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by NIkkiandJohnVLOG • 310,308 views

Sunday Funday! We take the dogs for a walk and have a KINECT battle. Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: @nikki_and_john @j_dahla @nikitabanana88...

I just love how Iris brought Nikki and John closer!!
Damn Nikki got them skills while john lookin like a hoe
nicki is a fuckin dumbass
Captn Covaz she pregnant!
Nikki looks like she has fucking spiders on her eyes...
Another troll, insulting the persons funny :D
did she get lip injection her lips look huge
I think she just sucks a lot of penis.
Why do u act like u just got done crying in every Video lately
You really need children
nikki is hilarous playing kinect lol
you guys need to have kids the will be so awesome
nikki lips got bigger and pinker and pretty sure johns dick got wetter and pinker
there is no such thing as a better person. she is with who she loves, you should do the same, jerks.
Its so funny how when Niki is losing she goes this is balls hit.
on that day did you name your chihuahuas
i think john should NEVER have a hair cut like this...
she can't accept failure 09:35
Nicki u remind me of nicki watson from new zealand! :)
"box is another word for vagina :)"
thats an impressive piss for a female
She is with him for money? Are you a idiot? They have been best friends since school. And it doesn't matter why she is with him, it's her choice
why is his buttcrack always showing? lol
I make perfect sense, your just to idiotic to comprehend it.
i did the ice and sait callenge
anybody else notice how it freezez in the beginning
Girl looks like Barbra Eden to me. Like I dream of Jeannie without glam and not as good of an attitude. Ha ha get her a Jeannie costume for Halloween. I would if she was my chick.
like for nikki getting pissed off
one time I waz walking my dog and I forgot a bag and so I left it there and the owner of the property put up a sign that said " no dog crap here" it waz funny
I don't get it well like the prank
john's ass crack @ 7:34. you welcome
you can see John's butt crack at 7:34 hahaha lmao:)
"Box is another word for a vagina"
How did she have a dumb blonde moment when her hair is bleached blonde and not natural. I guess if you tell a lie long enough then you start to believe it yourself.
why not decapitat both in sted of non it more funn that way XD
i say to the person who is just walking while their dog is trying to poop ''HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE DRAGGED AWAY FROM TOILET SEAT WHILE YOU ARE SHITTING'' if they dont have bag they dont thats it they need to let poor animal go toilet
You guys are the cutest couple ever and I just started watching your videos and can't stop watching
You guys are such a cute couple love your videos both the pranks and vlogs
00:00 lol looks like she had an orgasm
thae dote pee thae mark ther tarotorey
and your 1billoin scovo units
@ 5;52 the orange cat looks at her like stop copying me bitch !
chick can punch,bro cut your hair and get a man hairstyle
float like butterflies sting like a bee
Pepper doesn't cause stomach ulcers. Ever.
If u pause it at 7:07 it her lookin Chinese
9:47 Lucky John i bet everyone wants to do that!
Her dog is really talented. XD
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