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Mac Miller - Wear My Hat (Produced By Chuck Inglish)

by TreeJTV • 16,766,853 views

Rex Arrow Films, Rostrum Records & TreeJTV Present... Mac Miller Wear My Hat (Produced By Chuck Inglish) Off of Best Day Ever Directed: Ian Wolfson Cinematography: Greta Zozula Editor: Ian Wolfson...

mac miller looks like he was born high
What I got from this song is that the hat symbolizes his heart , and even though he talks about playing around and shit like that with girls, that one girl has his heart and he doesn't want it damaged, like what happened in high school all the time.
i thought the exact same thing and came to comments to look for it
Wow. did you figure that all on your own? state the obvious....
Made a remix to Mac Miller's "Best Day Ever". Come over to my channel to check it out. 19 year old Asian rapper from Brooklyn. I guarantee I won't disappoint! Thumbs up 👍
I don't get why people hate on mac miller. Hes just keeping it real and rapping about topics he's can relate to. He ain't being fake tryna act like a G or dough boy like these main stream artist. He got style n lyrics. Its hip hop.
at least he speaks English
good ol mac miller, always puts a smile on my face to hear mac miller.  i just dig mac i guess ... i love the "old mac miller" , and i like the "new mac miller" as well.  all his shit is pretty good, even tho i do dislike some of his shit, id say i that i am still down with 90% of the shit he comes out with. etc. word up, peace and respect to my man mac miller and all of his crew etc.  and P.S. stop by montana sometime miller .!!! peace and respect again to all your crew and you mac miller.  keep up dropping that fire shit we all love.   and can anyone tell me witch one of his friends / crew members passed away?  thanks to anyone who can answer that question for me. either way tho RIP.  - thanks in advise to anyone who can who can answer the question of witch one of his homies passed away. thanks and take care fellow you-tubers , PEacE
Where can i find this hat? Been searching everywhere..
how does shit like this get so popular? Like really, first 1 minute of song was YOU CAN WEAR MY HAT IF U GIVE IT BACK DONT TOUCH HAT, some bs like that lol. Thats not inspirational lyrics, nor is it creative. is it the beat? idk how they get so big like this, but more power for them. hes making money off these people.
Listen to what he says. Obviously you don't know how to. All you mentioned was the chorus.
I can picture 2pac sitting down to watch this video: 0:05 - Yo, is this serious? 0:11 - FUCK THIS flips over laptop and leaves room
+DrPoolShark And you don't know how to have a discussion without ripping off a line from Immortal Technique, idiot.
Pac reps wuthering heights pretty hard......
Just noticed that the hat was a Chicago Blackhawks snapback
is this song done so i can wipe my ass with it
Damn I can't love more this song
i have no idea why everyone is hating on a video that is 3 years old...
its perfect, shes beautiful,not just some hot bitch, and mac is king, props
I don't know why people get so aggressive over this. Mac didn't make this song to inspire every kid to change his life, or to provide deep insight in the world. It's simply a chill fun song about how girls flirt. If you want deeper rap lyrics go listen Eminem, mackelmore or hopsin.
cutest thing when a girl takes my hat
I don't care its mac miller I just listen to all of his amazing stuff Cuz he's awesome
A girl Wouldn't want to wear my hat because I would skate with it on and it would be all sweaty.
This makes Vanilla Ice look like Jay-Z. Straight up wack.
ight that was a good comeback, straight up 
I've come to the conclusion that the girl in this video is so attractive that it's making men salty and hate on Mac Miller for this track lmao some of you people are pathetic. This song is tight. Appreciate the simple things. Dope production from Chuck Inglish and a nice metaphorical subject by mac.
Baby you can wear my cum as a mask! Better belive
Wtf kinda production is this? Lmfao. Garbage ahaha I could make a vid like this.
+erik h I know right! Hahahahahahaha Tony Thinks he's the next Mac Miller (pisses pants)
+Melanie Bass haha! i still dont see the video... guess hes not that good
ALTA SARNA el minuto 2:16, una brasa la mina 2:18 laaz chikaa' kull de la pandiya del bashio 2:54 MIEDO 4:07 KE
Mac Miller is the bomb. I love the artistry in your music, man! Keep on doing what you're doing.
love the base,especially its bass
Isac Gabor Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
baby you could wear my hat
I'm so glad Mac miller went on a different route with his new music. This is aight but his new shit is so much more real and actually spits about real shit. Btw I make music and my own beats. Check out "might not last" on my Chanel. Smoke weed and chill (:
This is like my fav song ❤️❤️😀😀😀😃😃😀😃😃😀
Freshman year memories <3 now I'm a senior and still rocking the Mac. :3
2,820 people never got their hat back. 
chuck makin dope beats,props
It says you got 2k dis likes .... That's all hates 👌
I painfully watched as many of this kids videos, just to find something redeeming about him....Fail. AND I would pay a surprising amount of money to punch him dead in his fuckin' nose, just because I know he's a fraud!!!
He is always going to be the sexiest man alive :)) love this song!!
It depends on the city and state you live in. When this music came out media feeds you it. If you dont understand why he sings about hats and snap backs then your out of the loop. Its the generation. Next song may be molli or blah blah blah. Hes a wizard .
This was her song she used to wear my hat n i never got it back
this is a shitty song 
I will forever love this song
Dont you fucking light a cigg ,  light that JOINT DUDEE !!!
haha back when mac still had the cheesy raps
I like this. Knock knock is probably the best song they did eva! hats off! ;o)
lol they definitely fucked later
I can relate to this song 👍
After watching this video I can see that Mac Miller is pretty fuckin sensitive about his hat! Spent the whole video looking for that shit XD
Bro stop judging other ppl like look at Miley Cyrus man I know that she looked retarded and she change and shit doesn't mean that u hate him
+TreeJTV  i saw u in concert if mac runs this page, and you ain't play this song u prick lol
+Fate237 I like it. But I don't let no one touch my hat, not even a girl. But if I love her, baby you can wear my hat.
I love Mac miller but damn this son g sucked ass lmao
It's better if you can relate to it and if you're high hahaha
Actually the hat represents his heart he doesn't want no girl to "break it".
Why do i see mad amounts of hate on his songs? Like really its just music, if its not your flavor then don't taste it, the guy is doing good on his own and sure as hell doesn't need you talking shit about him to get big, like really look at the stats on his songs they're doing damn good if you ask me main thing for those of you that don't wanna read, don't like, don't listen, he does what he does on his own.
its incredible how much mac has matured and improved, this shit is wack. but his new shit is dope.
Really Mac? BlackHawks? You can pick a better team then that !
I dont think he chooses his snapbacks from what team hes rooting for. 
better team? check da stats brahh
This is where hiphop was before it went "south", good production, good lyrics, and from what I've seen of his other videos\songs this is track #13 of a 13 track album and is as good as or better than at least 50% or more of the top 40 hip hop records out there.
Worst Mac Miller song but people are quick to say this song resembles Mac's content! Hell no Mac has some great songs. 
So many songs with good beats and then ruined with shitty lyrics .. 
I remember watching this vid when I was like 6 and my olded brother bought it on iTunes.
Damn, you must be young.
American Spirit Menthols blow.
where do u get that snap l0l
the song is wack, but the track (music) is tight.
I don't get why people hate on mac miller. Hes just keeping it real and rapping about topics he's can relate to. He ain't being fake tryna act like a G or dough boy like these main stream artist. He got style n lyrics. Its hip hop.
Hottest girl in the world
Smoking that Cigarette like it's a badge of adulthood Master Miller. Lung Cancer little jigger wigger!
Y'all can't hate y'all don't do shit he rich and famous y'all don't mean nothing atleast he doing something
its really the hook that aint all that
guess what a lot of girls take guys hats ok when there flirting and when they're dating
Lol it's still good tho
Best song ever and all thoos people that think he is bad fuck u and go to hell
Too bad jay z sucks ass so it's not that funny
this song is retarded -.-
No it's not well that just your option to think that can't tell you that you can't think that way but I dedicated it to my boyfriend who I love with all my heart because when we first met he would let me touch his hat but now I just walk up be hide him grab it and walk away and he just let's me take it x3
I think its adorable. Maybe I just had a thing against the artist xP
He deserves a dissing rap shooting right in his ass, stupid fucking faggot knife in your chest, just a tower in the game called business chess, I will stop cause this few bars just destroy the all music anyone can do best... now I'm just waiting some hater to comment, just a note I'll destroy you too, come on NEXT HAHAHAHA 😂😂😂😂 just kidding don't be so serious sluts
Where's your Pens hat Mac?!?
So this one is talking about his hat? And he is rich? You all people are retarded
You're retarded for not knowing what symbolism is.
Mac is a piece of shit and his raps are commercial garbage! Hopefully he gets popped in da club
3 years later and I still don't see this on iTunes... Dangit
wow mac usually has good song sbut this is shit
Maria Cardoso Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
Hoje eu tô romântica rs
A song about a hat.
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