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Seth MacFarlane's Rejected Pitches (with Mark Wahlberg)

by CollegeHumor • 1,139,790 views

ATTACK PINTEREST LIKE us on: The creator of "Family Guy" and "Ted" presents some movie ideas the studio passed on, just because they were...

This guy's voice is just incredible.
"I could do this all day," because I'm a talentless idiot.
lol people need to stop hating him, they're just mad that his shows are making money. If hes bringing in this many ratings then hes obviously doing something rite. Hes a talented guy who makes idiotically funny comedy. trust me there are worse people to hate in the world. 
Seth still is a talented guy if you look past his humor. I mean, look at his voice work and his singing talent. However, people who say "If he's not talented, why does he have so much money?" are idiots too. I however personally like his humor because there's something charming about his blunt yet debatably subtle punchlines that I personally find. 
0:38 "Christian Bale and a gumball machine with an attitude." Benson, is that you?
I Actually wouldn't mind seeing a movie where someone becomes friends with Siri literally
watch the movie: Her
Seth is a genius. Such a hilarious man and writer, and lets not forget, he's just great looking to top it off..
how do u forget that one
I would 100% watch that
So someone really needs to make a movie with Peter Dinklage and a talking Sega Dreamcast.  I am not lying by saying I would go watch that in theaters.  
I hate Seth MacFarlane, his shows should be canceled and never shown again.
Cry a little more, please. I love your tears. 
Were this rejected because they were ahead of their time or were they rejected because I wrote them on a muffin wrapper at a temperature of 105, No they were rejected because I pitched them by myself screaming into a quarry
Bob Marley & a Floppy Disk. Now that would have been perfect.
I'd pay money to see Stone Cold Steve Austin and a foetal pig
Leonardo di Caprio and an Oscar.
Brain's voice is Seth's normal voice, in case you didn't know...
Is it wrong that I'd totally watch a film just about Jason Schwartzman and a moose head. They could even get Wes Anderson to direct it.
random shit with random shit - every seth mcfarlane joke ever
I used to hate family guy... But After watching it, I see the humor about America and politics and it's really great. After finding out who created it, I looked more into seth, and found out he's a really talented guy. His love for music really intrigues me. And some of the jokes he comes up with are genuine. I am now a huge fan of everything he does. If you don't think it's funny then you probably don't understand it. 👍👍😬
Why is everyone hating on Seth he's amazing and talented guy This guy is a genius STOP hating
I don't really like his creations, but I do like him as a person. Family Guy sometimes just gets too low to be "funny"
Making poo jokes does not equal talent.
I would see the Peter Dinklage with a Sega Dreamcast one.
"A gumball machine with an attitude." Tom Servo?
I would genuinely watch Liam Neeson and a baseball card.
this like all his jokes stopped being funny after the 5th time
does he voice stewie from family guy?
Seriously one of the least funniest things I've ever seen
John Wayne and a razor.
Stone cold steve Austin and a fetal pig...lmao
seriously guys stop with the mcdonalds comments and go talk to this guy. i saw him in hollywood and said go fuck urself america and god africa where theres ebola virus
chris brown ahahahahha
No offense but all his movie's suck. Just stick to Family Guy and American Dad.
Cracked up so much at the Chris brown part
come on. they seem very OK. bless you Seth! your genius is not fully appreciated.
arnold schwarzenegger and a talking dorito
I'd watch them all, you have no idea
Christian Bale and a talking flashlight... with an attitude. And featuring Woody Allen as McG.
The only reason im not very fond of Seth MacFarlane is because he makes to many racist jokes and rude comments about religion I mean come on. He said its for comedy purposes so he has to pick on everything, Well make fun of the stupid things in evolution and also make fun of white people.(Im White just to let you know) 
The thing i like about seth macfarlane is that if he makes fun of muslims, he makes fun of christians too, if he a makes fun of blacks, he will make fun of whites, etc.
Shoulda done Michael Fasbender and the Jewish Falafel. now this makes sense since he is a german. Oh the irony!
"At some point, I just realized he was going through the dictionary......" cracks me up silly
seth rogan and some talking farts
I would like to see one with a basket ball or a wine bottle.
I wanna see Bob Marley and a floppy disc
I wish half of these were real lol.
I love him, but this was kinda lame :(
I would pay too se a film about Peter dinklage and a talking dreamcast.
bruce willis and a bottle of shampoo
Dwayne Johnson and a rock
I love Family Guy, I think Seth's shows and ideas are great. But he's a terrible director and Ted should have been rejected as well. Terrible movie. Sorry.
Maybe i am too dumb to understand, but only the the Chris Brown and Heath Ledger references seemed fun to me.
Bob Marley and a floppy disk lmao
Chloe Grace Moretz and a tampon
willam dafoe and a flat tire needs to be a thing.
seth is the type of person who really would make an NC-17 movie. No, an Unrated movie because of his demented, sexual, funny thoughts. it would be hard for him to make a rated G movie. not even a PG movie. he would be the type to produce a kid friendly movie, but not create one. hes a television ADULT animator, for goodness sakes. ADULT TV ANIMATOR. but hes still funny.
Id watch tim allen and a old raincoat
Carly Rae Jepsen... personal? how?
Grab Wes Anderson and let's make that Jason Schwartzmann pic! We'll call it "The Great Taxidermy Heist"
Christian Bale and a gum ball machine! LOL I'm dead... Batman doesn't chew gum >0
if collegehumor gets their shit toghether doing origional skits again, they might have a chance
This guy imagination is amazing....
God its like listening to Brian Griffin rant
one of the few likes i ever gave to this channel. Well done
I wish Seth was my best friend.
"like the Indian...we waste nothing" ...Kinda funny how we got to the Americas and immediately found out it was NOT India...but we still call them Indians...or... maybe Seth knows this... and just gives no fucks... still love his work either way, just had to throw one out there for the Native Americans...
the thing is.. deep down .. we have no idea if this if a lie or the truth
Seth Mcfarlane's such a loser and his comedy sucks. Mark Wahlberg on the other hand has a knack for comic timing and can even make a decent joke out of a shit pitch, as he's just proven.
You took me to jest, much better humor.
The more I watch Seth MacFarlanes work, the more I realise how intelligent he really is.
I really wanna see Peter Dinklage and a Sega Dreamcast.
Every time he speaks all I can see is Brian.
Holy shit! Seth Macfarlane!
one night on a muffin wrapper with a fever of 105
Like burrito like son
This is awesome! xD
Kim Kardashian and a giant black hawk
Mel Gibson and a beaver puppet.
Seth's extremely talented (and maybe even funny) but he looks like he's made out of some synthetic material. Part of that impression is how his eyes seem to be set inside his head. Yeah, I know this all sounds really weird, but now I'm wondering if he might be a well-designed robot. 
Is that actually Seth? Because by god he sounds and looks exactly like him. 
Yes, Sarah Jessica Parker looks like a foot, not a horse.
Fair point, good day to you sir. 
Jason Schwartzman and a taxidermy moose 0:26, I would go see that. 
Taylor Lautner and toilet tissue! P.S. I would totally watch all these movies.
Let it go! Maybe a whole coconut'll satisfy ya!
Seth MacFarlane's an asshole who needs to stop trolling religious people about their beliefs!
LOL, go suck off "god"
I want to marry Seth. Just look at him.
Yes this is really seth macfarlane.
thank god someone else remembers puck 
what about Tom Hanks and a volleyball?
I went to watch 1000 ways to die in the west in a half full theatre...I literally didn't hear a single laugh the whole time.
its not really a comedy.
its not really a movie.
What about Tom Hanks and a volleyball?
Seth was a huge ME fan.
I expected better TBh but I laughed at the idea of Ben Kingsley with a Tamogachi
God, Seth has the best comedic timing
I love how people call him talentless or an idiot because they don't like his shows/movies, ok we get it it's not your kind of thing, but he DID become famous because he drew his own comics for newspapers and worked his way up, and a lot of people aside from yourself (people who don't like his stuff) love his comedy and movies,
I'd watch Peter Dinklage and a Dreamcast
+Seb Shelley Comedy gold? Hell, no-that's what's called an Oscar nominee!
If Seth wants a main character and an annoying inanimate object how about Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin.
Wow. I like Seth, but I didn't even chuckle once at this. It was just weird...
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