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Runescape Sparc Mac's "The Crucible & Supreme Champion!"

by Sparc Mac • 93,817 views

Definitely not feeling the best, but I had to get something out for you guys. Give me a thumbs up if you'd like to see some livestreaming! Have fun everyone and hope you enjoy :) Submit me your...

i had target: jaws 275 so i know how it should feel if you have sparc mac as target haha
when u die u keep items and the guy that killed u get the same items?
Sparc, you listen to some good ass music.
damn. You're 11 ranks higher than me in Bh rogues o.O
the crucible sucks cause me lvl 64 got paired with a lvl 129 :( good job sparc
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no since you have targets and all fights are on 1 worlds
I imagine, Oh no .... A Shit Tryhard prod... Come troll me he is the best PKER ever? ill send my mate H3dshot on him again :D
/watch?v=oE-0Po5Qc-s for 50m an hour!!!
Sparc, I appreciate how you don't farcast them with armadyl storm. Most of the people I have fought farcasted me with it. I didn't fight you but I still thank you for the people you did fight.
the main reason i see these videos is the music...epic
You pay 500k to enter, die lose 500k and your armour.. seems legit.
Player mods are just regular people, there is nothing special about him killing one, that player was like any other person he has pked.
love the vids man, everybody who is hater go get a life man if u dont got anything too spend ur time on show sparc some support!!!:)) [[[[SSSSUUUUUBBBBB]]]]]]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TIM you should go up against Bonbloc in a DM it would get you and him alot of views on that vid because yall are both AMAZING PKERS!
giving away a couple accounts on my channel if anyone is interested =P
@bugo92 It's cus every1 else is scared if they dnt use normal gear tht ppl will troll them and call them a prod
i quit playing this game for 11 months, this made me want to play again. :)
What the song called at the end of the vid??
hater? lol commenting on his own vid? thats not even his channel dumbass
sparc mac not making vids anymore
One of the best vids ive seen Tim! Keep em coming!
im having trouble playing ruinedscape period these days
sparc mac, buy me membership? ;) my parents said i can only have xbx live :(
Thumbs uped the vid cuz of le music .
I'd give him 50k then be pk'd by his over powered shit
The pairing setup is fucked up in this though. Im 123 cb and faced a 138 w/ titan........
He forgot to pick up trophy bones like this so he can see mistake
Bet you sparc mac has gotten at least 5m from people just leaving when they see him or his name
crucible eh il check it out :) the bounty hunter in it is cool :) btw sparc mac my name is sk3dy add me if u can :)
haha killing a mod at start :') classsic
selling 136 combat paypal only! watch?v=H25yvl1gK1s
So because they have a silver crown in front of their name its special/hard to kill them?
Wats the name of the song it's awesome
I don't understand why he consistently gets a lot of dislikes.
its a player mod, nothing really special in terms of combat ability :|
first song sounds like Kurt Hommel from
comments on his own video praising himself and is one of those crucible magers.... what a fag
What's the names of the songs? ;o
1:04 damm , that guy tried. he almost never hit u
it's the best feeling in the world to hear a song in a vid that you knew from before the vid came out
Sparc mac is actually a really good pvp'er :D
ok Tim i would like it if the next vid would be in how many sets u got now because i think every person out here watching theses vids would like to see who won that so ya my guess was 255 and ya i hope ever one likes his vid's hit the like butten k everyone
umm, any1 elses rs broken? i cant even load the homepage, every other site works fine.
papaya pig was a MOD? 0:47 (look at chat)
Whens your crucible pking guide comin out? Got my moms credit card ready.
thats not sparc mac bud wasted ur life typing for no reason lol?
if u have supreme champion and u die u keep ur items but the other guy gets the supreme weapons
tim you should use torva and divine in the crucible and see how much money you get from the people that run away lol
5:02 "Tim u suck.. Sit" hahaha
whats the two swords above your heads
sad this is what this game is coming to.. Jagex is just promoting prodding with gano & soa.. not any better than korasi prodding. another shit update imo..
@bombdog999 Wtf? Are you kidding with me?
OMG he is the person that i'd hate in the crucible, god
This shit in only fun for maxed mains who are rich as fuck. Gotta go back to the wild now were i continously get rushed/pjed. Fuck it
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