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TFS DragonBall Z Abridged: Episode 27

by TeamFourStar • 6,465,220 views

Episode 27: The Saiyan Formerly Known As Prince Visit our website at: Our Facebook:!/teamfourstar Cast: MasakoX - Goku, Gohan...

Hey Piccolo, what should I do? DODGE! Hey Piccolo, what's your favorite fighting maneuver? DODGE! ....Hey Piccolo, what's your favorite car company? DOOOOOOOOOOODGE!!!
Row, Row, Row your boat gently down the stream. Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, Life is but a dream.
Row Row Row your boat gently down the stream Merrily Merrily Merrily Merilly Life is but a dream
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+Bryce Brady I liked the previous episode "No Vegeta do go on. Give my some ideas"
this frieza is a better voice actor than in both of the dubs lol
Not even close in funnyness level compared to the yugioh abridged series. 
Bitch, you just jealous of their Super Saiyan swagger!
"Bitch you just jealous of my super sayian swagger"
Every dnd player has lived this moment.
the car made me die of laughter can't ever go wrong in comedy with that accent XD
So are we done play children's games, Vegeta? Or do I have to tickle you? Eh? Eh? Guchi goo?
Goku: You put the lime in the coconut and drink both up🎶 You put the lime in the coconut and drink them both up🎶 King kai: goku? Me: shit! Dammit king kai stop interrupting his musical genuis!
I wonder what vegetas mini crab spirit animal secret to mash up that bumbaclad frieza was..
That crab had me dying ...
Can someone tell me what the hell this ''jock strap'' incident!
Believe me when I say that you're not the only one with that question.
And maybe i should send the ginyu's families something. maybe a gift basket, some wine.... (slaps a blast away that can destroy a planet like its nothing) .... or maybe gift baskets with wine.
What did they all say at 0:43? It was going too fast for me to hear them, but I know Gohan said "out of mana", which leads me to believe it was something RPG-based.
Healer Down! Need a rez! Out of mana!.... its a joke on MMOs mostly, you would hear this over voice chat during a raid.
+Shiirow i've heard it way too many times to find the joke funny anymore lol
6:50 row row row your boat gently down the stream merly merly merly life is but a dream
This was freaking hilarious xD pure gold
Seriously, Freezer now feels like a real villain in this parody, in the series he was "Conquer this, take this, I'm god, bleh bleh bleh, oh I broke a nail, its the end of my reign!!" And now I feel an air of bitching badassery which is still bad ass
:Goku you put the lime in the coconut and shake it all up:king Kia are you done with the chamber:Goku I think it will tel me when it's done:king Kia okay you put the lime in the coconut in shake it all up.
goku: ima deck u in the snozz me: ;laughs so hard falls off chair BEST LINE EVER! :)
When I heard Orpheus talking I immediately thought my Grandpa was his voice actor! XD
"I'm here to teach you how to mess up the bumbaclart freezer" funniest thing I've ever heard
Wait, what does krillin yell in the beginning? I got the "healer down" and "out of mana" from veggie and gohan.
WoW does have in game voice chat.... before that people used Ventrillo. Skype takes up too much bandwidth you can only use that on games like league, if you want to raid you need as much bandwidth as you can get.
It's an MMO joke although WoW wasn't the first it was the first to succeed in a subscription model and 10 years later still the most successful MMO
Fuckin' hilarious x2
kinda like putting down old space yella.
... What did Krillin say before Gohan said "Out of mana!"?
Need a res (resurrection I think)
Put a lime in a coconyt and drink them both up . Best . Song. Ever!!!!
Lol they all singing while vegeta getin his as whip
Is it just me, or 90% of the time does the character who does the intro (the following is a non-profit fan based parody, etc.) also die in the episode?
8:04 How exactly is that spelled? Because saying it is hilarious.
Awesome, I'ma deck you in the snoz!
Best snappy comebacks ever...if they were intended. That Goku is downright brilliant!!! Aaaaaand wow. He is dumb! 😂😂😂
so nobody else lost their shit when the crab started talking? lmfao
Frieza: Who are you  Goku: I'm Goku. I'm insane. From Earth weak 
Insane from earth lol XD
God, where is Ghost Nappa when you need him?
Im Goku! Im insane from earth xD
Jamaican crab is the GOAT! Rest in peace.
Bitch your just jealous of my super sayian swagger
Is it just me, or does everyone like choking vegeta? Eg. Frieza, cell, buu and frieza again.
Butch you just jealous of my super sayian swagger
He's coming back in the next movie
+Orangeydude I meant abridged Frieza, but I'm excited for that one too.
Bitch you just jealous of my super sayian swag XD LOL
did vegeta turn false ssj?
Bitch you just jealous of my super sayian swagger
Goku's retarted in this show. I im u duck you in the snaz
Its actually "ima deck you in the shnoz"....
3:15 bitch your just jealous of my super saiyan swagger
Laugh while you can Frieza, because I'm about to rock you…like a hurricane!
RIP Jamaican Spirit Crab 2012-2012
"Healer's down!" "Need to rest!" "Out of mana!" "AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!"
4:50 Frieza is a water bender ? :O
You put the lime in the coconut and drink me both out lol
I'm Goku, and I'm insane from Earth. Lmao
He means saiyan...
You are going to be crying like a little......bitch
Bitch you just jealous of my super sayian swagger lol
I'm a big fan of Dragon ball z and this is the funniest fucking thing I've ever seen in my life
For all of you looking for the start "And I mean when goku joins the battle" It is this episode THAT INCLUDES YOU FUTURE JACK
Is Frieza's voice actor the Mom from TMPGIS? I'm curious because I've heard that voice before lol
Frieza's voice actor is Martin Billany AKA LittleKuriboh, the guy who does the Yu-Gi-Oh! abridged series.
I love vegeta's voice and him say I and him saying bish you just jealous of my super saiyan swagger
U just warped my view on my fave show tx. Lmfao
King kai: ok you think or you know… Goku:…you put the lime in the coconut-- King kai:--GOKU!
that ending lol. freiza ftw
Hahah omg I died laughing when that fucking crab started talkin with a Jamaican voice XD
Same here XD (The Little Mermaid Reference)
roe row row ur boat
Healer down! Need a rez! Out of mana! AHAHAHAHAHAHAH!
8:04. The greatest full circle wrap up to a side joke this series has ever built thus far.
My favorite one was when Goku was creating the Genki Dama, which makes a reference all the way back to episode 2! "You need to distract him... for 5 minutes, and considering he beat us to a pulp in under one... never mind, I'm sure you can handle it!"
Does this mean we should- DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODGE!!!!!!
Bitch you just jealous of my Super Saiyan Swagger..f that xD
omfg this shit just gets better and better
Out of mana aaaaaaaargh
Super sayin swagger omfg just wow XD
5:47 that crab made me LOL so hard
The spirit animal crab is fantastic
I lost it at 5:48. XD become one with the spirits Vegeta.
You aren't dealing with the average Saiyan warrior...
Thats what happens when healer dies
I don't get it; why did they start singing along with Goku?
I'ma deck ya in the shnoz
So has Freeza never transformed before? I think in one of the previous episodes he said he can he devolve?
Considering that his real form is the 4th, and that the rest are like seals to control his powers, then yes
LOL!!! "Healer's down. Need a Rest. Out of Mana. AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!"
Let's start something You put the lime
And drink them both up.
gohan out of mana!  well looks looks someone got mana screwed
what are they even talking about?
+gage hartman Typical MMORpg linguistic. Healer Down: meaning that the person healing or all the healers are dead, Need a Rez: meaning that they need someone to bring someone back or heal, Out of Mana: meaning they spent all their mana and can't cast spells or use skills for a while.
This episode cracked me up so much more than the other ones XD You aren't dealing with the average DBZ Abridged episode! It has risen above the rest and become a legend! It is the legendary SUPER DBZ ABRIDGED EPISODE!
5:43 Waterbending! Freeza is DBZ Katara
More like Moses parting the Red Sea.
stéphane Ursulet Shared on Google+ · 3 weeks ago
with that bonus footage at the end, who knew Vegeta was also an Earthbender?!?
+Enigmatic Boss pfffft YEA! I forgot that somehow.
Scorpions technically was NOT a one-hit wonder. In fact, their second hit, "Winds of Change", was a bigger hit than "Rock You Like a Hurricane".
When are you guys going to do the Cell Saga, Possibly Dragonball?
+Shimizu Toshiyuki the dbz and dbgt are all over the internet, dragonball on the other hand... not quite.
Fucking Sea Crab, dude. xD
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