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IMATS Haul 2012!

by Makeup Geek • 118,755 views

More on this here!!! My Personal Site: My Twitter: Facebook:...

i tried the polish from says it last 48 hours....only lasted a few hours...the beads started to fall off
You have the best eyeshadows!!!!!! My Mac shadow collection has stopped! Thank you for making Mac quality for such a great cost for all of us!! love u doll!! xoxo
Are you going to be at IMATS LA 2013?
Ah, Tiffany also put your picture with her on her video. You two look great together
Really random question, could you tell me where you got the pic frames in the background? I LOVE them! Thanks, I heart MUG!
yeah, had a medical condition and gained 200 pounds in 3 years so now working it out. good luck with your remaining 30 beautiful muggie. (r u a sagittarius too?)
@makeupgeektv hopefully I'll see your products at IMATS in Australia soon xxxx when I'm actually old enough to go by myself :) -3
I wish you would come to the NY IMATS. I'd love to meet you ;)
Hope to meet u at IMATS2013!! U seem like a very sweet n amazing person.. love ur tutorials.. :)
Hi Marlena! I was wondering if you'll ever be around in the NYC area? All the events seem to happen on the west coast :(
Looking extra gorgeous! Please tell us your hair color! It looks darker
Marlena, could you do a video on all your Matte shadows in your collection? I am sooo going to IMATS next year, looking forward to seeing your cosmetic line!
the caviar bead manicure kit is NOT cute for more than 2 days. but i got sucked in too!
No, anyone can attend as long as you purchase a ticket!
She just posted a tutorial based on her look in this video, you must check it out.
Hello lovely! You need to come to Australia!! That'd be awesome!!
I wish your camera could focus on the items :(
Looking forward to the MUG meet up in Sacramento!
So excited for you having a booth at IMATS next year!!!! Congratulations :)
Hey Marlena! 2 things: 1) Your hair looks amazing here... did you change the color to be darker? It looks very very very beautiful and refreshing 2) Your room looks awesome and really nicely put together would you ever consider doing a room decor ideas video or a room tour? I know it's not really makeup related but I really trust your opinion and thoughts and would really really really love watching a video that had to do with a tour of your home or just discussing home decor Thanks!! xoxo
What nailpolish is that???? I love it.
hey the makeup in this haul video, could u do a tutorial on the this look...simply love the look
This make up look soooo pretty on you!!!!
you look very tired in this video =)
congrats for the booth next year ! And that's A HAUL !!!! xxx
Please tell us your hair color!
Becareful about the nail caviar , I remember other YouTube people getting letters is they suggested dupes for it. The artical should be easy to find google it.
I absolutely love you! Your one of my favorite makeup gurus, and I plan on being a makeup artist :) thanks to your influential videos that have taught me everything!
kay sooo to get a better understanding of the pronouciation i am trying to say here please search Kentaro Kimura, HAKUHODO. HA - KOO - HORE - DOOR not HA - KOO - HOE - DOE... i am a fiend for pronounciation in my language n if your going to correct others on it, i suggest you know what your saying is correct...
Watch her arabian nights tutorial. Thats the makeup!
I'd like to see a review on that lip sealant
I totally just clicked on this because I saw Like that's her name, lls..
I have been using the Beauty So Clean spray on my powders and I like it
2 much pink. What makes your torso look nice is the cute face & sleek hair & stuff. Has nothing 2 do with makeup. back the cam up so we can C the rest of U.
Oh ok. Thanks. I've been watching her on and off and I thought I remembered her speaking of her husband in past videos but she doesn't anymore.
The pink handled sephora brush loses bristles and softness after one wash - even using conditioner on it. :-(
Are you using a different camera for this video? The quality isn't as good as your usual videos...
MUG meet up in Australia Marlena ? x
First off your hair and make up looks gorge!! Secondly i love everything you baught. & lol at butchering hakuhoTOE : p also ooh at eye candy glitters a lil shimma shimma haha.
I'd love to see more tutorials involving the glitters, because I'm contemplating picking some up at the Toronto IMATS in November! :D
Congrats you deserve it ! You worked hard and you get to enjoy the fruit of your labor. Bravo !!!
I bought the whole bdellium kit off amazon a few years ago and they are great brushes for a great price!
I really like the fact that you always have a different background or so for your videos. (:
Ooh, what color are your nails??
why is there a photo of you and tiffany in the box, ?? i thought you ware going to show us photo's and video's of imats .... :(
Do a tutorial on this makeup look! Pretty please! D:
yay yay SF MUG meet up! I am there!
Marlene you are such a genuine sweet & humble person. Aside from being extremely beautiful of course. Hehehe, ^.^ I love your videos so much. & I can't wait for January!!
Non capisco una sola parola di quello che dici, ma ADORO i tuoi video :)) E tu sei bellissima!! Baci dall'Italia!
I recently did a haul from Inglot and Sephora if you want to check it out on my channel Hi guys I am also a beauty lover and makeup artist from Australia. Lets share our inspirations! I recently did a haul Inlgot and some other great brands that won't break your bank. Pleas visit my channel and if you like please subscribe!
i lovelovelove your eyeshadow in this video. Gorgeous~
the owner of Hakuhodo told me not to wash the brushes as you would a regular brush, only spot clean because of how they were made and the hair used. You can damage it by washing as you would a regular makeup brush.
Why are you paying $40 for a MAC brush? You should apply to be a MAC Pro member since you do make up for a living.
oh okay thanks! I think I will try and go the next time then :)
Hi marlena so excited to stop by the MUG booth next year!! Just some FYI hakuhodo uses real animal hair from animals that were killed, she said they purchase the hair and someone else buys the skins but that turned me away so fast didn't buy any after that!! So sad please don't use them as animals were harmed in making them
You are seriously beautiful ! :)
Woohoo IMATS in LA can't wait I'm soo happy that you are going to have a MUG booth.
Hi Marlena! What is the name/brand of your wall color? Also, where did you get it from?
MUG meet up in Nashville, pleeeeeease!!!!!!
The focusing of this video annoyed me! It was focused in the back and She didn't do anything to fix it :(
Marlena you look gorgeous lady! Please do a tutorial on this look! xo
awww both of u together !! <3 <3
you got a lot of really cool stuff!
Had to like right off the bat due to the striking make up. Great look.
I'm so excited for you on the upcoming Imats in Janurary. Sounds like a lot of fun. Congratulations Marlana.
Wow! I haven't been on youtube in a while & I must say that I missed watching makeupgreeks channel! She is so beautiful!
what is on your nails! its a gorgeous color!!!
Did you see the Shany brushes? What are your thoughts? They were cheap, but the brushes seemed really soft!
yesssss come to sacramento plz!!!!
Cannot wait to hear about the lipstick sealer! My husband hates when I wear lipstick cause it comes off
Please do a tutorial!! This is SUCH a gorgeous look
Did I see correctly? Was that Tiffany from makeupbytiffany? !!
2 quick questions! 1] are things more expenisive at imats? 2] how can you get in imats? waiting list?
That glitter stuff that you were talking about - is that not Lit Cosmetics glitter?
I got the Eye Candy products at the Chicago Makeup show last summer and our daughters are dancers and we use it ALL THE TIME . On stage it looks beautiful!
Can't wait till you come to Sacramento!!!
I love your makeup look, please do a video!
Is the makeupgeek makeupline like 'high-end' or like 'lower-end/drugstore'
is there a tutorial for this look?
Please do a makeup tutorial on this look! You look so good.
What face products do u use...cleanser day and night creams...
Wayne,the gossmakeupartist, have lots of hakukodo brush. Check him out. He's amazing! xoxo
Marlena, I love the eye makeup you are wearing today.. Would you do a tutorial?
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