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Minecraft - Volcanos & Raining TNT - Explosives+ Mod Part 2

by YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon • 3,334,471 views

Strap yourself in for some explosions. My computer almost melted down while trying to record this series of videos. Explosives+ Mod: ●...

Just imagine what would happen if israphel was able to get a hold of this. Why do I think this created the yogcave ruins? And also remember terrorvale? We never saw that return... Maybe it's all destroyed, along with mistrell, icadia, and what will happen to verigans hold and the oasis? BRING BACK THE SERIES AND MAYBE WE WILL FIND OUT! #BringbackSoI2014-2015
Anybody else love the old yogscast theme? If there is a full song can someone link it to me.
"We needed a little copper"
and these idiots are one of the most subbed youtubers in the world. sigh
What would you suggest then?
At least I would never need a pick axe again!
is it just me or is the volcano the most popular disaster
09:00 i understand that reference Simon.
lol he did not show biome buster
I need obsidian: two volcano explosives. job. done.
9:00 parody of a certain song
that biome buster though
lol precision biome busters XD
Computer busters :D
Erm... it destroyed bedrock. Not supposed to happen...
if i would get a stack of all tnts you all would die and minecraft would die too :D lol
Little more than a chunk
What if the TNT Rain made TNT Rains fall from the sky...
its like a head and it explodes and the sniper said boom headshot
What about tsar bomba rain?
omg im called dante lol
lol best tnt ever it is epic my little brother lovesit I wish I had that mod on xbox
What would happen if you used all the tnt's from all the mods ever
Your pc would crash :p
Wait was simon singing chocolate rain
Yeah the volcan only kind of erupts
thats not what the biome buster does actually
around 4:30 there was diamonds
A troller: Alright,there online,time to grief! "ARandomNameHere has joined the game" "ARandomNameHer has left the game"
The biome buster is good for wars
Just looking at the comment section in general usually makes you dumber
call in a airstrike. moments later ahhh holy shitttttttttttt
What you have against ginger's pussy-bitch? (I'm not ginger)
when the volcano erupted did anyone else hear a pig snort
i should download that mod on my war server
why don't you just call it destroy build destroy
It looks like there's just been a Dragon Ball Z fight
Elephant gun + biome buster = long range remote detonation
Lol now I know why Simon is not there
what about purple rain, some will die but all will feel pain.
You should have turned your video settings to max fps
the most game stopping bomb could be the precision biome buster :)
i love the volcano bomb soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
he must have an amazing pc i tryd it on my 64gb of ram and 5.2 ghz prosesr pc and it froz it for 5 mins
Like this comment if you are watching in 2013
The Biome Buster is not supposed to take out 1 chunk, it';s supposed to take out a whole biome, i have seen other mod reviews of this and it takes out a biome
The biome buster takes out an entire chunk? Thats tiny... Isn't a chunk in minecraft a 16*16 area???
TNT rain should be a song parody or whatever by these guys!
I dare you to tell that to the 4,710,272 and counting subscribers.
U could of put all of them in one line and make the gangham sytle
At 4:35 you can see notch's face next to your wrench...he's watching
sometimes the biome buster takes out the entire biome
tnt raiiin tadata bababababaaa tnt raiiiin tatatatataaaaaa
They but when then post 44 (most likely the ending)
I like the Volcano TNT its really awesome to have a volcano
what that does not make sence "what did to minecraft it will crash and more like insted::) it sholed be :\ peece out mother fucker
i tried that, and i needed to give lots of personal info, so no, it wont take a couple of minutes, and im not even going to TRY to mess with that stupid website again.
thumbs up if you LOVE explosions! :D
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