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PlayStation 4 Details Leaked? - IGN Daily Fix 03.28.12

by IGN • 1,035,184 views

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Get over the midweek blues with Daemon as he dishes about the hottest news of the day. On this episode, Daemon talks about a possible leak of PlayStation 4 details; hot...

Well, i use used games
Wow I have come from the future to the past
and also a record button to record gameplay without a capture card. and it can also have a editing software such as sony vegas pro which could already be downloaded on the console.
have u noticed that if your ps4 breaks and you cant use used game then....... you have to get all the games AGAIN
i wont be buying the ps4 thats for sure, time to dust off the pc atleast i can play used games better graphics to!
Its not acceptable. This means that when you buy a car from BMW and resell it to someone else, BMW isn't getting any profit either, so is many of the reuse market. This is act by corporations is a means to monopolize the market even more. All game makers in the present day have already monopolized the huge market by over charging people ridiculous price on averages of over $69.99. Even for new games that sell for $50 is considered "quite expensive" for regular consumers.
so that means GTA 5 is going to drop on the ps4 also cant wait!!
Guess what gais? GameFAQs is right (for once) PS4 will be a dog of a system, might as well spend your money on a Wii U or a Xbox720. because why would you want to have to stream PS3 games from the Net, and even worse NO BACKWARD COMPATIBLE or USED games (PS4 that is).
Just a bunch of BS !!! the new Xbox and the new Playstation will be able to play use games, I mean common how stupid would that be and why would they keep the retail market game if they disable the usage of used games :S
So either Wii U or PC are the best choice this generation.
Your right I'm pissed off too ! that's bullshit why waste the time and money on something that won't play used games? If that's so then they better bring the price down on their games!
If i cant play ps3 and used games om kiliing somwone
i will sell my ps3 and buy the ps3 lol hehe
A mic has to be standard with it this time
speculations here /watch?v=XhFpT-NWHM8
Having no used games is ok they will make the games cheaper like steam
bro the ps4 is a whole new engine and software, they would have to instill 2 software formats for the ps3, and for the amount of money that will cost its not worth it, they will lose money. you have to look at the big picture dont you think sony would make it backwards compatible if it was that simple. And you really shouldnt say GOD******, that means you are damming god
another new console? still waiting for games for my other systems that don't look and play like every other game out there. every shooter is the same, every RPG is the same.
Even good series like Assassins Creed 3, had good story the ending was just bummer and killed it for everyone.
If there is no backwards compatibility, and we can't play used games, I won't be buying either console.
No0b-can someone explain the backwards compatible thing Thanks PEACE
Is it possible, if someone could make a computer, that can play Playstation games, an xbox games... Like have their own separate disc drive, one opens up for pc games/ movies, Another for Playstation games, and another for Xbox games. I mean my laptop can play xbox games, if it's connected to an xbox, could they do it for both system's without having it to be connected to it? If it's possible for my computer to play xbox games when it's connected to an xbox, I'm pretty sure it's possible...
am I the only one who's not excited for ps4?
This vid is ooooooollllllllllllddddddddd
eastern time 6:30 pm USA time,,, in 30 minutes they will start talking
You cant play pre ownd games? Thats lame
am very disappointed with u bro u didn't bring up the used games problem ?? what do u think by that ? guys they r gonna fuck the industry of gaming who we make help to build as gamer's if either sony ps and microsoft xbox NOT gonig to work with used games we should all not to BUY IT ..... fuck'em
Dude why are these rumors? these are official statements made by SONY in februari
Gosh, its not even confirmed that it can't use used games.
your right it is about the money. SONY wants to outdo XBOX. And I feel there is noting wrong wit them making money, that is a good thing the more they make the better the improvements. Now Xbox deleted there systems from stores once the 360 came out. Playstation 2 stayed when the Playstation3 came out, and they made money. Remember they already tested bacwards compatibility. The first Playstation 3s had that but they soon discovered that in return they were loosing money. And like I said it is
there should not be a problem with backward compat. dont be fooled. You can pop any old PC game you own into a new PC and play it, no matter what CPU or hardware configuration, no matter what make of graphics card, any game will work, no hassles.
the people that are in charge of making the ps4 are idiots you know what their goal is to make consoles more populair ? conect it more with fucking mediashit so you can share shit with shitpeople you generaly dont even know in real life and if you do, they generaly do not care no offence to anyone, but for real why is everything going into the so called facebook direction ? avatars and sending messages and all its nice, but seriously, if you ad social media what has a console over a pc ?
i don't think im ready for the ps4 to come out, i don't think ill be ready 50 years from now either
Kevin Butler increased there sales alot because he was funny and relateable, Sony's latest ads (the few they have had) are pretty good in terms of substance but aren't catered for a wide audience, like look at the live action GOWA ad; awesome advertisement but only the hardcore Sony fans really appreciate that, the people they are trying to bring in mainly the more casual gamers won't really get it. Honestly just these three things can bring Sony back that glory the had in the PS2 days.
Based on the specs and features alot of people did. the only thing i can see that is impressive is the GDDR5 RAM, but thats shared RAM.
GAMES,.. we win PS4 wins,.. plus it has better hardware by quite a margin,.. Enyoy kinect fucker.
The new Xbox doesn't allow used games. XBOX ! Not the ps4
This video was made before the playstation meeting in 2013 which sony said that it would play used games.
No backward capability? Ill stick to my ps3 and my high end pc.
it probably goes in syne with your psn, if you used the saame one it would probably not matter if the ps4 is new but yeah so bullshit, cant even borrow a game from our buddy
ofcourse they will let you play used games. No used games ability = immediate death of console.
Oh and IGN. I do a better job in reviewing/telling news about games and systems than you do. You can't just believe everything they say to you. I mean, 4K res lol. Gaming PC's can barely handle that.
Everyone shut the fuck up already about not being able to play used games who gives a shyt . Ps4 is still gonna beat the xbox either way so stop complaining
I feel sorry for the saps that don't know MS and SONY are dropping new NEXT NEXT gen consoles and are still pay full price, especially on eBay lol F THAT I will give you 60 bucks that's it. DAMN if I'm gonna pay 140 & up for consoles that wont have any more games made after 2013 what a waste and kiss the servers goodbye bye 2015 maybe sooner for BLK OPS and so on
i think pc is the way to go now
REALLY "buying a pirated game" really, SONY & M.S made the new consoles for IDIOTS like you, you are their personal ATM....Don't question just bend over and take it like a good whore
And I wanted it to play the new Kingdom Hearts game... What the heck do I do now. I don't wanna buy a PS3 to play one game. The PS4 looks nice, but it can't play PS3 games! THE FACK DO I DO NOW?
Ps4 is starting to make me mad i'v spent at least $300 on ps3 games but ps4 cant play them what the hell sony i mean i love sony but really?
thats kinda bullshit that its not backwards compatable, and you cant play used games...
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You do have a good point there mark but people still buy it because the word newer game. I personality think that PS3 will die really quick like sega did and gamestop will soon go out of business if no one is buying games instead there buying PSN cards for PS4. I'm still gonna get one though who cares what people say.
Now for the used games issue. Most people to be honest, don't buy used games. The average is 1 every 2 years. Now on the selling Part....WHO AND THE FUCK SELLS GAMES NOW!!!??????!! NOBODY BECAUSE GAMESTOP RIPPS YOU OFF, The game you want to sell is worth nothing. So in reality is this really doing damage or are you mad just because it a simple con and your mad just to be mad. Look at the bigger picture people.
4k resolution is useless. If you want something to fill that resolution, it will take up multiple terabytes. That is not practical at all!
Play 4 una mierda mas con blu ray
There are used games. Besides used games aren't exactly easy to get on the PC and most games for example Starcraft 2 are single use profiles.
Im not faun of xbox and p4 not.being able to play used games like come!! On but I understand why!but the hardware behind it all is geting crazier and crazier!
Some games are memorable, like MSG4, which is worth the money. But a lot of the other old memorable series have pretty much turned into a milking series fest. A lot of those continuation had no story plot, character development, etc.. Its not really worth buying into a lot of games these days, nothing is as good as it used to be. Its just a big NO NO.
IF you can't play used games, IF it won't allow you play PS3 games, and IF it will be overpriced, than Sony can go fuck themselves, as noone will buy it, cause that is complete bullshit. As much as I hate XBox, atleast it has reasonable prices!!! I mean, do you know how much money did a first PS3 cost (in dollars) in my country? $600!!!!!!!! Do you know how much money does STILL a 1 PS3 game cost in my country (new)? $100!!!!!!!! If they don't change that, than they can fuck themselves!!!
Hey Below Me Shut The Fuck Up You Feen iHope The PS4 Fall On You And Kill You!! :)
I didnt find one canoe to play with in AC3...
Im a PS3 gamer, I think its assbackwards, why the hell can't you play used games???? I don't like
Stop crying and just play it on your ps3, jesus. if ps4 could play ps3 games, the hardware would cost alot more to emulate it. you'll thank them later for this.
I'm gonna be so pissed if its true that you can't play used games or old ps3 games on the ps4
whelp, looks like no PS4 or Xbox3 for me. that's ok, there are plenty of old games I havent finished yet :P
" rumour has it the next- generation Xbox may limit exactly what kind of games you're allowed to play. According to sources speaking to kotaku, the Xbox 360's successor will have some kind of anti-used-game enforcement."
Hold on.. This fix is of last years. Why did it pop up as a "recent" video on my screen?
good point ..... this is a a way to help them get more money for games that shitty like a lot of this gen 3 or 4 games a year that is memorable you know what i mean ?
cant play ur old ps 3 games if that is case that is fucked up as hell even the wii u is not like that maby they will fix that be for 2015 i hope
there is no option for used games that is BS about half the games i own i could not have gotten if they were not used. next bit of BS is if you don"t like a game you can't return it for a new one and once production stops on a game you can't get them used. next problem what if you buy a new system and it breaks in the first couple of months now you need to buy all the games you already own new. so nintendo will be my option from now own. sony can bite my shiney metal a**.
Good idea, but the multiple discs is gonna become a problem they always fuck up the first consoles... we might lose some discs with the first models if its ever made.
Why the fuck can't you play used games? I rarely buy used games, but still! What the fuck!
The reason they do this is to force you into buying online games thereby it renders the process of cd and case production obsolete, plus its advantageous for them because they not only save money from production costs but also drives game selling stores and piracy to the ground meaning less competitors. I hate to admit this but this will be the future for game consumers, them fuckwits will really monopolize distribution now,
i believe he say its for cant play new game for the new xbox..
Okay PC is doom with that spec on PS4
give us fucking backwards compatibility bitches!!!!
There's honestly no point in this console what so ever. In this day in age, with the economy bad... not a good idea. A system that can not play used games? So much for gamesto p
im not buying another tv (again) for a new console, my bravia is quite new and pretty good, PS4 will probably be lame anyway....file shares n multi media? i want a games console not a pc! more focus on the games themselves is needed to make gaming advance like it used to, NOT multi media
no used games?!?! there goes a big part of gamestop's money making,i think ill just stick with my ps3
You mean X-box gamers can't share games? Haha!
Its running on an X86 not an X64
4k resolution sounds like bullshit!!
Wait, how can it not be able to play used games? The second you first play the game, it becomes a used game, surely that render it useless straight away. How can the machine tell that the disk is used?
What does it mean by can't play used games? anyone?
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