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Carlos Ribeiro Mutant Pros Mini Part

by MutantPros • 14,572 views

Erik Sandoval is one of the most dedicated camera operators I have had the pleasure of knowing. Our condolences go out to Erik for his loss. In Memory of Edgar Sandoval 1948 - 2012 Video Shot By:...

finally a part where hes not doing pure switch!
I guess I'm getting too old for this shit when kids are asking what song "My Block - Scarface" is...
where is that spot dude? i'll trade you a good spot if you tell me
finally a video that's not 30 secs long
he flew off the gap on the last sw and nollie kickflips!! loved it!
This song is tight haha And that switch flip was equally as tight
awww shit... metro manny pad at 0:06
thanks for the shout out mutant pros and the condolences for my fathers death.
Sick part! RIP bro hes in a better place now
id love to tell you if you wouldnt block someone after asking them a question, im sorry if i offended you im just used to almost every single trick on beat. love the skating n filming i just very much dislike the edit im sorry, now if you would unblock me so i could keep watching your video that would be great.
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