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The Sims 3 Ep.1

by TheWaffleGalaxy • 23,536 views

I am playing The Sims 3 and we shall have some craaaazzy adventures along the way with our good friend Jack Waffloid. The Sims 3 series playlist...

make more life of a creeper PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ I love y o u
someone count how many times he says dumb in this video plz lol
If I was a girl, (which I am not) I would marry him.
@pcspec2 Motherlode is actually how you spell it, motherloAd actually wouldn't do anything. lol
thewafflegalaxy RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
guys that looks like kipkay
ok he just looks like nobody would wanna go out with him lol
@TheWaffleGalaxy if you want to cheat its motherload
For those who want to skip the sim creation go to 19:35.
everything according to you is "dumb"
Waffle. Your manly voice is so manly it's overkill. Seriously, your voice is quite... attractive. Yeah, I'm a girl.
I really like your videos, do not care about trolls trolling about your voice, your voice is completely normal :) Subbed.
You should really speak up man. The commentary would be so much better if I didn't have to turn my volume all the way up to hear you. You're a good commentator bro, your voice is just so soft.
youv made a monster.. HES GAY
@goodryan9898 Where have you been? Have you heard of a little thing called the Steam Store?
it's Jim's slightly more attractive brother! :D
well I started at ponies. how in the HELL did i end up here?
thumbs up if you think hes thick!
YOU CANT FUCKING SAMPLE COLORS!!!!! am i the only one thinking this?
let me guess this strait: you play minecraft, potral , and the sims!!! dude your my hero
I thought you would make a family :/
my cousins and i made a retard family and called them the inbredy bunch brady bunch parody
@wweisawesome619 i wants to know the cheat pl0x
Okkkaay youu are the lamest person ever , tht stuff you was sayingg funny ? Nooo i bet you dont have a girlfriend, you are a twelve year old, that thinks posting rude comments are fun.
Dude, You'll never have a girlfriend anyways, unlike waffle galaxy so Gtfo
Tip for future: Try having a little more happy voice. Its kinda boring to hear you sleepy.
You should really speak up man. The commentary would be so much better if I didn't have to turn my volume all the way up to hear you. You're a good commentator bro, you're voice is just so soft.
when i saw you making the man old i thought "how am i gonna watch the rest without thinking he's old"
at 34:32 hes like "its taking to long to process a window" and im thinking "hmm, the proccessor in a windows computer (windows 7, windows xp, windows 2000 and others(if there is any))
waht do you mean the most expensive thing in the world houses in the real world are like 300,000 $
You should get some expansion packs. I have pets and there's now outfits to athletic.
your voice is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute :3
kid youre nan looks dum........but youre vids are good
i like how he says geez its like his catch fraze
Drag from the square on the outside. :)
Good tip, move your mic abit more away from your mouth and then talk louder.
Nice house will have a wife and some kids?
@goodryan9898 I bought the game at a store, it is Mac and PC :^D
then why are you here? people like you have no lives.
No, Waffle... I got this... IF YOU DON'T LIKE WAFFLE THEN.... Please don't watch his videos :^)
the yongest old peson like ever
Yay! :D Waffle is going on a gaming spree :P :D
7:20 I'm pretty sure if you waved those shorts in front of your eyes you could give yourself seizures!
I love it when you talk dirty to me galaxy oh yeah that gets me off.
lol waffel it took you 20 mins to make the person lol
@trey504fisher you mother fucker asshole backoff shitface you dont have to comment ass
@MultiStoryStudios ? there's nothing wrong with his voice, u ok bro?
Wait a second... I HAVE THE SIMS 3 XD
@wweisawesome619 Ehh I want to play this legit :^)
@trey504fisher Sorry but I think you just described yourself!
I dont mean this in offence, but you sound like the running with scissor's guy. and i love that game!
And I laughed so hard when the stair rails kept disappearing! You really got the laughs out of me because the easiest way to get to me laugh is to tickle me.
I started at minecraft, how did I end up here?
Jim Pickens twin brother from another mother
you sound like a pedo, right from the start?!?
@trey504fisher 1) if you think so it is ok but dont tell the every person in the wold and it can hurt his fealing 2) if he has or not is somthing you cannot know 3) it sounds like he has a cold but it is the microfone's fault.(bad at engish but know so much that i can tell you what is wrong with your comment).
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