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Xandria - Forever Yours

by CherryDream17 • 155,943 views

Xandria with Forever Yours It feels like keeping and holding a star in the sky born to be born again with you the days of thunder cry their goodbye and for the first time I know what to do I just...

mariana ruiz Shared on Google+ · 7 months ago
♥♥♥Y cuando te beso Tus labios son el unico alimento que necesito Las yemas de tus dedos Espacios abiertos que me completan Querido eres todo lo que necesito♥♥♥
ซาวน์หลอนๆงี้ กูชอบ ยิ่งเสียงของลิซ่าด้วยแล้ว....แม่มึงเอ๊ย
Melissa Woo Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
This morning's musical selection
I'm pretty sure this is a song about drug addiction and not romantic love, but maybe I'm reading too far into the lyrics. Either way, bitchin' song.
Pfft you guys are so pathetic to think and just point out the stupidity of how you think is "right" leave the "goth" and "emos" out of it. btw people in black seems more respectful since they aren't a fucking building thank you very much. (:
Both Goth and emo embrace the dark side of life. The difference between them is that Goth faces the morbid world face on, while emos whine their way through.
@Alpha1970Tango I don't get it, where do you see emo here?
amazing song * and i´m sorry but it´s not emo lol we can´t say "emo song" just because it is a romantic song. romantism is not emo xD
this song is create whit great pain, dark emotion ,mmmmmprety
First I started to listen this,I thought this is Sunrise Ave's forever yours, but it wasn't :D
And YOUR comment made me laugh my ass off. Thanks. Totally needed that :D I don't think it was "pointless" as you put it, long-winded, yes, but that's not bad. I had a point, and in all its sardonic glory my point was this: what the Hell are you doing listening to "emo" music if you think it's so "gay"? Did you really just call me a "mere mortal" as though you're not mortal yourself? There are so many things wrong with your reply, Youtube doesn't allow me enough characters to describe it!
@CherryDream17 I happen to love that song. It always calms me down
@CroatianFirecracker yeah, if they want emo, they should go listen to mcr or whatever
Don't know if I'd call it true metal exactly.. but no it's certainly not emo, it's quite nice ^^
Gracias gorda por dedicare esta cancion mas linda tu como siempre Te Amo :D
Let me make this clear to all of you children messing around in the comments: I like this stuff. Just as much as I like Evanescence. And I don't give two fucks whether if it's considered emo or not. Labels are as moronic as trying to put a name to the whole of everything that makes you what you truly are; don't do it, not everything needs a fucking name. And before you call me emo, check my other musical tastes. What about Gorillaz, or Celtic Thunder? Seriously, folks; variety's good!
meo is just a bad cheap immitation of goth...
@Thacyra no its not, its just fucking good....
@DaLilShorty8999 lol are you stupid? what is emo?
@Alpha1970Tango Oh my, you certainly make a good argument, don't you? You have me totally convinced that indeed, emotional music not only has a gender but also has the ability to be attracted to members of this same gender. Or perhaps you meant to say that this type of music is happy? Your use of the Caps Lock seems to suggest that you are very passionate about your exclamation, however by the amount of negative votes your comment has received, your opinion is not appreciated. :)
@WiddenKaru lol are you stupid emo is a bad cheap immitation of goth.. do i need to repeat again?
It feels like keeping and holding a star in the sky, Born to be born again with you. The days of thunder cry their goodbye, And for the first time I know what to do. I just keep on being one with you. Forever yours, Forever yours I'm here to stay, 'Cause in your arms, In your arms I feel so save. Forever yours, Forever yours I'm here to stay, 'Cause in your arms, In your arms I feel so save.
@Thacyra Please enlighten me what "emo" means? I am new to this music (my life was on hold for a while) so I am learning ~ I love this, BTW - what Genre?
@bloodyrockbs dearest you're all that i need forever yours!!!, i'm here to stay cause in your arms i feel so safe!!!
This song is really depressing... Maybe this is why she's really wonderful :)
this is my favorite song of hers.
@Alpha1970Tango whats wrong with gays? are you homophobic? your comment doesnt make much sense
@WiddenKaru LOL no shit this is goth! i saw ppl commenting that this is emo so i said emo is a bad cheap immitation of goth i never said this was an emo song
yes this is a gothic song .... it's on my playlist "Gothic Music" just so you know .............. I'm a goth
Nobody listens to this in my neighborhood I'm juxt glad I have enough sense to go against the grain. Very much so.
this is Goth so I have no idea where you got emo from .-.
Goth is a rebellion against the suburban ideals of friendly neighbors, repetitious lifestyles, and acceptance of conformity. It is not 'dark, morbid, and brooding'. It is a statement to oppose the conformity of suburbia. Emo, is the retaliation of suburbia. It is the making of goth into conformity, into everything it opposes. Given that suburbia has all but fallen in a great many places, goth is no longer necessary, the rebellion is over. Thus, Emo, is nothing more than Hot Topic with Twilight..
This song is just heavenly beautiful. I spent hours just listening to it.
That comment doesn't say it's emo (I know it 'cause I speak spanish).
Forever Yours U__U I Love Forever!!! Zizii!!! Zizii Maiden U__U<333 thanks for every moment!
OMG!!! I am so happy to have accidentally stumbled onto this!! Then again, I don't believe in "accidentally" <3
sorry this was so long ago but you act as if you are not of this world o_O
@veneficanoctis I don't get it either Evanescence isn't even gothic or metal
ke poco glamour... ke falta de seriedad... jojojojojojojojojo xD!! o.O
@Alpha1970Tango oh my God. You have some real issue o.o
Emos are fucking fags. Goths are the real deal <3
@DaLilShorty8999 you don't have arguments to say me "Emo" n_n bad or no , this is goth ;) see you kid :*
say what you want, this is truly a beautiful masterpiece! if i ever get married, i want this played at my wedding
I'm a huge Xandria fan. Why haven't I heard this song before??
it's symphonic metal i think...amazing song :)
xDThis song always let me think about things (:
They need a dvd/bluray live show!!
@Kagomai15 Your comment is long winded, and pointless, as you escape into your reality of failure on words of play. The moral battle has gone on for centuries and as with sodom and gomorrah and the filth that gays, and corruption that I saw so many centuries ago. Your kind will be punished by the fire from the depths of hell. Hide behind your world and your sins, and your weakness is your down fall, mere mortals I laugh at you and your kind.
@tomdabom007 These sound completely different to Evanescence. It's a completely different genre. And, though I may cry having to type this, and believe me, this is painful for me, Lisa is a much better singer than Amy. Sorry, but that has to be said.
Yet another cheap Evanescence knock-off. Sigh.
Emo is GAY anything related to EMO is gay, I mean really WTF
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