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Bandito - Rockin At The Disco (Out NOW!)

by Hard2beatRecords • 431,139 views

Buy Rockin' At The Disco from iTunes here: Visit to get all the latest Bandito info!! Bandito - Rockin At The Disco The wicked new video from...

some times ya gotta listen to some cheesy bullshit!
This should have been called.. Auto-Tune: The Song. Although I have to admit it is catchy as hell
This is how you end up if you didn't pay attention at choices for life
I’m in that weird part of YouTube... Again...
'09, that was a good year :)
@tortolano101 same i saw him aswell love him so much and this song
i saw him today at aberdeen too were you there today
Thumbs up if you saw him a Choices for life <3
T E S C T E S C O O SHOPPING AT TESCO! Seen him at choices 4 life lol
@tortolano101 me 2 where did u c him at!!!!!! it was amazing everybody was on their feet LOL
i seen him today at choices for life in aberdeen he was bantzz i loved him epecially
saw him at choices for life, in edinburgh at ingilston:)! never really knew who he was then but it was amazinnng<333
His eyes kinda freak me out. o.O
i met bandito at yellow day and got his autograph so haha
i seen him at choices for life and i actual loved it :|!!!
girl at 2:33 kinda looks like katey price
i saw him at choices for life pure loved iht xx
this song is kl i seen him at choices for life !
This is the most autotuned song I have ever heard....
@TheCaity1998 where did you see them i saw them in aberdeen with my school pitmedden me and my mate were jumping LOL it was so cool
The time he came to Choices For Life, 2009. Funny how we thought he was good.
@AMC66 dont be jaloux.. ;) maybe you get pretty in your next life looool...
ive heard a song liek this Im sure its off patrick jumpen this is an solen song with lyrics
Come on everybody - dance and rocking at the - disco!!!
this is such a copy of bass hunter...... but ITS SO FUCKEN CATCHY THIS SHITS STUCK IN MY HEAD. FUCK @!@!@!!@
Oh my god, he's on drugs, but he's wearing lenses
@SerenSL oh god that remix sucks if you ask me
i saw him at choices for life live way ma skool he was amence cait xx
I remember seeing this live a few months ago <3 i love this song SO much xD its awesome him how good he is..u wouldnt unerstand how good he is until..u c it live on stage with every1 singing and dancing seriously OMG he was amazing!!!!!!
Omg I remebr him from choices for life in Glasgow :L! But I had no clue who he was back then...
@tortolano101 thumbs down to tortolano's comment if u get sick of comments like that
the song good but he f**king Lush x
how can they just there and clap and i would having a big ass rave to the beats
the burd in the orange is BANG TIDY!!!!
yo obviouslynotanerd i wonder who that is
i saw him today aswll choices for life in aberdeen and it was so mad my mate fell on a random steward
i like the girl who bashes the loosers out the way!
HAHAHA. I know that skater lass. :) Cassie McMillian.
hes too much of a basshunter wannabe and is saying hot girls are better than normal girls so tbh hes a shit artist
lol the hot ass girls in this video got me through this whole song.... and it was still not worth listening to this shit
saw him at choices 4 life iiday ace BeAtZz
HES SCOTTISH :) !! Thumbs up for scottishh ravers !!! Thumbs up if you seen him @ choices for life
he's fit, funny and a brilliant singer. crap vid tho. but love him, cool song, bro.
russel yae look so much like your cousin there haha! you can kick ma naws later when am up. michelle said she'll phone ya later pal :)
seriously is this his only song out there? I want more Bandito!!! COME ON!!!!
I used to stand up and do my thing, and listen to the radio, I used to be the star of the show, and rock at the disco. I used to lose myself, and be who I wanted to be, I would move my body to the melody, and I used to have fun and rock out to the song that I knew........then I took an arrow to the knee.
He was our choices for life :D 2010! x
i wrote a song with russell hes a good guy so give him a break he has done well all he has done for years is try and make it a top class mate
I'm rather scared of his fe:(et eyebrows;9
hehe, i think he is amazin and i like totally see him at choices for lifee in inverness x
i laughed at this, kinda catchy though....
he sang this at choices for life, was amazing, secc was jumping haha!
I saw this live at choices for life in 2009/2010 :'D
This song is everything I'm against. It's like High School Musical found the cocaine. The music is dead lame and cheesy, the video is proper gay. The dude singin looks about 5 foot 2 and wears more make up then cheryl cole and looks like he should be some guys bitch in prison. Saying all that though I kinda like the tune I dont know why.. its kind of catchy and I aint ashamed to have this shit bangin on the sub.
same! seen him @ secc choces 4 life!:P:P:P
Seen him at choises for life in edinbhurge
i saw him at choices for life it was great
@stellerjinx where did you see him i saw him in aberdeen with my school
Thumbs up if you searched "bandito" because you wanted to find videos of Mexican bandits robbing trains.
looks like the wannabe cool geography teacher, lol
wooooooooooow claire yu saw himmmm i cant belive hes scottish!!!!!!!
@mhairimeatsix Cheesy aye but he is ah hell uv a lot better live :) and aye he is from scotland :) glasgow to be specific :D
I saw him at Choices for life at the secc on wednesday the 5th of May And he was so awesome !!!!! :] hope he brings out more songs !!!!! :):):) xXx
his eyes are homo
geez he neeed to look serious in this viedo like it looks like the cant stop smiling
i like rap music but i like little byte more dance music
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