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TFS Abridged Parody Episode 26

by TeamFourStar • 5,009,000 views

Episode 26: Alien VS. Piccolo Visit our website at: Our Facebook:!/teamfourstar Cast: Lanipator - Piccolo, Krillin, Vegeta, Kanassans...

Piccolo: (on weighted clothing) oh, that concept just sorta lost meaning after a while didn't it? Frieza: True, but I have one that's nice, fresh, and ripe for abuse - Transformation. And SPOILER warning; it's not getting old any time soon. If that doesn't foreshadow what the ENTIRE SERIES is based upon since Namek all the way to the end with Buu, I don't know what will
Yeah!: Frieza, Cooler, Broly, 13, Cell, Buu, Garlic Jr..
All the saiyan transformations too
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+cristian blois ..........first of all, grammar and punctuation. Second of all, that's the whole joke. Krillin is a f***ing dumbass. Third, if you know that it's a joke but posted that anyways to make it seem like you didn't, YouTube really doesn't need anymore trolls.
So, Frieza plant 419 is the plant of trolls?
Kanassa. The place where Bardock got that precognition thing.
Power levels really are bullsh*t lol the entire point of introducing them was to show how unreliable and meaningless they were. 
+Kei Romenan If that's the case, base Vegeta farts and they all explode. That's how powerful everyone is at this point.
dende: say my name......... BITCH
Vegita: umm ... little ... green
+Gassy Goddess I'm pretty sure everyone f**ks with the white mage
How have none of them tried attacking him while he's transforming? For all they know, he could be vulnerable in the course of one of those.
+Patrick O'Connell Didn't Buu punch Trunks when he was trying to fuse with Goten? Trunks was so pissed because he wanted to give Buu a fair fight and Buu was ruining it.
+Jaridavin Haha I don't remember, but that sounds hilarious.
What does govan say when he goes to help piccolo?  It sounds like, "Don't turn around Mr. Piccolo!"
I sounds like he's saying "Circle him around, Mr. Piccolo." However, that doesn't make any sense to me. But that's what I here.
One thing I never understood. If fusing makes you THAT powerful. Why didn't ALL the Namik warriors fuse together once they realized that Frezza was so much of a threat. They were willing to die in battle but not fuse with each other so they could protect their home. What? Also why did they not think to just abuse the instant healing. It wouldn't work for Krillen or Piccolo but Gohan and Vegeta could keep doing it again and again just to be on the safe side.
+Thoregor The hundreds of minds in one body thing is debatable given that the only namekain fusions we've seen are with Piccolo, and as you pointed his personality barely changed, if it even changed at all. For all we know it's just a case of the strong mind trums the weaker one and the weak one dies.
+shadowspider9 His fusion with Nail doesn't change him alot, perhaps it only touches a little bit his master-pupil relation with Gohan, but nothing else. But if you'll look closely after the fusion with Kami he does change, not immediately in the Android Saga, but in the Buu Saga, where he takes the role more of a grandpa that looks after his grandsons. So Piccolo in the end is changed by the fusions, because in the beginning he was a villain and he wanted to help Goku only so Raditz won't destroy everything, meaning that he'll have no world to rule anymore.
You know what I've noticed about DBZ? The bigger the villain is, often times the less powerful he is compared to the challenger. But as the villain changes/evolves/transforms, he usually gets smaller. The smaller he gets, the more powerful and/or dangerous he becomes (Frieza, Cell, and Buu), albeit there are a few exceptions here and there.
uhm, cell just got taller and taller and if you count movie villains, broly, cooler, lord slug, garlic junior ect. got bigger to get stronger
+Le Green Bean Movies are non-canon, so no I do not count them. Also, Semi-Perfect Cell was much taller than Imperfect Cell, but Perfect Cell was smaller than S-P Cell.
Vegeta: Wait there's something wrong here.. Gohan: What? Vegeta: Back on Earth, the Namek couldn't even stand up to Nappa and here he is taking on Frieza in his Second Form. Lol. Come to the think of it, how the hell is Nail that strong?
Nail had a power level of 42,000
+Salvador Cardenas Nah. I believe it was stated in the Daizenshuu that Piccolo's power was weaker than Frieza's, but his skill made up the difference in their strengths. "Nail had a power level of 42,000" Would still like to see the source on this.
Or Dende could have healed Vegeta's tail, he could have become the mighty Ozaru, and Vegeta would have had a power level of several million (3.4 million before zenkai, 25 million after!)
Dende - say my name? Vegeta - Heisenberg. That would be epic!
ok @1:50 first one says i can see teh future then bulma and vege have a kid then the real buu is a child cell reaches perfect form goku and trunks become a ??????? gohan is teh strongest but stull doesnt do crap
i always thought it said mr.popo is a child and was confused as fuck
goten and trunks become one guy
Why does everyone harp on Krillin for not using the destructo disk. Why don't any of them. . . oh wait you can aim this gets sliced in half by own attack
4:15 Lord Frieza, Prince of all Xenomorphs
As far as the "power levels are bullsh*t" line goes...Frieza in his first form was thousands of times stronger than Vegeta, King Cold was at least twice as strong as Frieza, Future Trunks was way stronger than him, the androids were loads stronger than him, Cell in his first form was stronger than both of them combined, Bibidi was stronger than Cell's final form, and Buu's first form was way stronger than him... inhale AAAANND Vegeta could straight up implode planets the first time we saw him. There's no way in heaven or in HFIL that their power levels are even numbers by the time Uub comes along (where the series ended for me, thanks).
Bibidi is weak as shit, his power was magic, not fighting. Unless you're thinking of his henchman, the demon Dabura, then yes, you'd be right.
I think the word you're looking for is "lazy writing"
Planet 419 is spoilers for the cell saga
+Johnny Mcswag  Bulma and Vegeta have a kid: Trunks The real Buu is a child: kid buu Cell reaches perfect form: Perfect Cell Goten and Trunks become a guy: Gotenks Gohan is the strongest in the universe but still doesn't do crap: true
I just realized something guys vegeta is the only z fighter to not receive special training when he dies his first ever special training is going to be with beerus and it took this long just to make it happen
GUYS! Uub is the strongest human.
+xbob9502 Mathematician !? But what do you truely know about mathematics...?
Frieza: So Namekian, what do you think of my 3rd form? Piccolo: I think Ridley Scott is going to sue somebody. Gohan: Actually Ridley Scott just directed Alien. The one designed the original Xenomorph was H.R Geiger, who's work also includes- Everybody: NERD!!!
So Vegeta is haunted by Nappa and Piccolo is haunted by Nail?
1:47 X'D oh god it's painfully funny
The real buu is a kid
Power levers are bullshit!  This is why Dragon Ball is the best series. Too bad hardly anyone actually watched it .-.
cant get enough of these episodes XD love it
i cant wait till dende is earths guardian, and makes vegita his bitch cuz without him the dragon balls are worthless
well that is kind of thepoint with toriyama and dbz he brings in pls just to destroy it's need just like ssj was brought for there to be ssj2 ssj3 and sssjg toriyama likes to break the lkimits of things that just saiyans do
Dende is the new Heisenberg.
Power levels are not bullshit, they're raw strength, but they are not everything there is to a fight.
+WeAreTheBentusi The show makes them inconsistent, yeah ... 
3:24 - I'm curious as to what Frieza was saying while Piccolo & Nail were talking...
Am i the only one who finds frieza and mewtwo very similar? Even mewtwo y looks like frieza's third form and mewtwo x looks like frieza's fourth form
Yeah, you won't believe how many people complain about how similar they are. Beware the Mewtwo v.s Frieza flame wars....
Goddammit Freeza. Why...didn'!!!!!!!!!
what did the people on frieza planet 419 scream?
"Bulma and Vegeta have a baby." "Cell reaches his Perfect Form." "Goten and Trunks become one guy." And "Gohan is the strongest in the universe but still doesn't do CRAP." I may have missed one, but those are the ones I caught.
+Ryuflare1 The one you missed was the real buu is a child.
8:05 "That's right, I'm your white mage. And NOBODY F***S WITH THE WHITE MAGE! "
"I think Ridley Scott's gonna sue somebody!" [LAWL!]
Power levels are such bullshit.
Dende:thats right, im your whitemage, and nobody fucks with the whitemage
OMG I just realized... Dende is the real O.G. He said "say me name" before Walter White did... Breaking Bad totally copied TFS!! Full credit to them for creating one of the most memorable moments in one of the greatest film series of all time...
Could someone explain the "Jesus christ how horrifying" part?
I'll just go to freeza plant for 419 mean while
Did anyone else realise that TFS named this differently to every other episode. Not a huge different, but some reason only Episode 26 didn't get named fully.
Crillin got owned 26 times and this is ep 26
This is seriously the funniest thing I have ever watched. Thank you.
Can't wait for the destructo disc callback in the cell arc.
Ever heard of paintball?
Just remove the "t".
+Edd Garcia Dang it, I was suppose to say that.
i dont get it, why didnt the all the namekians fused to beat frieza
dende:and no body fucks with the white mage........gets blown up by Freeza :)
Well its a good thing that Freeza missed Piccolo's vital organs
+Jaydeep Mukherjee frieza's a bad shot, when it comes to hitting vital organs.
Dende forgot to say non-profit! :O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O
+Edd Garcia :O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O
I wonder how they will do Buus' voice
Huh?That's funny...he never spoke up about it.
2:50 Krillin, owned by himself. THAT shows he is so weak!! LOL
7:46-7:48 OMG krillans kienzan is like the eagles in lord of the rings. Except DBZ doesn't have a novel for source material giving a valid explanation as to why he can't just whip it out whenever their's a convenient time to use it.
there's no valid explanation for the eagles... there's just a weak excuse
I just didn't want to upset anyone who has read the books ( because I haven't and there for wouldn't know)
I wonder what would happen if Frieza won on Namek; would he run into the Andriods at some point down the road & how would they compare ?
he would be dead... because he doesn't train to get stronger
Why people bitchin' about powerlvs and fusion? In the original series its always stated that fusion is not simply means 1+1=2, NO! There is a reason of why fusion exist!
hahahah whats all they say at frieza planet 419?
I'm the white mage, no one fucks with the white mage.
Then were do kids come from 0_0
i think frieza's first transformation is more of a steroid boost rather than a transformation.
That's right I'm your white Mage, and nobody f*cks with the white mage
piccolo: that sort of lost meaning after a while didn't it? frieza: true but, i have one that's nice, fresh and ready for abuse me: you have no......fucking,,,,,,,idea just how abused later on this will be, awesome but very abused
Does anyone know what Freeza is saying while Nail & Piccolo are talking about Minesweeper, before he turns into his 3rd form?
"Touch me, and you aren't getting back up again. That's right, I'm your white mage"
White Mage is a reference to final fantasy
Frieza planet 419 knows all
that Aliens line NEVER gets old!
Krillins so stupid he owned HIMSELF
The joke at 3:04 - what does it mean?
+B Rizzle You're right. Also there's Cell who is so much of a dick that he regenerates three times, the third time with full power. And then there's Buu, Janemba, pretty much every villain that gives Goku and co. a run for their money.
Basically when Goku and Krillin were kids training under Master Roshi they wore turtle shells on their backs so that after they took them off when months had passed they felt much lighter and could jump higher and move faster, then when Goku got older he wore weighted clothing (his undershirt, armbands are 100 kilos) for the same effect when he took them off and when he fought Piccolo (Jr.) for the first time it turned out that Piccolo did the same thing but when they got to Dragon Ball Z and people were crazy strong it didn't really matter about weighted clothing any more. (although King Kai's planet being 10x Earth's gravity and Goku's spaceship going up to 100x Earth's gravity are basically their replacement for the weighted clothing concept.)
And now, we get to watch Frieza in his third form chase Krillin around a space station! 
I keep repeating the segment but I can never understand what the inhabitants of Kanassa say about Buu. "The real buu is a ...?" Anyone wanna help out? inb4 Darude-Sandstorm
+Duper Gamer Ah, I kept hearing "giant...." - thanks!
What were all the things the kanassans said?
"I can see the future!" "Bulma and Vegeta have a kid!" "The real Buu is a child!" "Cell reaches his perfect form!" "Goten and Trunks become a guy!" "Gohan is the strongest in the universe and still doesn't do crap!"
Dende is such a bastard in DBZ Abridged
I just lose it when frieza says "Let me touch your skin". I'm really into that creepy humor.
If Dende didn't heal Vegeta,Krillin would have been able to say he killed a saiyan xD
1:48 = Legitimately hysterical!
safari gaming Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
TFS Abridged Parody Episode 26 LOL
Oh my God! Freezer killed Little Green! :O
 Come to think of it, had the makers never put a 'number' to it it wouldn't have become an issue. Think of JoJo for example.
why is the voice of second form different from the rest the rest of frizas forms
Frieza and a Xenomorph had a baby? O_o
What's the difference between Hot Space Potato and Space Hot Potato?
Shit, Frieza just fuck with the white mage.
That part was so funny I fell off my bed
Why didnt they take dende to goku to be healed
Well, by the time he got to where Goku was, he might have been healed already. Plus, they really needed Dende there to heal the others.
What were they saying on that... weird planet 419?
I can see the futurrrrre!!!
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