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VGHS Behind the Scenes - Ep. 1

by BrandonJLa • 1,072,041 views

Check out Episode 2 - The first BTS for our feature length web series, Video Game High School. Get an inside look of the more traditional approach that we took to producing...

Dude your mom's a guy. Your mom's a guy
Am i the only one that finds it funny how bryan is sagging
it looks like police academy but a weird version of it :)
Isn't it always 2 thirds of Wong Fu
3:59 I KNEW IT!!! They ARE youtubers...
wow... theres Wong fu, theres jimmy wong he voices megakid on 16bithigh Ijustine was in this, freddiew is a youtuber too And calhoun is From EpicMealTime
Yesterday i got beat, today i got MOLED! lol
Hey Brandon what to know some thing cool you and I are related same last name btw I love video game high-school can't wait for season 4
There isn't going to be a fourth season. Season 3 is the final season and then it's done.
Itd be so cool if they released the official scripts.
Season One is online. It's on the RocketJump website somewhere I think.
That awkward moment when your Moms a man.
you realize that johanna and josh are married o.o HOW PERFECT IS THIS
do you know if they have a channel?
3:27 what is name of this blond woman ??
Freddy Wong was in one video... It might have been NigaHiga He was playing a kinda eccentric dude? 
Haha his mom's a gut
sdgfsdfgjsdfhsldjhsdf Noahhhhhhhhhhh so cute!
Oldboy reference FTW
The purpose of War is to obtain Peace..... And Peace to prepare for War
which cameras and lenses did you use? sorry for my english
They used The Red Epic Cameras, and the lenses i actually don't know, and don't worry, the english it's fine. Well i'm from Mexico.
What type of cat is cheeto?
What type of cat is cheeto?
stop talking to your mirror
In fact I think its better if you don't speak at all...
I wanna see brian and jenny to get together in real life.
One guy is wearing a Smosh shirt.
That's not Canadian Army camo... That's Army CADET CADPAT Camoflauge. The Soldier camo is green and black version of that. From an Army Cadet. LCpl. Clarke, Elijah.
u are just wierd and stop commenting this on videos, nobody wants to here about that.
Brandon is wearing a smosh shirt
josh looks a lot like Nate Smith!
how about VGHS is on Netflix now as a movie?
I just realized that iJustine is one of the IRL hostesses!
I cant belive this is on netflix now
UUURRRG, this is what i want to do for a living, just make awesome videos. already working with a few other small timers. maybe i'll actually make something happen. until then, it's more watching behind the scenes videos, and studying the art!
the start of the most epic video series ever to be viewed on Youtube( Rivaled only by Sync)
season 2 is supposed to be out in June but they need to get funding .
Better special effect than most movies. Good job guys!
Brandon was wearing a Smosh shirt
2:27 Fuck me he's got a smosh T-shirt way to go smosh you in the VGHS BTS !
"josh Blaylock - playing Jenny, uh Brian" ahahahahah there are too great to only be shown on YouTube, they deserve so much more...'s a world where VIDEO GAMES ARE ACTUALLY MATTERING TO PARENTS.
i looked it up and it is true you learn some thing every day
did you know that josh aka BRIAN D, is married to whatever the actor's name is what i mean is the person who is playing BRIAN D is married to the person who plays JENNY MATRIX. LUCKY SON OF A BITCH
Hold on!! His "mom" was a dude?!?!?!
3:03 one of them is wearing a smosh shirt
I knew there had to be a reason mum's face was never shown in the episode... :)
half zipped up jacket, ear piece, one hand in pocket chewing gum=douche
Why do you use most of the time the G36 C???? :)
Brandon ur smosh shirt at 2:30 :D
Make field of fire a real life game
@ImNotReplyingToARealPerson Thats Great! I get a virus and TONS of cookies each day when i visit this webstie: freevirus(dot)com
You get that from IMDB? Or where'd you find it?
Honestly it makes me happy Freddie and Brandon don't smoke :)
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