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Making a Petody - Behind the Scenes: Gotye "Somebody That I Used to Know" Dog Parody

by The Pet Collective • 79,657 views

LINK TO DOGOTYE VIDEO HERE: The making of Dogtye and Katra musical parody of Gotye's "Somebody that I Used to Know." Subscribe to The Pet Collective:...

Your unknown father is most likely a Rough Collie . We have had many rough collies in the past 28 years, still have one. And we also know quite a few German Shepard/Rough Collie mixes, they look very similar to this one! Almost a copy! We can tell by the eyes, most of the time they have collie eyes. And the fur ofcourse. Not as long as the collie but longer as the German Shepard. I'm convinced it's the Rough Collie
That guy with the long hair was cute
What about the cat part of the song? Not part of the making of??
i only watched this hoping to see more of the cat, coz i'm a cat person
Can you do a Petody on Iron Maiden, Run to The Hills? It would be brilliant to have a Metal Petody!
How do you make the cat meow?
Lol De Cat we like I'll just try and stare at him until he leaves...o.o
Wow you know everything. Especially that when people view this from a mobile app, the link doesn't show on it and then when somebody asks where the real video is because they don't see it from their mobile app, you know to say something stupid.
What breed is this dog? We have the exact same looking one but she's a mix between a German Shepard and an unknown father, we'd love to discover her origins, so any hint would be appreciated :)
I'm conflicted. Like with any super hero, the origin story is critical, but with Chance maybe it's better we not know. If I were to guess though, he's probably the result of a government experiment to create the perfect dog.
you can. I had a cat named Jack & I can replicate this as well..he would speak on command, as well as do other commands. He was just a plain orange tabby. He used to watch as I trained the dog so I got him cat treats & worked him also. You can also commode train them =)
Wow you are tough. I wonder if you would be that rude to somebody in real life.
I enjoy dog footage on Youtube. I always laugh really hard. BUT most regular people are slowly but surely KILLING their dogs (without noticing it)!! The garbage they use into dog food will cause cancer and makes family dogs die early. I figured that out the challenging way when my dog passed away at 7. To conserve your dog’s life seek out Double Life Dog Diet (Look in Google.)
That barking does not sound like noise at all!
Creo que me enamore de Antonio *¬* =P
This is really incredible, you guys did great!
Wow you are smart. Thanks for helping me figure out that the link to the actual video doesn't show up on my mobile device app, so I have to go on a computer to see it.
Wow. How long did it take you? And do you get paid or are like a buisiness or something?
like u could do better u jackass u did not click this video by accident im pretty sure
I love this video. I hate the original song. But the doggie made the song awesome!
in a parallel universe your cars are actually meowing
1st I love this video it's so funny!
you should do a one direction version with dogs of what makes you beautiful (:
smart! The dog is good, being protective for you. I'd love a dog who protected me!
en la foto el perro esta pintado de triangulitos y en este video no y encima este c video no me gusta naaada
I resent that. Meow properly and they will meow back. Just make sure they don't catch you making the sounds. (:3)
this parody was the best dog I've ever seen ..
I weep because the finished product or it's link do not show up on iPhone. Pout. Looks fun, all!
hahaha, this is really cool. And it looks like it was a lot of fun! You guys did a great job.
Wow you must feel better now. Somebody asked a question that was legit and you gotta call them stupid.
u guys mustve been some bored ass mothafuckas... but great video!
HAHAHA!! How long did you guys wait man? Omg... Funniest answer on Youtube ever! lol!
You can't make a cat do anything, so we just had to be patient :)
So many people can't read. Link in the damned description.
car lol (horn noise) shut the fuck up im trying to put a car joke
Thank you so much! They told us the father was a shepherd dog, but her collie eyes were exactly what made us think it wasn't possible. It must be rough collie indeed
Mystery solved? Chance is a rescue, so no one is entirely sure of his origins. We would love to find out though and were thinking of doing a doggie DNA test. What do you guys think? Should we go for it or should Chance remain cloaked in mystery?
This is very cool. I love behind the scenes footage.
Seriously? Its in the description... AND.. in the video it says "click HERE to watch the orignal parody"... Maybe you should try reading before you call something bogus..... Just a suggestionnn
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