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Dead Rising 2: Walkthrough - Part 4 - Let's Play (DR2 Gameplay/Commentary)

by theRadBrad • 298,561 views

Dead Rising 2: Off the Record Giveaway!

My favorite tv show is Attack On Titan
my favorite tv show is the walking dead
the walking dead is awsome
Hey brad give me a copy of this game pleaze +theRadBrad 
Damn learn to spell and 3 is better probably and no he is not and why would you fore him to do it because you said get me a copy of this game but please makes it a little not force
How do u get the white to blue when u prees the middle button
Fuck you bitch ~TheRadBrad~ 2010~2999
lol it wasn't chuck it was leon he disguised as chuck but with helmet so camera can be comfused by leon and they think its chucks falt
My Favorite Shows Are Supernatural, Sherlock, Doctor Who, And Orange Is The New Black.
The walking dead is my tv show
the waking dead is my fav show
Really capcom... REALLY (She was playing mega man)
See ifyou can give wepons the the people how join you
You can give wepons to the people he saveed they will fight for him
chuck is like what the fuck is mega man
wait so u trying to get a lap dance in the game
Assault rifle roof
My favorite is two and half man
what dead rising is this
Like this game the only flaw is the saving
yeah i like walking dead too my favorite is Darryl or however u spell his name i especialy love the game i played it 4 times man i burst out tears at the end
The person in the video is clearly the person that was in the green leather suit at the show
There is a gun on the roof it's behind you leva
Pipe + firework = Roket luoncher
my favorite show is breaking bad
2010 RadBrad = Yeah Bitch! 2013 RadBrad = Yeah go fuck yourself you ugly bitch
2 and that makes no seance the guy there had a green outfit chuck has a yellow. Outfit
Doctor who!!!!!!!!!!
Your voice sounds so different now
I want to play mega man now 😩😩😩😩😩😰
Future brad sent me
so whats up with dead rising and mega man is allways in a dead rising video game is it just me or is it just weird as fuck
The games are made by the same developer. Mega Man outfits are easter eggs. It's actually pretty badass!
+Kyle Mosley It´s called Easte Egg I think
it looked like the green driver not chuck.......
11:29 Well... that was quick.
I love your channel
What's up with just 10 min vids on a damn lets play -_-
"Shut up bitch!" XD
ITS LEON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
+demonwolf285 You're fucking joking.
My fave tv show is 90210
Such a cute little girl, but why do I still want to see her ripped apart by a zombie?
Cause theres a fucked up part in everybody
+Dylan Gub It's true. The creation of my Catalyst to Call Upon the Mad God cough Tunnel was, to some people, "uncharacteristic" of me.
Lol mine is walking dead
This video made me realize how much I miss the old dashboard.
walking dead, revolution, and warehouse 13
modded gamerscore @ 1:41 lol 3 years 50k gscore ya legit right ?
You needed to press X on the magazine to read it.
Dexter is my Favorite TV Show too ><
Favorite tv show is umm Heroes
making new walking dead season YES
:P The Walking Dead. Mostly comic series though :P
U missed the assualt rifle on the roof
And she just goes back to playing her game. i think shes my twin. Except for her being so young and being a girl
Not really, one of my friends has only had xbox for a little over a year(around when I got mine, so I have been with him through it all) and he has over 20,000 Gamerscore, you just have to be completely obsessed with xbox to have that. And another friend of mine has had it for a little over 2 yrs and has almost 40,000.
My favorite TV show is the walking dead
A good weapon is the Fire Ax with the Sledgehammer
most epic little girl bike ever ROFLMAO
been watching your videos since the beginning had to watch the old ones
at some point xbox had a dashboard layout and desine change wich by now evryone is used to and this video was filmed befor that update it looks so weared......
lol the top comments are the same
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