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20 Minutes or Less - BLOOPERS

by SourceFed • 406,888 views

Watch more news from this week: You guys have been asking for them... so here's some Bloopers from "20 Minutes or Less". :-) Newest Episode of CURB CASH:...

holy crap lee was so slim back then
Is it cool to swear? I think not.
Better censorship than the bet awards
That's just a thing a lot of commercials, advertisements and other such media does to make clothes look like they fit better.
Well that was all kinds of awesome. Just skip the normal stories and go straight to the bloopers!
um, aots + sourcefed = AWESOME I apparently missed that episode?!?
it dosent but now people can not flag them about offensive language
damn the hidden side of 20 min or less
yes Lee i want you to f*** me! let the fans Phil you guys in for once!
Well it was definitely less than 20 min lol
Lee has "Tiny Chicken Disease" ;)
"I don't. I rub them out behind home base" lol
it dosent but now they cant be flaged for cursing
Missed this first time around. only knew that it was a things because Bloopers 2 came out.
How now brown cow how now brown cow.
you bleeped the wrong word for ass hole. on tv the only bleep "hole" i don't understand this by the way... isn't "ass" the bad word? stupid humans...
Eric Forman is played by Topher Grace not Toby McGuire the lvl of stupid has risen
The beep doesn't really work too well...
I want the song at the end of this video!! Does anybody know what it is? Shazam doesn't bring anything up :^(
song at 2:19? What is it ? Its SO AMAZING :)
@Babugree Shut the fuck up and stop posting your gay ass spam
FUCK YES! CHRONO TRIGGER FOR LIFE!!! I will not apologize for the caps. :)
"There's literal snot in my nose." No shit? :P
anyone know the ending song on this vid?
"What's up fuckers..." Hahah I love Lee :)
i just love the bloopers, just keep saying gibberish!
What song was that supposed to be that Joe n Lee were singing??
is elliott gay? i thought lee said that or was i just hearing things?
"Fuck you!" -Lee Well.... only if you ask nicely and maybe later ;)
When lee said Angry Birds... Bird started chirping outside and I got nervous...
I LOL'ed sooo hard at Lee making the imaginary erection jizz...2:12-2:14
even the bloops are fake.. LOL?
Wow. The very first episode of Source I saw Lee in I wasn't sure whether or not I was on board or not. For some reason her dropping the F bomb so many times makes her seem waaay more badass and keeps me from associating her with fluffy bunnies and unicorns. But then again, who doesn't like bunnies and unicorns?
too bad kevin didn't get a new contract, HE WAS THE WHOLE SHOW!!! You can switch out any pretty girl you want on that show, but when you take the actual funny one out, what do you have?
Sexy montage at the end...Joe looks the best with a face covered in chocolate
Chrono trigger is the best game evar!!!!!
so i started watching this show recently, and i can honestly say that it looks much better without meg, trisha, and steve, even though i LOVE steve, it just looks like you guys were having more fun without them, which means more fun for us
Love it when Lee acts drunk. "Whahsup fuckers!!" hahaha *Spit* Ahhhh "Did you just-..." "I did" And that's how you end a blooper reel!!
just realized the new vids aren't called 20 minutes or less..
The bleeps are too short, not that I'm complaining, but you can still hear what they're saying
lee has a clothes pin making her shirt tighter on her back at 2:02
Hahaha, Lee is fuckin' awesome!!!
more clothespins and profile shots plz ;)
fuck you was up fuckers? i love lee
this may have been the video where a new editor messed up with the bleeping and got fired because of it.
I remember this as if it were yesterday... I may have dabbled a little in time travel.
Keen observation. Chrono Trigger is indeed the best game ever.
is there a dubstep remix? because there should be
Aha 2:34-2:35 it looks like yu can see that blond chicks nipple area ^.^
Did anyone else notice Lee's got a clothespin on her back at 2:01? o.o
2:12 LOL didn't know lee was like that ;)
just cause i have interarracial parrents
lee has a pin holding her shirt in the back.. so thats a thing.. (:
its funny that they beep out when they swear, but yo can still clearly hear it. hahaha
I don't I rub em off behind homebase.
I love lee's hair... and her good english! (LOL)
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