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I don't even...

by Oshi7 & Serenity • 5,227 views

My mind was BLOWN.

You should be only able to install BF3 if you have BF2 or BC1/2 with a k/d of 1.0 or better and atleast 1k flag caps
God I hate those fucking noobs...
You can all always excuse bad driving or piloting. That's just a lack of skill, that can be obtained. But LEAVING a vehicle, and especially an attack chopper, to be taken by the enemy can NOT be excused. It's rule number one. Don't abandon shit that'll kill everyone
No, he bails because rule number UNO in Battlefield 3 is never, ever, EVER trust your teammates. Ever. If you do, you WILL have nightmares. I've had lots. I mean, no matter what, I always find my teammates to be blind, stupid, untactical, deaf, annoying, stealing, unhelpful, retarded bastards who will do everything in their power to offer you the least amount of assistance possible. I'm not claiming I'm perfect, but I do have all my 5 senses intact, and occasionally, I do use my head. *sigh*
expert piloting right THERE.
He followed Squirrel into the server, then complained that he wasn't playing with pwnstar. Rudest guy ever.
you never heard of the breakdancing viper? :O
Relax! He's a kid. Besides, we all hate our proudest moments... lol
worse of that is assault or recon class players getting in to vehicules. and when it dissable they just bail and let alone the vehicules to the enemy team. maybe is not so bad on caspian border but on bazar where is just one lav is the worse thing you can do.
Blue's are people that are not in your squad but are in your team. He bails because he doesn't know them.
Oshi I have been watching you`re vids lots lately. Why do you bail on blue pilots? I have not been playing BF3 long what is the difference between blue and green?
And how are these people going to be pro-pilots-badass-TopGuns like you are now, one day?
As soon as someone with a blue name gets the pilot seat, I bail. This time I was just curious to see what would happen this time around.
I'm confused, can i have the background please?
omg the crackdown narrator is playing Bf3
Oshi was flying with someone who he didn't know and was doing a bunch of random stuff and kept crashing into stuff. When the dude landed Oshi jumped out and the pilot jumped out right after, and then an enemy stole their chopper!
Empty servers, pffft, didn't want to ruin 11 other guy's chances of winning the game by stealing the heli and being bad... :/
LOL XD and did i hear this correctly? that he wanted to be on your team or something? lol
people like that shouldnt be playing. sure they deserve a chance to learn, but if he was bitching about the pwn thing then hes clearly 12 and should not be playing FPSs.
Hey hey, now.. everyone needs to learn in some way, right? :D
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