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Occupy Movement Criticism: Get Practical, Fast

by EsotericWorldViews • 188 views

"Once upon a time, being Left-wing meant exposing the structural problems with capitalism and putting forward some solutions for fixing or overhauling them. Today, if Occupy Wall Street is anything...

@EsotericWorldViews Well all the souls can really learn in this world, is that they need to develop a relationship with Krishna. As long as people don't endeavor for that Maya will simply present sense gratification under different slogans to them. People need to occupy their own mind with Krishna :) How can you control the world, if you can't even control your own freakin mind?
Heheh, I know! I was very critical about this from day one. I was there at the beginning of the Dutch occupy actions, with a megafone and a bunch of independant critical poems and stuff,.. many occupy-people didn't like to hear anything but their own repetitive propaganda ;) Even the random bystanders of Babylon people were more open and interested in an independant view ;) How do you feel about this Guy-Fawkes hype, btw?check him. Everyone dresses up like a mercinary for the vatican, wtf?
9:55 - that's exactly the point of not having leaders and deciding collectively in general assemblies.
Thanks!! For some reason Occupy people can't seem to hear any criticism over their own screams of how self-important and revolutionary they are for their position in progressing the "movement".. But why's everyone hate on my Tangerine Dream .. smh :[
uh because your just sitting behind your computer screen talking about it :)
@BhaktaRobin There are small groups of people within Occupy doing guided meditations and chanting.. but unfortunately it's seen more of a sideline thing by the majority of people involved.. they would rather go around and yell and scream that it's all someone else's fault then accept personal responsibility and have the grace to desire to save even the banksters and the police.. all this must stem from spiritual practice and realization though..
@EsotericWorldViews OCCUPY YOUR MIND - MANTRA MEDITATION FOR ETERNAL CHANGE :) That might be a good occupy movement :)
@daPawlak Transparency is the answer, not to throw the baby out with the bathwater.. the only difference in having some rotated elected leaders talking to the people and gathering ideas for decision making and instead of having everybody scream it all at once is that it's more organized and and the chariot is being led in one direction at a time instead of a hundred directions at a time. Nothing has ever been accomplished without leaders.
@daPawlak Deciding what? I don't see any decisions being made.. that process has obviously been proved impotent in creating an environment where constructive ideas can grow and flourish. My point with 9:55 was to illustrate that unless you choose your leaders, whether they be rotating and elected by the people, or are the natural leaders in the group, your going to have people like this infiltrate.. so why not make it all transparent from the get-go?
@BhaktaRobin LOL I know huh that poster reminded me so much of the 60's.. jeez.. haven't people learned?
Nice video. It's rare to come across rational criticism of the occupy movement, that's not propaganda from one side or the other. Keep thinking for yourself! And it's nice that you share your own perspectives to inspire others to think for themselves, who have difficulty doing this now. Lose the cheesy music though. If I wasn't having such a good day today, the music would have stopped me from watching your video. Peace and Love Brother
FUCK FOR FREEDOM! Ah wait that were the 60th... Same shit, different age :)
Heyyyyyyyyy Youuuuuu!!!! I don't have FB anymore. Decided to rid myself of the drama. You have like yahoo messenger?
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