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JOHNNY DEPP: Explosives with Hunter S. Thompson (The Graham Norton Show)

by BBC America • 191,678 views

Watch an exclusive SNEAK PEEK from an all new episode of THE GRAHAM NORTON SHOW before the U.S. Premiere *** Saturday, Nov 12 at 10/9c *** following the premiere of the new season of Primeval. The...

Just saying, in English chat shows the audience only laughs if we find the people funny... Fact. 
As opposed to laughing when they don't find people funny?
Man Depp gets alot of hate for being himself. At least in America, they paint him to be a pretentious and unpatriotic prick. Don't see why, seems like a cool dude, maybe its last few lack luster Tim Burton performances. 
This may be a stupid question, but Johnny Depp was born in Kentucky, and raised in Florida, so why does he have a European accent? I know he owns homes in France, but still... 
I think the "european accent" simply is a mixture between various combination of North American and British accents with an additional  "x" accent from a random  EU country. Most people try to hide this x accent so when a north american or british person "lose" their orignal accent it may become very similar to this so called EU accent.  I base this from the fact I went to an english speaking school with teacher from all over the word creating a accent soup in the pupils. This "soup" I sometimes recognize from random people I meet.   Surely some linguistic somewhere has coined a term for this phenonomen  or something.
i do hear what ur talkin comes from years of method acting and hanging out and doing drugs with hunter s thompson and living in england combined with his kentucky accent.  hunter is also from kentucky and if u hear his voice during interviews ull hear a lot of similarities between his voice and depps.
Ricky Gervais looked APPALLED. 
why has his dialect changed so much from how he used to sound?
Johnny Depp is to adorable.  XD
Google hunter s thompsons funeral and you can see he really did make it happen the cannon was huge!
i know it's generalizing. and it's true what you say about the ukers, i noticed that to when in europe. americans and ukers are all related anyway and the uk, is that really europe? really?
maybe they're not from Britain/canada etc - give em a break
I just wanna sit, & talk with Johnny.. just pick his brain.. he's really very interesting... aside from sexy... mm
@newmanv4 as the man said, poppy flower. it's to commemorate 11th november, armistace day, the day World War 1 ended. sorry about the reply you got earlier. peace
I think it's a real story but the laughs are over the top. To Hunter it would be like a bad trip. Horrible and real at the same time.
Fake audience laughter brought to you by the fine folks at Hanna Barbera.
It's not fake laughter, they don't really do that here. They'd get to many complaints, oh yes, we love to write a good letter of complaint here in Blighty :)
thats generalizing, i live in england and people are way more ignorant than most americans i've met. hunter s thompson seems like a great american
the people laughs are SOOOOOO ANOYING -_-
johnny should really be a comedian :DD
LOL 01:00 "Out of the way, you bastards!" Sounds just like Hunter... RIP!
I bet you're so cool! I wish I was your friend because you know your shit man!
I watch this show on BBC America. I know there's a live audience but the producers definately "enhance" the laughter before the show airs. Humans don't laugh for 1.5 seconds and then stop instantly.
that sounds very interesting. why the poppy flower for remembrance day? would you mind elaborating?
All of these guys need to be in movie together
@Serenity113 visit europe some day, you'll see what i mean. they arent perfect but way better than americans who take for granted living in a great country. great country with stupidity on the rise and unreal stupidity more and more. you see it. america will end if we dont snap.
Hunter S Thompson Was a Genius, and Depp was close friends with him, you can see he gets pissed of when they joke/mock about Hunter S and his Funeral, WTF they will never be as renowned as Hunter show some respect pommy fucks.... that is all.
Didn't seem to me like they were making fun of him. Chill out.
Yet here you are, watching it, when you should be out, spreading the word on this revelation. Go on, you little scamp, the people of the world need to know this new information.
you've gotta love how calm Johnny is when he says "...built a bomb."
same story he told while on letterman...sounds like script and, the fake laughs would make thompson puke!
It's so fucking easy to tell how fake the laughs are.. It's honestly annoying.
Johnny Depp one of the coolest Americans
Hunter used to call Johnny the colonel and introduce him to his friends as his buddy Ray. He even had a jacket embroidered with my name is ray on it.
A plastic posh idiot interviewing a true artist talking about a true legend and then makes jokes about them. You can see how Johnny Depp doesn't like that they make fun of Hunter S. Thompson. But yet he plays along because he knows that the moron will never be able to understand.
It's not done and known in every country, so please be a little bit more respectful!
It's a real audience, they even do bits when they go talk to them in most episodes of this show. Brits are just polite and try not to laugh over someone when they're talking :)
The party started and everyone starts getting hyper when johnny gets to the show...Love it. The girls so quiet after he shows. :P
if you ask me Johnny depp looked up to hunter like a father
@newmanv4 It's some sort of way to salute fallen soldiers for remembrance day. It's sort of like memorial day in the states. I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure its remembrance day they call it
whats with the accent on Depp?? LOL
Americans are dumb. They are lazy minded, self destruction fools who are proud of being fat and stupid. Obnoxious. Too much misguided confidence.
???? . leno, letterman etc all use live audiences in the states,
@newmanv4 poppy flower for rememberance day, world war, ring any bells
Regardless of your sex or your sexuality, you've got to love johnny depp. He is so talented, yet so humble. I was a fan of Gonzo before I really took to Depp, but I'm so glad that Johnny got the role of playing Hunter in two different films. Nobody could have done it better.
They don't do that in every country you know? They don't put on poppy flowers on everything that moves in my own country. Don't be so pretentious. He was just asking.
WTF is wrong the laughter on this show. If its real English people must know how to laugh all together and stop all at the same time its remarkable.. if its real i think its fake personally. Thoughts anyone ?
@richard young You get asked before the show the same questions as you would on letterman, they tell you trim it down to 5 minutes to fit commercial breaks. Everything is basically scripted. But Johnny Deep truly was a friend of Hunter.
i think in world war 1, there was a large fight in flanders feild near france?i think. lots of people died. and when the fight was over poppy flowers grew. so we wear the poppy flower to remember all the people who fought and died in the war.
i said england, not the uk. there's a lot of different people everywhere. and yes, britain is in europe
i thought they stopped using backdrops like that in 70's.
they have a real audience this isnt america
I love how casually Johnny says they built a bomb xD
Johnny is the man!! no one could have said all those things in a manner of "just usual things to do", i mean blowing a man to stratosphere and saying "oh yeah" Damn hahah
talk about uncomfortable, johnny doesn't look like he wants to be there
God, a bunch of cretins, everyone there is pathetic except Johnny Depp, the audience are no better, laughing at things they don't understand, they aren't ready for HST discussion of any sort, and never will be.
Ricky Gervais is like "why am i sitting next to this douche?"
what are you serious?? you don't know what a poppy is?? its too commemorate last day of ww. you went full retard. never go full retard.
what is this thing everybody puts it on their suits ?
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