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Minecraft: The Movie 11

by PaperBatVG • 1,582,612 views

PBat and Sly embark on their epic adventure of epic proportions and epic other things and epic friends and epic foes and epic jokes and epic stuff. Epic? Epic. Download the world! -...

this video inspired me to make youtube videos but i got very subsribers :(
i honestly have no idea how anyone can watch a two and a half hour minecraft video. this was boring af to watch and i only watched 10 minutes.
Je needs to make minecraft movie 12 it's 2015 and this was made in 2012
omg had to comeback and watch one of the movies so many memories ;( wish pbat would still do stuff like this
i know how it feels bro but we need to move on now
oh yeah uh please check out some of my videos i would appreciate that if you do
You missed a diamond lol
omg, I was so mad when I saw that! :P
I REALLY miss the old intro, AND the old pbat
And three years from now... Still nothing ;-;
Do another one I've been waiting for 2 years
he did minecraft the mega movie... it would probably take you 2 years to watch it.
2 years ago... wow so much memories (':
Yeah… Remember when we thought the world was gonna end?
What's the song in the opener?
Finsh the movie!!!!!!
What is the seed for that world
It so old, and the world generation code for minecraft has changed. The seed wouldnt work anymore.
whats the texture pack?????
Man...this video is what convinced me to get Minecraft
Hey uncle P, I saw this video of a minecraft the movie 11 map and it had more stuff in it like an enchantment table so I was looking for part 2 of this movie all I need us an answer did you and sly do all that stuff? - The dude who watched all you minecraft movies
35 ads? Really? Wtf is this bullshit youtube is doing?
Hey wht the texture pack tht pbat did
Noisestorm and Ephixa
Guile's theme. Love it
Why didn't you make Minecraft movie 12
watched this 2 years ago.......memories :'(
i honestly think you should not use cuss word because my 9 year old cousin wants to watch but he cant because you stupid retarded lame frieking people dont know how to speak good language yall think yor so cool well guess what.................YOUR NOT lolllol its flippin true k knock it off or i will report all of your vide
One: YouTube allows people to curse in videos. Two: these videos are not meant for 9 year olds.
Dumb ass cunt bitch nigger fuck you im cussing because I can bitch fuck your ass hole so hard with my dick! 😄
I watched this two years ago and one year ago wow this look old now that its two years old
Where is Minecraft movie 12
It was awsome when you got the huge tuertle
Anyone else have popcorn?
maybe when he hits 500k he will do 12
That was a mega movie. They still need to do some challenges.
He did do a 12 if he ever has time to do a 13th it should be with xxslyxx again
I miss pbat he was the first youtuber i subed to :(
I watched him before i knew what youtube was
no there is but it is called minecrraft the megamovie
Tell sly PBA is a faget
minecraft the movie 12 on movie 11s world
When is he gonna do the 12
3rd time watching it and still love it
Guys him and sly don't play together anymore and he dosnt really play minecraft
guys hes not the best utuber movie maker if u want a good 1 look at kds vids start with 1.forgotten         2.herobrine lake sequel          3.this movie like herobrine lake sequel its part 9 or something           4.the unknown {epic cant wach unless u wach herobrine lake part 9           5.herobrine lake           6.COMING SOON HEROBRINE LAKE THE SEQEL{look at trailer looks awesome} if u wached this your parents are gonna die in the next 5 years {sorry happened 2 me :( but at least I broke the curse bye putting it on 3 other channels :D)
cool huh like if good advice
pbat you left one diamond
It's been at least a year wen is 12th movie coming out I'm subscribed to u and sly but wen is it going to be made?
that was the mega movie
That snake looks like a boa constricter
Guys MC The Movie 12 is the Mega Movie, search it out! :D
Can we play sometime
Make another part to this movie
I have been watching you since 2009. I love your videos and wish you still did Champ Mail because I would love sending you a letter. I wish we could play minecraft one day, but I do realize you don't have time to do that. Making videos is hard! I wish you great luck!
20:37 ohhhhhhh 360 no scope this going straight to machinimaaaaaaaa!!!!!
Oooh ny that is wonderful check out Stampylongenose
When will u make mc movie 12
This NEVER gets old, LOVE IT and always will!
This is the video that introduced me to sly ^^ now I'm a champette and a homie! ^^
same, i saw this a while ago and fell in love with sly. great video
same here I like sly videos no homo
Shut up that is what I think
Woo Last video i watched of you didnt curse (or only Said a few cuse word)
do pbat still make videos 
Your the best you tuber p
I know Pbat's birthday, January 18 or at least that is what I heard in minecraft t the movie 5, and Sly said , or I think this is what he said, "Pbat's birthday, January 18" or somthing
PBat, your birthday is 11 days after mine!
when will u do mine craft the movie 12 i want to see the more plz
There is, It's minecraft the mega movie, it's 24 hours long. P is playing with divine RPG mod.
under da zoo under da zoo
24 ads in this vid holy shit what the fuk?!?!?!?!?!?!
If I made a minecraft movie, how mad would yall be?  Would you be like "You copycat motha BLEEP" or would it be like "Finally somebody is gunna carry on the idea"
Maybe come up with an original name and nobody'd connect the two. Playing minecraft for an hour or two while recording it is just basically a super long episode of a let's play, so you should be fine either way.
Just get AdBlocker or AdBlockerPlus, it'll get rid of all of the ads. Hope it helps!
why do you have bad words in the mega movie and this one
I fell in love with pbat when my brother showed me this video in the summer of 2012. But I didn't know sly so I was like wtf and now hes one of my favorite youtubers. I wasn't use to swearing so I barely realized they were swearing :P Good ol days, I miss these so much </3
Same thing with me but it was about 2008 or 2009
I love these but I wish he would do others
He quit YouTube. No more minecraft the movie
Um... no he hasn't! :P
+Tommy MLG He has. He's just not holding himself to a schedule.
I'm pretty sure there is not a 11.5 because I bet these guys forgot the ip or lost data. GG I was hoping they come back and finish it
Ahhh, the good ol' days...
not to be rude but he left one diamond behind when P found more 
phinix flame same here
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