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HE HIT ME - @SpokenReasons Feat: @MrmbkPrez

by Spoken Reasons • 878,677 views

Comedian Spoken Reasons comedy sketch "He Hit Me"

2:34 I call that move the '911'!
Spokenreasons answers the door with a tat on his chest comes out no tattoo
do u love me? *ring on left hand*
did he say he looked like lil fizz ? XD
He really cat daddy on his ass Lmao!
Lmaaooo ! He said ya mom pussy look like a v neck
nigga like i should of should of said i love her
This seemed like it was yesterday! Funny how ya life can change in one year! Keep grinding!
you are so fine JB...omfg. Marry me?
bol u mom pussy look like a V NECK
Aaaaaaand, that's how these hoes be lying and fueling feminazi propaganda about domestic abuse
look at the pitbull he got a durag gansta
haha now that i watch this again still funny as hell still dope never gets old
How the hell did he let them do this to him???
Lmaoo! I SWEA i have to cat daddy slap sumone the next time i hav a fight
Mommy pussy look like a V-neck... Lol
they water borded this nigga wit piss lol
So this dude sat down and took a beating... untied and shit? DWL!!!
Lmfao breast feeding that chiwawa
yo mama pussy look like a v-neck. lmao
He just sad there and took it
Dis nigga brung a chiuaha n captain crunch lmao
u fucked the ass noo u fucked the period hell noo
U fuk her in tha ass u ate her period rotl
Yo momma pussy is a V-Neck!!!!!!LOL
Wow im not the only one that sees it. Chris Tucker all day every video. .......
yo mama pussy look like a v neck lmao but umm tryed to watch it but them packs was to much haha
My Nigga Pissed On Him Lmfaooo Even The Dog!
The Way The Big Guy Comes Around The Corner 0:57
damn like my family.... we get overprotective of our babies!!!
This vid is so funny~ But I really love the fact that he has tights on his head xD
This niggas looked like he been fucked by genuine. Lol
haha dis aint chihuahua dis pitbull mix
LOL! Yo mama's pussy look like a V-neck! Lmao had me rollin
"if u walk through mud u fuck through blood" --->DEAD
"You fucked her in the ass? You ate her period?" Ewwww lmaoo
He have a body but this nigga got titties 2
yo momma pussy look like a v-neck lmao!
Yo Mama Pussy Look Like A V-Neck lmao
lol he pick that nigga up and did the superman into him LMAO!
lookin like a little fetus. lol!
Lmfao that's some shit my brother woulda done lmfaoooooooo
you ate the period yeah mon >>>> what? yeah he did
Who hit yu the fuck yu mean haaaa
why was the sock an orange in the same drawer?
look like you been fucked by dennis rodman lmao
Did that chihuahua just jizz on him?
did he just ricky bobby into a slap
"Ya mamma pussy look like a V neck" lmao that killed me
Lol for a second there i thought she was grabbing a gun from that drawer. XD Am i'm wrong by thinking that lol.
Hahahahah man u r the most fkn beach ever ive ever seen on dis syte btw man do mire videos like does haha nice pitbull
Hmmmmm his body, the only thing i could watch during the entire video haha ;)
"This nigga been fucked by Dennis Rodman" Lmao
Omg!!! This video is hella funny.
this niqqa got a stocking kap & a bandana lmao
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