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Happy Wheels - OWNAGE - Part 10

by TobyGames • 1,456,119 views

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Of course, i scroll down and i see exactly what i expected. comment about JB.
Toby I liked all you're vidoes but in this one I think you shouldve used santa because you could of just flew up and won, that's all peace out, boop!{Lol}
you can use the old man to cheat by useing the jetpack to fly strate up there insted of going down the stairs. i know because that is how i did it. i am your bigest fan!!!!
Toby. You are probably the one of the most hilarious people I've ever seen. Thanks for making my day.
Jacksepticeye is more funny
At 8:00, it looks like the legs are still running! XD
I am thinking ,why not use the wheelchair guy for bottle run instead of irresponsible dad or segway guy ;-)
Felix Ericsson Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
Kolla in det här videoklippet på YouTube:
Hi, I really think you have Excellent voices for each person! (1st comment)
0:42 (Grumpy old man voice) Let it GO! Let it Go! Can't hold it back anymore!
I thought he was going to make a Frozen joke and then I realized that this video came out before Frozen.  
I made my headset clap. yw
F you use Segway dude you can survive.
How can he think JB is talented?!?!?!
Convenient under stretcher helping idiotic old new unit. 
I like how u pushed the fat women down the bear hole and she was shot out the bazooka! That was awesomely funny!
Says the guy that can't spell stupid
You should have used all of the routes not just one
Use the guy in the wheelchair and turn the rocket booster with ctrl then fly straight up on to the platform
use pogo guy because all you need to do is jump up
u know u could use grandpa and tweak his jets and fly up to the victory
use the fat lady more often
The tale of porkchop. Children are the future. U ra n idiot if u think they r not and r all dumb, stupid noobs. I bet u r if u hate children! Unless u r toby.
MAKE YOUR HEADPHONES CLAP BABY! XD omg his face in that reaction
JB is timmy(children)
when he said make ur headset clap i tried woth my headphones and they broke...
Me and my friends had something cool happen on the "it keeps happening" level(btw, it's a Homestuck reference). As the irresponsible dad, we would dismount the father and the son, still in bike, would eventually stop slowly rolling step by step. Then the father would hit the bottom and get thrown into the air. Then we watched from the son's point of view as the dad came hurtling down and landed on him, and they both exploded.
Maker A Video On It!!!XXXXXDDDDD
Hahahahahahahaha nod person hahahahahahahhaha
Awesome ❤❤👌👌😖😖
use the pogo stick guy
ye! umm that's okward =-.
Just Use The Pogo Guy.
Time to call in the big guns "Dies almost instantly"
Justin Bieber is terri le eliminate him
Там в 1 игре 3 выхода
@Michael Macolley believe me i know how you feel, man. Kinda makes you feel the same way about Mileena from Mortal Kombat 9, eh? Know what i mean?
The bear at the end with the rocket launcher shot out the fat women that Toby put into the bear hole. He also said, "Thanks for the gift."
If you use pogo pete on the last level in this video u can jump it instantly
68 seconds XD :P
use the pogo dude on it keeps happening
My brother started watching over my shoulder at 5:55 was awkward
that's how we do from: annoying orange
Toby: Let's call out the big guns! Reverses into wall and smashes skull in. I laughed so much.
You are awesome pewdipie!!!!!!!!
His victory dances r so cute. <3 Your Awesome Tobuscus I waz so happy when toby started playing this my head blow off i watched every second of awesomeness
Haha like if you clapped your headphones :D
Who else thinks that the "dad and son" are actually a pedophile and a kidnapped kid?
He's suppose to dismount on the last level
i made the censor girl follow me
Haha, toby at 1:50... ohno! *does little dance*
Damn you non-skippable Adverts!!! >=( You've ruined my day. That god tobuscus ended it, by showing on the other side <3
Uploaded 20th June 2012 still getting comment from yesterday proof you are awesome :))
you that guy on cartoon nakwork wite the taking dog
you sound like you're sick when you do that voice, like you have a cold X'D
if you dont what to die in the last level of this video use pogo and jump to the end platphorm
am i the only one who claped their headset with him?.....
Hell idiot and he is douche he's pretty cool
6:54 His victory dance is so cute x3
the trick for it keeps happening is be pogostick guy and jump on thefinsh
got have at least one comment a day
it keeps happening? does it ANSWER ME ANSWER ME!!!!!
if u play with the old dude its not fun
wat wouldve happened is he didnt eleminate jb
and hes nerville in annoying orange
crackin up when he clapped his head set together
7:30 you could just pogo up
I just realized after watching this like a 8th time that I am Damien You Bastard
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