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Christina Perri - Distance + Lyrics on screen and in description + Guitar chords

by ampifyme • 2,169,534 views

repeat link: read for info on the video!♥ VIDEO: distance by christina perri with lyrics on screen off of her new cd lovestrong. LYRICS + CHORDS:...

To me this song is about a forbidden love, you know you had a connection but it didn't work out and you're heartbroken. Now you have to face that person everyday and pretend nothing happened while the feelings still remain.
I agree. But I can see it in the direction of being in love with your best friend also
I have this close friend and he is funny,silly, cute,and smart. I like him a lot, but he has a girlfriend that hates me. She is the exact opposite of me she puts on mountains of make-up, hates video games, is not the smartest, and hates volleyball. I know he likes me because he told me he doesn't love her the he used to, he Tod me we had a connection that's hard to ignore. I don't know if he will leave her but I will wait for him. n_n :]
+Kelly Crisostomo :D I'm glad I got to meet you! I'm excited to be able to be more of friends with you :o >.<'
+OhSoBAWS that's so sweet! I look forward to becoming more friends with you too!!!!
This song breaks my heart. Even though it's like some one read my feelings and wrote a song about them. Because it's exactly my feelings. It hurts, to have to hide your love for someone because you don't want to ruin your friendship. It hurts so much
i like my best friend to but i dont want to ruin the friendship..its really hard hiding my secret from her
Don't worry I'm sure it gets better with time I feel your pain I wish you luck
I have a crush on my best friend. He's so funny and cute. Whenever I have a problem, he's there for me. I don't know if he likes me. I want to tell him but I don't want to ruin our friendship. But it's getting harder to keep quiet. I don't know what to do. If my best friend is reading this, then I love you and if you don't feel the same, then I understand...
+Jennifer Lopez i agree with terenthar101 you should do it! be brave before someone else takes him away, gurl ;)
He is the only one who makes me so nervous that I can't even talk when he is around. I just want to be with him all the time. When he is around I'm so caught up that I can't even hold his hand because I'm afraid I won't be able to let go.
That's so cute @Cassie Famoso
I guess you could say that I'm starting to like this boy, again. The thing that happened before was that because our sisters were close friends, we started talking and stuff. Sometimes, my sister needed to do a school project with his sister, so we went to their house. Of course, at first, it was awkward talking to this boy. To talk to Rommel. But since we went to their house, I became closer to Rommel and his family (Sisters, grandmother, and parents). Then, I started liking him. One day, I wrote to my sister, in a piece of paperm that I liked him and put it inside her backpack. In that same day, we were going to their house again. I think I was in D's and A's sister, Rommel, his sisters, and I were all there. Sooooo, it seemed that my sister had read it in the morning, she asked if I could show it to them. I thought for several minutes, debating with myself and at the end, I nodded with a shy smile. My sister said that Rommel wasn't allowed to see the nite. He groaned and protested, but ended up going outside the room to Vaquito, his adorable dog (I think it was a chihuahua...not sure). They read it and thought it was cute. I was quite. embarrased. Suddenly, he entered the room and snatched the note from them. My eyes widened and they started shouting. It was pretty funny, because we all ran to him and took the note out of his reach. I took a deep breath of relief, heh. The gunny thing was that he, I think, asked me who I liked. I would always lie and say the name of my first crush. He teased me a lot and I would think, "Dude, I like you! It's you who I have a stupid crush on." Holy crambolly, I started typing and typing something unnecessary! Well, it's staying there. Here's the reason I pushed my feelings away: It had been months since I went to his house, but we grew pretty close. One day, we were in the computer lab and they were saying that it was cute that he was gonna ask M.E. to be his girlfriend. I was shattered. I went home with a sad and shocked face. Weeks had passed, Rommel and M.E. were together. But I felt guilty. I felt guilty that I liked the boyfriend of my friend. She didn't know, but still. So I pushed my feelings away. I told them congrats and that i was happy for them. When we were back from summer vacation, I was torn to see them holding hands and looking at each other like the fucking couple they were. I was jealous, I admit it. But I stopped liking him and started liking my old crush again. He would tease me when i talked to G and I would just glare at him. But I admit it, I'm starting to like him again. Darn it, I hate my love/crush life. What can I say, he's just too darn cute, funny, and we have the same taste in music. I'm gonna die if he sees this comment.
As for me this song relates me in my current situation, im in a relationship with someone who is one year older than me, he just graduated highschool and its hard to keep in touch cause he has a future ahead to focus on and i think its better for me to keep my distance :'(
I hope things get batter for you :)
ugggghhhhhh your videos are shit you cant even hear the music .........on any of them that kinda bad please fix !!!!!!!!!!!!
Mykala Jaeschke Shared on Google+ · 7 months ago
I listen to song a lot :P XD hums a little bit
Should i tell him....?
This song use to be just another good song to me, but now... ... ... Actually, it's still just another good song.
Do you know how hard it is when you're already engage and you're still falling for someone else(who's falling for you too). Saddest part, both of you are stucked in a relationship. And now it's a complicated web. I dunno. It's confusing. It's upsetting. It's nerve wrecking. It's mind bugling..
I long for my crush now....but he has a girlfriend whos better than me...
No one is better than you, if you think you cant get them then get another one :) don't dought yourself. Please
Never let a tear fall if the boy you love is not worthy enough..and remeber i feel you coz that's what im experiencing right now
I like this guy at work so much but he doesn't like me sometimes I feel he does but I'm not sure Some of my friends know. I like him they always tell me to tell him how I feel but I'm afraid to do so I am afraid that he will not feel the some it is so hard to work because my heart starts to beat so fast when he is near me . I think about him and I also dream about him that we were together then I wake up and reality hits me it only a dream. I pray to God that it comes true I will be so happy to have the one I love by my side and hold him in my arms and show him how much that I care for him and love him and that I will always be there for him but if not happen I will still be there for him and love him even if its in silent my heart yearns .
code names: the guy that I like and the guy that likes me: MH the guy im with: ZW The guy that I liked asked me out but I was taken so I had to say no. But then after a month of being single I asked MH out... MH said no because his ex and him got back together... after a few months I started to date someone again... MH and his gf broke up.. he asked if I was dating anyone... I said,"Yet again... you waited to long." MH said, "Oh... but this time I'll wait for you..." MH and I have liked each other for 2 years.... sure I'm happy with the guy I'm with... but I really wanna be with MH... I mean dont get me wrong I really like ZW but... I like MH more but I'm afraid to hurt ZW... so I guess I will have to wait until ZW ends it and falls for someone else and I can be with MH... but I duh know anymore .-. it's complicated 
I can't understand how I feel to my boyfriend. We barely talk anymore and when he wants to talk i'm busy and when I need him he's busy. This is just killing me and so I put it towards this song cause I have to keep my distance... :'(
I was in the same exact situation. I'm sorry.
This is my dads yea. But I have a bf. He lives in Tampa. While I live in LP. I barely get to c crushes me though. Im afraid he might c this one girl and fall for her or something. I love him so much, yet he's so far...I feel like giving up...but I cant..hes the love of my life. What do I do? :'(
I used to be able to speak to my crush without it being awkward, but then I told my friend, she told her friend, and then it just got out and the rest of the class knew. I feel like I have no chance with him. :( 
my boyfriend of 18 months and I broke up but... I remember the beginning when i asked him to listen to this and he said,"We can keep this up forever." Forever isn't as long as I thought :\
aint that the truth? it's a bigger kick in the nuts every time.
i kinda feel like this with my crush. he knows i like him and we both keep our distance from eachother
sigh Exactly how I feel I like a girl but I can't talk to her I just get a lump in my throat. What if she doesn't like me, where do I go from there, what do I do. I really like her and I'll think about her hours on end in a daze. She is the best person I've ever met and I really don't want her to be creeped out by me. If you read this, Jade, I Love You.
Beautiful song, deep lyrics.  I'm not posting this for pity, nor do I think anyone will waste their time reading this, but I just have to get this out in the open. (I'm sorry) Last year, I encountered someone I truly care about till this day. Although I had engaged in another relationship in the months leading to this, there was always an attraction to this "friend." I had thought he was "out of my league" and, maybe he was. But as time progressed, we had become close friends, but there was more. The sweet texts, the compliments,  wasting time with him, making plans with him, even kissing. Months ago, he asked me out, but I politely brushed it off. We've had conversations since then, but our communication has completely stopped recently. I feel my anxiety build up, and I feel ill every time I see him. I'm not going to try to confront him anymore, I miss you but, "I'll make sure to keep my distance.."
my ex and still crush doesn't understand how i feel about him I wish he did he was my best friend and know he's gone 4 ever
I pretend not to have dreprision to look cool I know Satan wants this Thanks God for giving me strength to fight this
I wish the best for you.
When she says "The best part is falling" that means the best part is falling (in love). You can tell too that instead of wanting an end to their relationship, they both like each other but are too afraid because the song has two voices in it (Female and Male)
When my daughter Katherine got a boyfriend they were so close even on games when the guy (Mark) falls in love with chaotic (amanda) they broke up then she returned home and said " I want to kill myself" then when the guy broke up with chaotic he found out on the game she was not there and he said to me " where is Katherine? " and I said " She suicided " he cried and got back to U.S. and we just planned then they are on a distance love(Katherine still loves him)
OMG, this matches my self with my crush so much, i really wish I could send this to them, or ask them to look it up... Sighs...
Jason Mraz is also singing in the song :)
I can't accept my bestfriend even he loves me. I just want to be as his bestfriend.. Am i the bad girl ? I'm doing this because in my deep heart, there are one person that always make me happy. Yeah.. My crush.. Secretly and quietly i love him.vand now its about 1 years and 7 month. That's why i can't accept my bestfriend's heart.
@2:09 "And i keep waiting. For you to take me... You keep waiting. To save what we have" Ayeee my favorite part of the song! :)
I don't even know how well I can sing 'cause i'm too embarrassed to practice in my house! :( 
+Chris Ice lol totally right. I think my neighbors have a better idea of what my voice sounds like then my parents
life is too short. anyone that says you're an awful singer for practicing is an awful person... 10x over if they're your family.
I regret what I've done to my two close friends. They used to speak to each other so freely, and now they avoid each other purposely because of what I've done. Now one of them has to keep her distance, say that she loves her when she's not there, and they cannot even speak to each other when the rest of our friends are around. They might never speak again because of me... And the one who says "I love you" when the other's not around forgives me... The other one speaks to me like nothing's wrong... It physically hurts. I didn't know that having more friends meant that this kinda thing would happen.
it happens my two best friends fight every time they see each other and are constantly causing problems for me and our other friend but they did it before and made up it can just take a little while
Is it me or this song sounds a little bit like It Will Rain from Bruno Mars?
who is singing with her?
Me, every single time I hear this song. <3
I. Love. You. Three simple words that may be the hardest ones  in life. Everyone wishes that they could say theses words to their special one and he/her will feel the same and they will live happily ever after. Well screw that cause it ain't gonna happen. I know because i tried to once. My heart is frickin broken. I cry almost all the time anymore. I shut my family and almost all my friends out so.. SCREW IT.
This should be the official song for EreMika*. Basically describes their entire relationship.  * Eren And Mikasa from Attack on Titan if you don't know
sry when i write german... wie machst du deine Videos? ...wich programm is that?? 
Im srry for all my mistakes plz forgive😢💔my heart cant take more wounds 💔
This song reminds me of my ex last 6 years ago. I regret not being able to become a decent man for her. We remain as friends up to now.. I have my new love and she also have someone too. But when she starts talking about her love.. Im feeling kinda weird.. Not saying im bitter nor happy. Maybe.. I do still love her up to now.. Missing her a lot. It pains me to here I will never be able to be by her side again.. Just sayin. For all the guys out there appreciating the song.. Please do everything for your loveones. once theyre gone.. Its hard for them to comeback. And you will end up in pain and missing them each passing day..
I was reading Taking Chances by Molly McAdams and this song came up just at the right moment
I listen to this song no matter what mood I'm in, but it helps me feel better when I'm angry or sad, like most music I listen to.
The vampire diaries brought me here <3
+Fiona Boyd Me neither. I tried reading the first chapter but it was crap. the t.v show is so much better
+Sally McIntyre I read some parts of the first book at a friends house but I never got around to finishing reading them 
I love this song.I have the same situation right now. :'(
it is weird how this song used to be just a song I like, but now it is my story  ._. 
I'll make sure to keep my distance
does anyone know the picking/strumming pattern for this song?
I try to keep my distance from anyone who I develop feelings for. I move around a lot, and never stay in one place for long...I can't afford to love anyone outside my family...
I used to feel butterflies in my stomach when I was listening to this song! Now, I just cry my eyes out remembering moments of falling in love. :"(
...God damn it...she sang my exact feelings...
I LOVE THIS SONG its so pretty
I sing this when happy, angry, bored, sad, crying, and when in LUV.
You said you Like me , and I'm starting to faLL ,but I'll keep my distance .. Coz you can never Like someone you haven't met yet .. 
I regret not being more open or fun when i was with my ex bf. My heart aches everyday. Now he is with someone else, as soon as he broke up with me. That hearts more then anything else because that's how much he truly cared for me. I  loved him with all my heart and he feels he is with his soul mate. Can I be broken any more then I already am.
I understand you i am going threw the samething
If only i could call her mine.... :'(
i wish he would listen to me, this is exactly how i feel
Please, watch my first video! It will mean a lot. And comment and subscribe to my channel. Thank you soooo much!!!!!
Ethel Ilagan Shared on Google+ · 11 months ago
Christina Perri - Distance + Lyrics on screen and…:
I always keep my distance to my best friend...besides were not talking anymore...i say i love you when hes not listening...
I have a crush... and  i do say i love you when he isn't listening
I have two friends and they are very nice but sometimes they avoid me... Sometimes the people who make you smile are the loneliest and im the one that makes people laugh...
This song makes me cry but its very good;( my parents are splitting up so they have to keep there distance;(
Karynn Ketash Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
i love this song so much i will listen to it everyday when i go home and when i'm going out and repeat after u :D  
The pictures of Christina in here reminds me of "Clarissa Fairchild" from "The Mortal Instruments" By Cassandra Clare. 
Amber Lynn Wade Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Love this song <3 it clicks to my heart
Renatta Pelaez Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
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As pessoas afivelam uma máscara, e ao cabo de alguns anos acreditam piamente que é ela o seu verdadeiro rosto. E quando a gente lha arranca, ficam em carne viva, doridas e desesperadas, incapazes de compreender que o gesto violento foi a melhor prova de respeito que poderíamos dar. (Miguel Torga)
i really really <3 this song:) i believe in love but what i dont believe is in cheating on love:/ i wish everyone that is in a relationship that you two will stay together forever ^,^
Maybe he was too shy to tell your friend that he likes you..
"And I will make sure to keep my distance"
actually i was since feb 1 when i asked her out and she said yes at 212lbs i dropped to 185 and starting insanity next thursday.
You should talk to her...maybe she likes you too! :)
This is what i feel like about a boy.
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