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Portal 2 Teaser Trailer

by Valve • 3,904,129 views

Portal 2 is targeted for launch in 2011 on the PlayStation 3, PC, Mac and Xbox 360 platforms. For more information on Portal 2, please visit

Imagine Valve in math class. Teacher: "What's 1 + 2?" Valve: "Fuck".
Bill Gate: BUT WHY!? Gaben: FUCK 3. Bill Gates: B-b-but GABEN!! *Starts sobbing. Gaben: Fuck yo threes.
That's easy. 1+2=2 episode one
portal 1 got the trailer in 2006, so that was 8 years ago portal 2 got the trailer in 2010, so that was 4 years ago does that mean.. O_O
WAIT!! 06+10+=16 PORTAL 3 CONFIRMED FOR 2016
"How are you holding up? Because I'm a potato!"
Well it's simple really. I just type up, print it out, and hold the paper. Boom. Done. Holding up.
It's been a long time, now are you ready to test, for portal 3, for science, you monsters!
I do not remember activated the subtitles for this video
question about this game. since at the end of the game you get out of the lab. does that mean that you will be in the world ruled by the combine since black mesas and aperture science are in the same time lime? hmm that would be interestin. half life 3 the portal game get mixed in
+LeCTODN yeah, and because of that, there's an alternate universe where the combine never invaded, because the perpetual testing initiative in portal 2 takes place in a universe alternate to the portal 2 main story, which causes cave johnson to shut down the GLaDOS project in that alternate universe, thus meaning the HL2 universe takes place in yet another alternate universe. #science
Such a good trailer for such a disappointment.
+Omarpixel9 Then where's the fun coming from? The whole point of a puzzle game is to give the player a challenge, if it failed at that then it failed as a puzzle game
I love Portal 2, but I will agree that most of its puzzles were not as challenging as the first Portal. In fairness though, GLaDOS was asleep for "9999999" years, and Wheatley is incompetent and less interested in actual science. So, basically, the test designers at the time consisted of a bear that just woke up from a really long hibernation cycle in which they dreamed of being killed over and over again, and a drug-addicted monkey who broke into the control room and is just looking for a quick fix.
Portal has 2 games and portal has 6 words 6 divided by 2 is 3 Half life 3 CONFIRMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I remember this being the first Valve game I had EVER seen. I saw the commercial for it on TV and I wanted it SO badly. But there was 2 problems: 1. We didn't have an Xbox or a PC fit to run games (and also me not knowing what Steam was at that time), and 2. My dad, being an avid gamer like me, told me to play the first game. A century later, I get The Orange Box on Xbox, play the first Portal game, and I LOVED it. And now since my friend is letting me borrow his Portal 2, I have one thing to say before I play this: My body is ready.
Your body is ready...that kinda sounds wrong if you know what I mean XD
I dont think there will be a legit portal 3, the ending was just too well wrapped up for a sequel 
You never know. The original portal was not meant to continue but it did. Maybe Portal 2 will do the same.
Then how about portal 3 is a Prequal to portal 1.
I once called Portal 2 the best looking game of all time. Whilst it still looks amazing, it definitely isn't the best anymore.
+Adam taleb Because this game is beautiful.
0:43 Portal 3? Nigga Plz.
1 or 2  years ago, i wrote a commentary saying "Like if you want a Portal 3", and now, Valve has erased the comment, i had more than 300 likes in the comment, maybe Valve is triying to say something to us... No more Portal guys :/
+Markus Santiago Valve has the luxury of preserving artistic integrity by getting a ton of money from previous games, Steam and in game marketplaces.
It seems the people who comment on here either love it, use quotes from the game, or make references to Half-life 3 in the making based off of years or game numbers
5 years... i remember every second of waiting this game, i waited it more that everything in my life, and when it released i have played it for 10 hours all day. this was best day in my life. every time i hear "want you gone", i cry. Valve is fucking geniuses. ITS BEEN A A LONG TIME...
ooh, GLaDOS's voice always gives me chills
Portal 3... I want to believe...
yoshi vs glad0s 
+Sir Gbaby A Care Bear vs. Chucky... actually, this one would be an awesome faceoff.
I agree with RyantheGameCommando.Portal and Portal 2 are awesome games.I have portal but I badly want portal 2! I've seen a full walkthrough of portal 2 around 4 or 5 times and I still want the game!
Uncharted 2 used to be my favourite game until I played Portal 2. I don't think any game has been as fun as Portal 2 :).
GLaDos (Potato): "Oh no! This is the part where he kills us!" Wheatley: "Hello! This is the part where I kill you!"
hey Valve my brother completed portal 2, now he has done built it in terraria minecraft and there games!
this trailer is so awesome my hair raises when i watch it 
my brother plays this game!
This game has such a good soundtrack
why is it a teaser trailer when they actually made the game?
Its been a long time,trailer was released 4 years ago,so how have you been?
Jaden smith is that you?
valve...make more games please i miss great games :(
The Vision Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
One of the best teaser trailers in my opinion.  Portal 1 was such of a cool game in a clean yet truly horrifying facility, but Portal 2 takes place in a completely destroyed place!
why are there many people confused on why glados hates chell? This is Portal TWO! You should try and think to know the story of the first portal game!
All the games that Valve has made never had a 3 Valve only makes 1 and 2
Gaben worked on the first three versions of windows... windows 1, 2, and 2.1. :P
man.... i remember when this came out :'-) good times...
apature tag and portal 2 time machine wont do it WE WANT YOURE PORTAL 3!!!!!
The unspoken truth that we all know: This is set post-combine invasion, and chell is the protagonist of hl3
Portal 2 6 letters 2 6/2 = 3 HL3 confirmed
no half-life 3 no Portal 3 T_T
what is that at the end of portal 2 in the orchestra in the background next to the light. is is a unknown Easter egg it looks like a 2 legged animal with a fat tail?????????????????????????????????????????????? i hope i am the first to notice this.
+The Vision i dont think so it looks like a star wars tauntaun with a saddle and a VERY fat tail 
+BrickitSAM You ever saw a frakenturret? Also, can you screenshot him for me?
I love this game's soundtrack so much
Ahhh Portal 2 so entertaining.
portal 3 confirmed: not b y the name portal 3, the name of portal 3 is Conversion. i'm being honest. tell me if you need evidence. i'll go get it in SECONDS.
This game is so amazing! I want Portal 3 :(
All that Half Life 3 and Portal 3 bullshit I guess if they will make HL3 or Portal3 it will be the same game :/ were Gordon and Chell meet... Aperture and Black Mesa compered :)
I hate wheatley ! He is good then bad !
The graphics still look amazing even on low
Please, Valve. Either make a good third episode or let this franchise alone. Portal 2 was perfect, you can't do more than perfect.
That's what everyone thought when Portal came out. Valve can surprise people, man.
Maybe, but they can’t count to three well or at all.
Portal 2 Portal Two Po ta Two Po ta T o Potato
you can't say you arent pumped every single time you watch this!
It will come out after half life 3.
well i think that half life 3 and portal 3 arent gonna happen to be honest
A friend and I complete the portal 2 co-op, and I have to say it was the most fun I've had in a while. By any chance is there a co-op mod/dlc that would be at least an hours worth of gameplay?
It's good to be back!
i live in this game it will be fucked up
I think when everyone saw this for the first time they smashed up there piggy banks.
Marty MC'fly Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Portal 2 é foda :v
Noah Douglass Shared on Google+ · 9 months ago
I love Portal 2... Cant wait for Portal 3!
all redy happed and no portal 3
Sublime game from Valve. 10/10 
One of the best video game trailers out there for one of the best video games out there. I love the dancing GLaDOS at 0:38
I think we can put our differences behind us... For science... You monster.. I laughed.
£3 on steam sale. Ends friday. Should I get this game? I have a pretty shit PC. It can play Tf2 no problem and i can play borderlands 2 on mid settings without major lag. Can I run this? Never played a portal game and ive heard they're great so im eager to know if i can get this. help please!
+zach Dickson if i haven't played portal i wouldnt talk shit about it
don't see why you hate it so much, I think it's the best puzzle game out there
******spoiler alert******* GLADos sucks and Chell is a fatass bitch
I think we can put our differences behind us.  For science. You monster. Get's me all the time.
When is portal 3 coming out
Giving away a free copy of this game on my channel!
3? no? need help to count numbers? 1,2,3?
WOW I cant wait for it to come out!
It's already out genius.
It's been out for a long time now. Since April 2011
anyone seen this yet?
@Middle-right Is that the companion cube ;D
I remember how epic it was seeing this trailer for the first time, and Portal 2 certainly lived up to expectations
OMG I love P0rtal! I have this for the Xbox 360 and I love it! Its a good thing I saw gameplay of the first one! I now know about the Cake is a lie joke. This is probably my fav game that is not Nintendo. I play Nintendo mostly. Pr0rtal is an amazing game!
Valve can make REALLY EPIC trailers
DOn't think portal 3 is coming
crying myself to sleep because i still don't have portal 2 ;__;
Can you add the theme music download on a link in the description please? Can you make it free, too??????
Can you send me the link because I can't find it on steam or valves' website.
Chell "killed" Glados at the end of the first game.
0:22 I see the companion cube :D
super gamers HD Shared on Google+ · 6 months ago
Самая хорошая игра .
Wait, the word portal has 6 letters, 6 divide 2 equals 3! HALF LIFE 3 CONFIRMED.
I also watched that Smosh video.
Ethan Lank Shared on Google+ · 7 months ago
русские где вы
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