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by ShaneDawsonTV2 • 2,514,292 views

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His mustanche in the beginning looks like dab lol
Shanaynay Doll: Time Da Get Raping!
This was the very first Shane Dawson video I ever saw! Ahh the nostalgia....
Like if you're watching in 2015
shanaynay: Hey guttersluts and bubble butts!
Shanaynay should say: ima go to red lobster to get some crabs oh wait i have those!
She'd say, "Gurllllll I'm on my period and when I get emotional I get reaaaaal emotional!"
this was the time shane was really good 
Shananaya's catch phrase should be I am going out to go kill some people
Bring does rice krispy treats over here or ill bust yo ass!!!!
Snahayhay Doll: Now kids, don't forget the N-Word! N!@@3er!
when he had the  mustache on he kinda looked like onision xP
shanaynay doll: you all about to get me emotional and I'm on my period so I'm about to get real emotional
Fuck dat never go to hell
shanaynay:ooo girlll you like that shit too?
'Hello guttersluts and bubblebuts!' would probably be it... I wonder which one I would be...
shanaynay doll: Fuck You Faggit
Show#whats in the box???!!! Doll#hell ya i would
Shanaynay doll: Hey gutter sluts and bubbly buts
Hey Mother fukkas and Bubble Butts! I'm on my period!
Shananay would say get ready bich and you are making me emotional and I'm on my period So I'm getting real emotinal
you grew a moustache so you can look and be gay
His hair looks like Jared padalecki's hair omg
You might even say that's... Supernatural
shane with a mustache makes me think of onision
Nigga fuck me girl.
Beep Beep Beep hello yall
shanaynay will say FUCK YOU FAGOT!
Short short will give u an under the wast sad face
shanayay doll: better bring those rice krispies over here before i cut yo ass!
shanayay doll: better bring those rice krispies over here before i put a cap in yo ass!
shananys frase cap in the ass
She'd say, "Come on, you mothaf***in bitch!" Actually I have no idea
Hey there gutter sluts and bubble butts
I brace my weirdness to and if she had catchphrase it would be heeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllll no
Chamaigne catchphrase should be set back down before a cap in your ass
Shenaynay would say "I have a crap in my pants!"
Shane's really a cat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D * steals him* my cat!
she would say : u better like this or u shall turn Into a potato lol no
Theirs a penis in my vagina!
Shanayny should say fuck you bitch
Shanaynay: there's a snake in my pants!
When you were five you look like jarred/Ned anyone else? idk y
With the mustache and hair u look like billy Rae Cyrus
Shananay should say hi sluts and bubble butts!
shanaynay would say shut the fuck up
Hey gutter sluts and bubble butts!
1.oooooooo hell noooooooo 2. Niga Please 3. suck my dick
shanay doll: i will bust a cap in your  ass like i did to shane
She would proberly say "there's a dick in my arise"
Shananay would say this is fucking awseome
Shanaynay would say...Da fuck u lookin at
I'll rob and kill you and your bitch ass friend
Hey gutter sluts and bubble butts
she wood say:what up guder sluts end bubble butts
I love his emo character <3 Whose name always changes haha
gutter sluts not guzzle
Shananay would say : '' F*** You Nig*a
shanaynay would say, my weaves doity
Shanaynay would say hey bubble butts and gutter sluts
Shane: "Shanaynay gone wild" Hell no that's Shanaynay gone sober xD
lets play the blender challenege!
She would say "F*ck you"
She should say wona fuck
She should say hey gutter...... and bubble butts
Shanaynay would say " I will pop a cap in yo ass "
shannay would say littleb***ch suck my balls
her catch would be wooh girl
Hey bubbler sluts
shaynaynay would say lets do it no condoms
people her line would be girrrrrrl pls
It should her catch phrase....hey gutter sluts and bubble butts:) haha love ya Shane
Shane you mot ugly or look fucking gross you are a cool kind of guy so stop hating ur self
Sit down or ill put a cap in yo ass
Shanaynay: there is never to much weed.
Shanaynay doll: What the fuck you talkin' bout.
She would say It's true I have a problem yo
What happened to your emo hair?
She would probably say " Bitch, yo stanky ass pussy make me sick."
I would buy it if she said: Im Shanaynay! Fuck all yo pussys!  You Should call this series Shane's Bitch Bag
Shanaynay: Shit Bitch to much weed.
shanaynay would say im on my period so im getting real emmotional
Girl don't fuck at me
im going to kill you
girl you should go fuck yourself
The doll should say: If you fucked me and it burns when you pee you have a STD yahhh
Shanaynay doll: whos that bitch im that bitch hahahhahahahaahhahahhahahqhaha vomits
Natrule hair .shanynay doll =).Biiiitcch!..theres no snake in my boot shots her self =)
she whould say if you ever smoke my weed i will kill you
she would probaly say "Bitch please!!!!!!!"
Shanaynay doll: that bitch better shut up before I kill that how that slut ass fucking bitch so you better freakin bring my lays patato chips! ❤️
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