care about. So someone cares a lot about their hair, how does that affect her again? Right, it doesn't. You may say it makes other girls look bad, but what makes girls look bad is us hating on each other when we could be minding our own business and supporting each other for pursuing the things we care about.  First off, you shouldn't ever call someone worthless. Everyone is worth something.  It doesn't matter if someone is a public figure, they are free to do as they please as long as they don't hurt other people. Not everyone wants to be a role model. And they don't have to be. We cannot tell a single person in this world what to do with their life. They can decide for themselves. And saying that someone has "no substance" is extremely judgmental and disrespectful. If you really have a problem with people being themselves and not conforming to what you believe is a person "of substance"  you need to do some soul searching and figure out why.
P!nk's T SHIRT: "DIE HIPSTER SCUM" love ittt
My shirt: "Made in China"...
I don't see how someone who wears makeup and cares about how they look are considered "stupid girls". She is just pushing the idea more onto girls that "you're a special little snowflake because you play sports and don't wear makeup". She completely dropped the ball for the whole feminist thing. And to be honest this video just pisses me right off.
+TheBookWorm1718 She wasn't spoofing Britney, since she had just given birth to her second baby. She was fat and on a music hiatus, remember? Plus Pink always had a soft spot for Britney. Aside from her, you got it all right.
+TheBookWorm1718 Oh the blond bimbo with extensions in a black top and black low pants dancing next to the black rapper is supposed to be J.Lo from her Jenny from the Block music video ;)
Aye Foxy... This song explains new Chica and Old Chica. Am I right?
I can't change the name that's why -_-
"outcasts and girls with ambition, that's what I wanna see!" love this line
Удалила бы Pinc себе груди совсем, авось полегчает...
most girls act like this not just in usa but in westren world [uk france etc] stupud girls with no value aand personlity
most girls don't act like this. some do.
Not in the USA but in the UK and France...? What?
True fact; the guy playing 50 Cent in this video is actually the real 50 Cent's cousin!
Pink, You're naked in almost all your videos. Hypocrisy much? You are "acting like that" in this video. 
Ok, but she still had to show her "value" by getting naked herself. 
+Sarah Hagen She isn't being naked in this video just to be naked. She's naked because she is MOCKING the people who DO that kind of thing and make fun of them.
I love the message and all and I agree that a lot of young females do things just for the wrong reasons to please the wrong people. But some women actually like being girly , feeling sexy and putting effort into their looks...for themselves. Love that Pink sings about empowerment. But just because a woman chooses to dress like a barbie doll does not make her "stupid".If you prefer football to barbies - do that. If you prefer barbies to football do that. Or do both. Ya´ll can be whatever the hell you want, no limitations once you start doing things for yourself instead of trying to please everyone. Love love love Pink.
@adrenaline.  Totally agree.
Her shirt (1:45) says "Die hipster scum." I didn't even know the word hipster in 2006, P!nk was way ahead of her time ;P
And this is why I love pink. She tells it like it is I was always the tomboy that would play football with the boys and I got bullied by the girls for that and this video inspired me to be proud of who I am thx pink I love you!
karen saville Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
Love< Love Pink<<<
Wow this song is amazing, I just discovered it. These are the big problems with girls nowadays among others. 
this song has never been so relevant and its scaring me
P!nk - Stupid Girls: Its. Not. About. You. Its. About. Men. That. Protect. Woman.. .. Men. That. Lie. Are. Laughing. At. You...
!always topical...;))
Nice color separations!
Good grief people! Make-up does not make you a bimbo. It's your attitude and your actions that cause you to be one of the girls she is talking about! Yes, most of the time plastic surgery is rather idiotic, but if it is for breast reduction or something like that that is causing health problems and aching, then honestly, that was kind of a smart move. Injecting foreign liquids into your skin and lips? THAT'S stupid. I'm 12 and I know this stuff. I'm sincerely afraid of what this world has/is coming to.
That is one lucky car and car owner (Mustang at the wash)
(By that dumb blonde having seizures on it.)
i actually love pink because of the pretty good message she puts into them. they are blunt and to the point most of the time. use to be my fave singer back in highschool xD 
3:13 every time I see her I think of Regina George's mom lol
Showing skin or dressing suggestively doesn't make you a slut or a whore or stupid. When will people understand that?
The song is telling the outcasts that its okay not to follow the crowd.
No it like your trying to dress like a slut not you are one
id rather be a tomboy then be all of this! TOMBOYS RULE! thank god i'll never fit in cuz that will never ever be me! I'm an outcast and i'm proud of it!
Flash Mob Milano Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
"Stupid Girls" della famosa cantante P!nk è un agglomerato di stereotipi femminili rivisitati in chiave ironica, e decisamente provocatoria... conoscete questa canzone? Amiche, e anche amici, quali sono gli stereotipi femminili che più detestate?
The video it's good but why is she making fun about bulimia?
She's not. She's simply showing about people who do it in groups.
This is the funniest video I've ever seen-but so true/ Pink must have had a blast making this video.
This song represents everything I believe in. Conformity is a common trait these days. It's nice to see people who stand out in a crowd for being who they are. Looks are not everything, girls, and you need to find that out before you begin a relationship or job. Find yourself first, because you are too important to brush off. P!nk is my favorite artist because she is herself and she is perfect.
i just realized this is basically p!nk's version of stupid ho!
If only your average female knew. u dont have to act slutty dumb and insecure To get attention and be attractive.
Everybody who is flipping out cuz its "offensive" to girls who show skin or act all prissy. Calm the fuck down the song is telling outcasts that it is okay to not follow the crowd. Saying even if people don't like you because you aren't what most people call "perfect" its okay to be who you want to be.
this is the best video , and its not calling girls stupid. Pink is beautiful and sexy . She is making a statement to be happy with who you are not create an image just for people to visually see. She is telling woman to not just be ok with using out looks but be powerful bc we can be with or without the extras 
so true I don't wanna be a stupid girl I Just wanna be me
It is not only about the LOOK is the attitude, a dumb attitude 
They need to get Pink to promote the Always #LikeAGirl ads, she would DEFINITELY make the message stick.
I was shocked when I was younger to this song
I was 7 years old when this song was a big hit in Hungary. :) Oh, sweet childhood...
My, it's old, but it's so great!
Why was the little girl watching the sex tape
Pink ur right ur messages r so right stupids girls throwing up 2 b skinny when they already r getting plastic surgery cuz their insecure be proud of ur body u stupid stupid girls
The video is simply saying that certain pressures women face now a days are to be skinny with big breasts because thats what the media conveys to women. She is showing that we as people (women particularly) try to conform to that unrealistic standard. 
Holy Shit! Youtube is full of pseudo-Intellectuals on the comment section. Just enjoy life and stop being a sad sack for a while.
Pink might be a feminist. I mean this video might be 9 years old, but it's so true about how the media makes girls feel insecure and confused on how they should look 
Saianará de souza Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
o que aconteceu com os sonhos de uma garota presidente? Ela está dançando no clipe perto do 50 Cent Elas andam em bandos de duas ou três Com os seus cachorrinhos fofinhos e suas camisetas minúsculas! Para onde, oh onde, foram as pessoas inteligentes? Oh onde, oh onde eles podem estar? Link:
my favorite  part is 2:18 if some girl think just  in calories her demons on her head  always wanting  to do it  we must react ¡¡
Cheryl Young Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
Diana B Shared on Google+ · 5 days ago
 I feel like the video portrays bulimia as a vain,shallow condition and its totally not fair . The song is called 'stupid girl' and I'd appreciate if someone could explain why she felt the need to show girls making themselves sick in it . It has nothing to do with 'stupidity' and I think its really insensitive to anyone who is bulimic to even raise this issue in such a flippant manner . That's just my opinion maybe I'm looking at it the wrong way idk .
I am not a stupid girl I am the smartest in my class!
Nice! Just be natural.
I love you pink your so fucking sexy
At the end, that little girl was like "My god what the freak happen to that people"
Kim Kardashian this is for you!
2:30 is that supposed to be a paranormal activity reference
+chrisa papa Well the movie is from 2009 and this video is 2006 so I think you're really young to not heard the hype that porn video caused at its time or lived in a basement like the other guy said lol 
+Serge Muller I suppose so, But still , I am not interested at anything porn related..
funny as hell ROFLLLL
This vid has a really good idea but shouldn't you be allowed to be pretty and be intelligent enough not to follow stereotypes? Or is that a double standard of some sort? Anyway, I love this song! =^_^= Yay P!nk!!!
I love you. I am 8 years old now!
I'm a girl by the way somethins up with my phone...:( And like she said what's wrong with like almost ALL girls now...with their dumb fricken boobs n butt actin like that's the only way they will look hot it just annoys me or well not just their boobs and butts but...yeah...and I also think you should like a Guy cause of their actions and tallents and stuff not JUST because their cute...who agrees
Umm pink, paris and jessica are soo innocent compared to people like iggy and miley
this was made wayyyyy before iggy and before miley lost it. I mean it says 2009 in the video. and Iggy does nothing bad, Kim Kardashian is awful though
pink, u put the thoughts i have about girls and put them into a PERFECT song. YEAH!!!! STUPID GIRLS
Being an outcast doesn't mean you aren't stupid. Tons of rebel girls are dumb. Tones of popular girls and girls who wear "slutty" clothes are smart. How about we stop judging other women for what they wear and like? Being girly isn't bad and being a tomboy isn't bad. You can be girly and strong and masculine and weak.
you don't have to wear slutty clothes to be noticed. It's stupid that some girls think that. but yea you are right.
imogen64A1 Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Some people are offended because of how she's pursuing girls with big boobs, some people are offended because of how she's pursuing girls with bulimia... me I'm over here a little insulted with how she's making fun of girls with itsy bitsy doggies.... I love my little shih tzu!! haha :P oh well still love you Pink
Serena Cosimi Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
La adoro questa donna!!
What did she say in minute 2:17?
Some girls can be stupid and I am not one of them I am a football kinda girl!
But I can be feminine like alot but im not going to be fake but I dont have small boobs
2QT4U 2C Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
P!nk - Stupid Girls
Min Jee Koo Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
전 그래도 핑크가 더 좋아용♥ P!nk - Stupid Girls:
Erica P Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
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