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Foot Locker - Tear Away

by Foot Locker • 1,560,347 views

James Harden likes to keep his Approved Foot Locker gear fresh. Russell Westbrook tests the limits of that dedication. So he always wears more than one. The Beard wins. Approved.

Foot Locker Shared on Google+ · 7 months ago
#TBT..."Tear Away" featuring Russell Westbrook and James Harden
Harden did a good job executing
This one is good. James harden singing is funny but he looks way to serious
What are the three pairs of nikes shoes on the right with the strap the red black and yellow ones they look like penny posites can someone plz tell me
This commercial is old.  I know.  I miss the trio.  
That is fucking awesome.
Darrien Singh#3 Shared on Google+ · 6 months ago
#TBT..."Tear Away" featuring Russell Westbrook and James Harden
I lost it at the beard
This has got to be the best one 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
rewatch after the 2k15 james haren beard commercial haha
Mike Wolfe Shared on Google+ · 10 months ago
I usually hate ads but this one was so funny, I clicked just to comment.
maybe not now, but years from now he will be a hall of famer
Can we nominate this as best commercial of all time?
Thanks for the view! :) And how dare you call anyone a fag when you just called another man a "god" haha, what a contradicting, pretentious dick you turned out to be. I said Westbrook is a great player so how am I hating? He's just not the best PG for OKC and if you stopped sucking his dick and told him not to cum in your eyes, then maybe you wouldn't be so blind to the truth.
Yo harden must of been like bitch fuck you russel rips beard harden rips beard off and going to coach trade russel
No I wont. That;s the gayest thing I've ever read on youtube. Please, leave.
hey tobi is really obito!!!!!!
Brace yourselves, ifunny people are coming
Internet Explorer just liked this video. And us non-IE users would not be buying FL's shows if it happens again...
hardens stares are hilarious 0:14 , [i know this nigga didnt] 0:17 [do it again nigga do it again!] 0:22 [im tellin coach, u gettin traded!]
Your name has "Swag" in it. You shouldn't be talking. Besides, as a black, I'm complimented by his comment. Jesus.
he didnt leave.. he got traded.. its different.
All the people that say Westbrook sucks at PG is wrong. He's an unselfish player and when he does give the ball up to a guy nobody says oh good pass he's a pretty good point guard. You just hate on him. If he didn't do what he did the whole season, the thunder would have been the 7th seed in the west. Without his 24 ppg theyd have about 15 more losses than they had. So before you say oh he's a bad point guard yadda yadda yadda, make sure you know that he does whatever he needs to do to get a wi
Dude my name is kevin like a fresh apple yes a frsh apple i said inshould sleep over @ vincents aka thao my name is kevin and i like pp up my bb
My name has swag in it, what does that have to do with anything? Muhammad Ali is a great boxer, but does that have any relevance? Exactly. Be complimented, I could care less.
Here come the ifunnyans....ites? Ifunnyites? Ah fuck it. Just be warned.
Idc if Magic was one of the greatest PG of all time, Mario Chalmers shot 1-8 2 POINTS that same game but Russ is the "worst finals PG"? Fuck outta here. When he made those SAME shots next game he said "that's what they need him to do! what a great scorer!" He's been playing SG before he entered the NBA and had to transition into the PG role because he's undersized. He's young and has time to improve. Why change up a formula that got you to the finals? You'll be calling him the Point God soon.
Lol. And this is the whole reason James Harden left OKC
THE Seattle SuperSonics!!!!!!!!! "IF the city would of kept them this wat would of been" :/
Why do people have to post that ifunny brought them here? Morons. I'm gonna start writing computer or phone when I leave comments. Better yet. When I go places. I'm gonna start writing "car" on the walls just so everyone knows.
Except for in the NBA Finals. I'm sorry, I had to do it, lol. Harden's awesome
hey look afro-american play basketball and the president of u.s is afro-american wtf! LOL that so fucking FUNNY white americans hahahaha
Uwshdgdjdjrjrjrjrjrkdkrkrkrkrkrkrerk l
best commercial ever!!! laughtrip!
No problem. Love how you assume I'm a guy, dumbass. And stop using one game as judgement. In the argument and in that video, you only talk about game 5.
westbrook squirting mustard on james' beard's gonna be the reason why he's leaving okc next yr. lol!
WOW westbrook wear t-shirt instead of his beautiful suits lol funny commercial though :)
damn i need this shirt to go with my south beaches, saw that colorway in chicago but they didnt have my size, now i cant find it
Why the fuck was this featured on iFunny!
@72diehard45 the home run durby griffeys.
You really think so? I think you're wrong old chap.
This is the worst acting i've ever seen in a commercial
hahahaha his shoes came off too
lololol russels face at 0:12 he was like "what the fuck is he serious lemme try dis again"
did he throw his beard on the grill?
:23 that moment when everyone was wondering what was going to happen
Maybe. Hopefully he doesn't get injured anymore. He is very entertaining and I like players like him and rondo
Did anyone notice the sly cooper cane he made at 0:13
Westbrook NEVER PASSED the mustard because he didn't want Harden to CHOKE on his hot dog.
Looks like the beard was the last straw! You can mess up the clothes, but dont touch the beard! lol
so this is why Harden left to Houston...
He isn't either. They're good players though except westbrook isn't too smart all of the time
I love this can't stop watching it!
Like if you saw this as a commercial then looked it up! hahah
Jeremy Lin and James Harden. Nice backcourt rockets
dat stare. Like he did to Lebron In the playoffs
this is why James Harden left. HAHAHA
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