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Comment Commentary! #4

by SourceFed • 251,720 views

Watch more news from this week: Elliott and Lee review some of the top comments from this weeks videos. Philly D OFFICIAL APP: Follow us on...

I cant believe how long ago this video was.
It's weird how I KNOW I watched all of these videos when they first came out, but I don't remember any of them :| 
I fell absolutely the same. somehow that makes it fun when you click on a old video
+estherelle I was just thinking that! When I run out of new SourceFed content, I can just go back to the old ones and its like watching new ones :) +Peter Ron Boström yay so much content!
ahhahaha omg theyre so different really hilarious to see how much theve grown in confidence and in front of the camera
Its kinda of sad that Steve isn't around yet. Actually knowing that most of the people who are in Sourefed now are probably not there watch. Sad.
This is really weird. I was just watching the lates Sourcefed video about that Congressman threatening that reporter and this video came up in the suggestions. I just clicked out of curiosity :P Seriously, Youtube. It's not like Sourcefed hasn't made any more recent CC's
Lee, are you holding a gun in that poster? Who are you shooting and why? What collage did you study for and did it have a soccer team?
Elliot had such a female sounding voice back then!
brussel sprout farts!!! LMFAO classic!
@TheGgirl97 I'm surpised by how many guys are hatin on meh :o lol
Only watched this video cause it was just Lee and Elliot..That i show it shuld always be or just my lovely Elliot by himself....Does that make me a creep? Ohh what do I care
I would date Major Motoko from Ghost in the Shell. She was fully cybernetic with only a fist sized chunk of brain left over from her original body. So that counts as a robot, right?
Look in the videos from the first week or so. He's wearing a ring. Also, watch his personal vlogs, in which he mentions his wife. Dipshit.
at 5:46 is a nice side of Lee that we haven't seen. very lady like lol
You definitely need a comment commentary for the comment commentary! :D
New idea for a show: stoopid v. stewpid sequel, 'which of these is grosser?' bahaha....rhino placenta and brussel sprout farts in your mouth... hilarious debate
Stop this video exactly at 3:30. Eliot = Mr. Bean
Hey Lee, I'll be your male companionship robot if I can play with your box....err soap box.
"Dark X-E-L-N-A-G-A" part made me laugh. How does lee not know about xelnagas!
...wants to see tramp stamp....
What? Is Elliott living under a Walmart? I say that because, if he was living under an IKEA he would know the ultimate companion robot would be found in Bjork's "All is full of Love" video. Still to old to masturbate? Yeah, I didn't think so.
i love elliots face when lee spits out her coffee lol
/watch?v=YT8TcH-qI5I&feature=relmfu I don't know what else you want to know.
Lee looks like a pilgrim..... a hot one.
Pfft, trying to pass Lee off as a gamer, didn't even know what XelNaga meant.
I have a awesome crush on Lee... she is so cute and beautyfull
best comment commentary... without joe...
@Blahblahbox1 nobody else like lee, because it is obvious that she is extremely ugly and boring. thx
they don't know how to read XelNaga... I am disappoint :(
Lee I'll watch the notebook with you. Twice.
Hey the female bot from Bicentennial Man was awesome! At the very end of the movie, you saw her as an android. When Robin Williams' character died, she was the one that turned off the life support machine. I'd totally fight Elliott for her! BTW, you guys need to include comments from THESE (comment commentary) videos in the next week's comment commentary video.
Lee... NO! BAD!! look like zelda not link.... ur a girl therefore you would like the girl in the game not the boy in the game...
These never show up in my dash. I find them on accident :/
I am so ridiculously in love with Elliott Morgan
HAHA Lee said she was plowed. I think she means plastered.
Lee, Please prove to me the "amazing properties" of drinking breast milk. ;-)
What about poop? PEWP....................
David from Prometheus , you know if he didn't attempt to impregnate me with an alien.
Awww. Get better Joe. You're awesome.
Elliott's face when Lee spits out the coffee is priceless!
Its strange not seeing lee in-between two guys lol
when elliott smiles, he kinda looks like captain jack from torchwood :D
"Brustlesprout farts...In your mouth" lol!
I think Lee and Elliott should get together, if they aren't already. ;)
Pillow on Elliot's lap...hiding his boner
Why cant i find the bloopers video anymore!!!!!!!!
Wait my mother never gave ME, the 'Everybody Poops' book! Im definitely checking that out now cause as a teen me and my friends would look at hot girls and say to ourselves 'There is no way girls take HUGE MASSIVE SMELLY SHITS,like us dudes.' Lol. We thought girls only went to the bathroom for make up and gossip and other girly-like things.NOT TO TAKE A DUMP! lol.
@a1a2a3skurr1l I mean it does have infinite levels of recursion so it is not a mathematically sound approach to commenting. I am just saying it...
"I throw up if I see poop somewhere!" ROFL, WHAT!?
my mom gave me everybody poops for Christmas once. i was 16...
Yes.... Getting Crunk makes me very creative indeed... Yayyerr!!
Elliott explains his marriage on a vlog on his own vlog channel guys
Monopoly... I guess lee would be a little dino with long blond hair ....
rhino placenta? XD i laughed for like a good 5 minutes
I feel that I should send an extra microwave and coffeepot their way.
@taco062231 Actually, its done, EVERYDAY.... Well, derp, if you're just trolling then yeah.
at 5:45 is elliot trying to hide something... =o.
How did this all come to be? How do ye all come to know each other? Can we have a Sourcefed: Origins movie staring Tobuscus as Elliott?
Lee would be a pair of nice boobs in the Monopoly ^^
haha i actually have the "everybody poops" book downstairs :P
Awsome job. Sourcefed best idea ever!!
lee, xelnaga is from starcraft, keep up on video game references, jesus
rhino placenta... your so hilarious
Joe has a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuge pussy
Lee darkxelnaga is pronounced dark zell nahgah like the race from starcraft.......
Taking a drink while the Paul story comments came up...not the best idea, I nearly choked to death.
I want the poster in the middle.
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