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Fun Is 4 Everyone Volume 2: Border Patrol

by TreeJTV • 457,785 views

Rex Arrow Films & TreeJTV Present... Mac Miller Fun Is 4 Everyone Volume 2 Shot & Edited By Ian Wolfson Rex Arrow Films 2011

Yo Mac you should hit up quebec city some time. Summer Quebec music festival. Straight up
8:42 wearing a white fluffy hat and still be cool = Mac Miller
Those groupie hoes in the beginning need to shut the fuck up lol they were like, "yeah, we made it!" -- bitch, you didn't make it anywhere besides the hotel bathroom with your panties around your ankles hahaha Get The Fuck Outta Here !
.. those are his friends, if you would have looked into it? damn look up stuff before you say anything
open sesame.. YOU TOO BITCH
I dont understand how he has all that weed and still smokes cigarettes , fairplay tho!!!! hes so motivational and sickk
Cigs are addicting, this was over 3 years ago he still smokes them
I remember passing the US boarder with only my health card. just have to go to the small crossings. those guys are easily the chillest guards ever
what is the song in the 1:32??? anybodys know it? ;)
roots of hip hop man... big lack of knowledge go listen to the album !
One of the illest intros of all time.  What a cool-cat.
Whats the song at the very beginning? Please responddddd :)
mac come out to st louis and we will bring you bout 1800
mac skateboarding in the background during Clocks little speech hahaha
as a rapper watching these videos inspire me
What the fuck is the first song in this video?
10:35 his comment on the background music is my favorite part
what kinda cigs does mac smoke?
I want to fart on lady gaga! 11:50
Song at 7:50 : Black Sheep - The choice is yours
whats the song name that starts at 7:55???
what do you call that kind of hats @9:04?
whats the song at 01:35 ??? fecking sick!!!! please let me know if you know!!!
i wanna see mac in concert soooo bad. if i did i think i would die happy
to show how big of a fucking..ASSHOLES THEY ARE!
I wanna fart on lady gaga too..
9:30 favorite part of the video.
aight! didn't know he could skate!
i have no problem with people smoking weed but cigerets?
its called "child celeberity". its cool cause he freestyled the verses. i thnk its one of his best songs have funn
August 13th is my birthday. The day he released KIDS. My mom's birthday is November 8th. The day he released Blue Slide Park. Dope.
He Has Hella of those hats with the strings haha
If someone see my comments. Where can I find the hat he wears at 8:40 please ? :) :)
7:02 we'll never know who Q sings like !!!!!!
"I wanna fart on Lady Gaga" Tolley....
10:10 Mac's a skier? Fuck yeah, that whole snowboarding hype is wack. Almost every guy nowadays that was born after 1990 will only snowboard and thinks skiers are gay. GTFO, skiing is fun too. Try it, you might like it.
Do more vlogs, it would be a good way to get more fans and keep in touch with them
500/1200? nigga your a small talent..
Nah don´t have a problem with people smoking cigarettes either :P
when i say mac you say miller mac miller mac miller mac miller when i say most you say dope most dope most dope most dope bahahah thumbs up to you mac miller!!!!
Jeez been searching all over the Internet and can't find it!! Anyone know what hat he is wearing at 3:30?!
mac, your head's in the way i can't see the lakers-celtics game 2:38
what kind of hat is mac wearing at 0:55?
Whats the song at the very beginning of the vid.
I wanna know who Q sings like.....7:03
i saw him live like a month ago and i must say it was fucking amazing
the song playing in the background of the morning smoke is "i'm still standing" - elton john
Oregon?! WHERE THE FUCK WAS I?!?!?!
haha :46 tree jay cheers with a nug haha
Most Dope ! Treejay with his bud in his hand from 0:40 =)
theyre going to cisco ottawa bluesfest
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